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INVENTION INNOVATION 1a / 11b / I.P. OF IAIN INNES. + A Literature Copyright Of 2008.

Deluxe Film To Written Word Watch. It has written word to film function. To the laws of Invention 11 in Invention Portfolio 1.Being it automates the words from The English Dictionary makes it into visuals. But also has film to written word. It is simple it is a watch with the above capabilities. Plus it has a Powerful automated SEO film automation Rewriting Building tool… + Meta Tag generator. Easiest ever for web Coverage + Channel 6 TV UK / & Channel 6 TV Entertainment Device. As standard have lasers for measuring the shot. An advanced camera & watch face viewing screen. Standard Key in pad. Plus import export memory chip standard USB / jack connection. Importantly it has an automatic spoken word to film function as invention 11a has not.



Music Up-loader Watch. Make a blinding music song with video anywhere more unique & easily then ever before. Music & Text Features. Key in any instrument manually. Importantly request any instrument from its on board computer /style et-cetera guitar for example. Then either Tap on the table, hum it or even whistle it into the microphone = it then automates the tune into the selected instrument. Through its microphone… Unlimited instruments can be allocated for unlimited musicians at the same time. Have a 50 piece brass band if you like. + Voice Morph-er … Example. Sound like a black woman if you’re a white man. All Accents of the world. + with language translator. Also With Text / Lyrics generator = Chorus / 1 / 2 / 3... Verse’s etc. It's Computer interface reads your content and uniquely builds on that within the law of the English Language & music scale. More content the bettering of the generation. & To the laws of Intellectual Property in the inventory here today of 3 & 17 choose instrument from menu then speak ‘A’ to ‘Z’ notes speaking letters ‘A To Z’ & the normal music scale. As well as has this function... Automatic Meta Tag generator embeds into your video. Easiest ever for web Coverage + Channel 6 TV UK / & Channel 6 TV UK Entertainment Device Uploading via USB / Jack / Bluetooth... Speak in your search terms. Film Making Features Colours. Film templates / Backgrounds. Shoot mode example black & white, panoramic. Lighting, Special FX. Design & Features Continued. Standard Watch size. With viewing screen, Microphone Stereo Speakers. USB / Jack connection transmitter /receiver. On board computer chip programmed with the above. Watches can link. Stream live shows pre-programmed content… Unit consists of Quality Camera, Microphone & digital screen. Basic key In pad… New Licensing Opportunity’ For Artists. New skills.



Design. Deluxe item for the office. Made to last a lifetime. The fashion & office glasses that can change style with voice command with built in office & media centre. The unit consists of an on board computer with internet connection telephone fax & email functions. It has 2 retractable left & right smart lenses / viewing monitors that is compact on each arm. It is an auto voice command only unit it is a voice command visual audible computer interface machine. On command the office media lenses together or the singular move to the field of vision on the left and right sides in front of the vision to broadcast office desktop internet /or media radio, film, music chips blank plus pre-programmed. It has smart cameras on the front of each arm on the corner top of the left & right lenses plus a microphone for all system commands & to receive phone calls plus dictation. The unit also has a stereo head phones on the right / left arms for the ear. Design continued. 5 Styles of Cool sunglasses on a voice only command automatic its smart pre-programming can change into 5 different styles of ultra-hip slick sunglasses it works this way. Its mechanical design engineering plus pre-programming switches the styles via voice command safely the change is controlled by levers springs & axel movements it switches style & shape by sliding plus moving into & out of itself over & under from & into its extra design construction apparatus within the right & left arms via its electronic circuitry programming it moves its motion electronically via the miniature metal ball joints axels & controlled levers throughout the frame / pre-programmed movements it folds clicks morphs & slides into place just like a jigsaw with the glass /plastic lenses locking into place within the unit firmly and smoothly until it is set into the correct position style & semi locks meaning a central. 1mm horizontal gap through its middle then the programming for the inner & outer lenses mechanical movement is set into motion the thin times 2 inner & outer select d style lenses in 1 of 10 different colours transparent lenses are pulley’ along both sides of the inner plus outer side of the main viewing lenses via grooves in the frame for that particular design of frame this happens as they slide out from compact compartment open up from within the left & right arm connected to the nose bridge of unit via a strong ultra-thin wire which the lenses are connected to & move along on a mechanical pulley going across the length of the central semi locked gap an through the nose bridge left and right to the centre visual part of the desired frame to cover both sides of main lenses this is done smoothly as they glide along both sides of the main lenses and in their grooves inside the frame both sides of the lenses to invisible the joins they lock inside the nose bridge securely then the semi locking device locks the whole unit down onto the thin magnet strip along the join edges locking them more so secure with the frame plus hiding the thin pulley wire within the lock. At the same time this is happening in sequence the un needed lenses equipment of the different programmes / styles / frames folds smaller back into itself via its joints & miniature hinges back into the frame mechanically plus smoothly electronically and moves along through a groove in the hollow inner right & left arms via its sliding controlled spring mechanism and a shutter seals it. Then it beeps to show it has changed successfully every time. & Media & Office Screens.

The left & right arm on voice command together or singular move forward from the outside of each arm forward then turn inwards both sides at 90 degrees & move across the main clear lenses then lock into place It is a smooth movement on a miniature hydraulic pin axel. It importantly has a little powerful memory chip plus miniature on board system computer black box transmitter for the web phone fax email & camera features. It makes a very cool humming noise as it makes this function happen. Functions. Right screen. Office Screen / desktop internet computer telephone fax email text. Receive voice calls in the same way as a mobile phone email also dictation via the microphone plus all desktop internet commands to the unit.ie speak search terms to yahoo / google or spell out whilst seeing the visual of screen right. Receive fax text documents onto the memory chip plus view them example scroll down page voice commanded. It has self-explanatory menus like a standard computer operating system displayed with the visuals of the right also the left screen. It has a retractable blank & pre-programmable memory slot & USB plus jack connection. Dictate a word language number document via the mic and see it there. Plus with an HTML function. Importantly it can do anything a standard office computer can do as a lot of its programming power comes via an internet cloud & transmission link. Left screen. Media film music radio. Plus Special Camera mode. Downloadable films music can be paid for along with memory film music chips can be purchased viewed on the left monitor and right at the same time. Importantly the cameras which are situated on the front of the left & right arms via the lenses can on a voice command turn left right up down backwards forwards via its axel + record & transmit via its circuitry to 1 or both viewing screens & has night mode heat sensor & all other shoot modes. As in the similar case as innovation 6a it can via the web internet transmit live record security visuals to the internet via its transmission via the satellite. Tons of extras / accessories can also be engineered for the super smart cool unit such as software downloads example SEO Master software via the net blank memory chips & software chips & for films music to download via standard method of payment plus can have 5 different styles of sunglasses than the standard model & many different fashionable head connection straps to go on sale so you do not ever break them. Ups More Monies for all those industries via licensing. Ends The Inventory.



Atlantis Music. New Title.... 'NEW GUITAR.' A Video Projection Transmitter Relay Stand And Keyboard Guitar Innovation. Learning Technologies.

Description. Guitar Unit.
1. It has a display monitor to show music scale and selected learning programmes.
2. Also has a recordable compact disc dive within main unit and added new memory card slot for many Music Artists innovation interactive learning discs and to record your live music /concerts with friends.
3. Main guitar unit to have 26 synthesizer keys as of the Alphabet to the laws of invention 17 example and it works as organ sound "Name the tune today this is from the Biblical Bible Worship The Holy Bible Music Inventor + The spirit hovered over the waters and there was light et-cetera and to the standard notes as in The Alphabet mate. Also 4 connected inches of guitar strings on its neck and body, which light up on each individual key and string to teach the user to play the correct notes in rhythm with any pre-selected learning programme/song.
4. Synthesizer keys to light up red blue green and yellow in rhythm with learning programmes. Red / Percussion mode, Blue / Strings, Green / Wind, Yellow / mode is for vocals. Select a disc for drive unit… Have your favourite artist teach and instruct you, jam alongside you, on screen for example with 3 of your friends on the other side of the world with standard background templates associated with the disc in drive interact and run stream programmes also with store playback and record functions.

IMPORTANT. 'Many discs and memory cards to be available for drive.' + IMPORTANTLY EACH UNIT COMES AS STANDARD WITH THE E-SPECIAL STAND UNIT…

Stand Unit Is Connected To The Guitar Via Its 2 Way Data Stream Wire Connection. The Main Processing Power Brain Is In The Guitar.

1. An adjustable microphone stand unit with a video camera pointing to the operator of the guitar unit with x3 video projectors on the other side 1 for you as the visuals plus the 2nd projector combines and projects the data stream of any other connected musicians across any distance and the software computing power from within the stand unit is streamed to and from the guitar unit plus can project many extra template visuals via the 3rd projector... Which has an added memory card slot within the stand unit for moving video plus picture still image templates to create real atmosphere such as a template of a stadium full of fans and of course with my new guitar invention you can record straight onto the guitar memory and disc DVD record your live audio visual recorded jam or show piece using the drive within the guitar device interface. All visual data processing schematics aligns correctly right plus processes live all positioning parameters within a cyber environment processing grid and transmits live onto projection screen and it is also logged within the new guitar data base banks memory.

Note. A standard projector screen is provided.

3. All stand units are linked across any distance when permission code is entered on main guitar unit linking units. "New concept. More Limitless possibilities of musical entertainment via WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM ,CORP you can interact with. Make Rock concert with friends et-cetera...Have Favourite Rock Pop Star as Tutor, Roadie, Vocalist or Backing Musician... " The Intellectual Property in this guitar devices innovation allows the transmitting stream to work via a wireless broadband connection.


Invention 42+. 2011. A Super Compact all in one world sports coaching and refereeing device.

Product Description.
A transmitter receiving device that maps out the correct play area coaches the sports stars up plus teaches up and coming sports stars, for professionals and amateur use in i.e. Schools or Professional Sporting Clubs. A real and compact unit practising system that works. This smart sports calculation computer device is programmed for all of the most popular world sports that have a playing area of rectangles and square playing surfaces. Apparatus Continued. This devices special sports kit comes as standard with a 2 dozen detachable sensor pads which detach for different sports and which connect along the dozen 1 foot extendable to 8 foot height telescopic for bigger different sports games stakes the connect at 2 foot intervals which act via their circuit as a strong invisible laser mapping system each with an all game transmitting component which transmits and receives to the main sports coach unit everything in range of the play area. For the reason of instructing mapping out the best possible play for each sport using its basic grid system Main frame commands live commands and pre-programmed play scenarios of many different sports. Each sports instruction are given via a computerized voice from the main unit or linked up with a live coaching persons voice commands it comes with a speaker jack and built in loud speaker and microphone. Each command is processed using exact mathematics geometry angles force velocity to the game being practised the device is being used for commands are indexed at speed in an on-going sequence as a series of direct laser system position pointers from all four corner transmitting lasers via the main systems relaying loop pin pointing the correct most successful next position of the play area grid with the greatest accuracy via the X4 lasers crossing each other at the correct angles of its grid reference in a flash pulse i.e. Moves ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’ ... This works via always grid referencing the status of the game within its computer hard-wear memory processor and the play object/s for large area games where there is lots of movement plus for example the rules plus dynamics for each different sport is programmed within the units mainframe computing device further examples for table sports such as snooker or table tennis will be given running on the same basic dynamics systems. For this 1st Example. Football. The inbuilt coaching device references via the play positions of both 11 men teams 5 side etc… Via the constant scanning sweep and instantaneously logs it within its system. The main unit is also already pre-programmed with every possible play path variable on the pitch position of players of both teams in north south east west and the transmitting 12 beacons the X4 corners and each 4 goal beacons continually run a sweep code across the pitch / grid backwards and forwards both sides of the length and the width and of the goal face constantly which sweep across the whole play area up to 8 foot reconnecting the play sequence ‘the play object’ to the grid reference when within range instantly as back in range connecting all beacons back in a 1 second loop the systems training commandment programming gives instant voice commands to the team according to the direction of play. Regarding ‘The sporting play object’ The play object in this instance a football has a sensor pad sewn in or stuck on with glue which is picked up by the sweeping beacon of the 12 transmitting devices plus also is linked to the main unit and is constantly passed through the sweeping beacon grid transmitting sending receivers for the on-board coaches tactical training assault. I’ll continue with this example shooting at goal practise football training. The receiving transmitting sensors work exactly the same as the other 4 pin pointing constantly from the position of the ball on the grid the best favourable position to score another goal. Ends this example 1. Example 2. Other Sports / i.e. Table Sports such as Snooker billiards 9 ball pool also Table Tennis. The same all in one sporting coaching unit for the practise of sports which have square and rectangle game area grids runs on exactly the same principle to of the above stated system rules to the dynamics rules and parameters of each of their genres. For example snooker comes a right angle fixer for the laser system beacons which clip down onto each 4 corners level with the cushion for exact precision as it is a precision game. When in precise exact alignment the main unit verbally lets you know. The on-board computer in snooker mode also instructs you where to strike the ball how hard et-cetera and delivers via the semi visible laser grid referencing system the precise exact angles of play for every playing from red to the final colour shot via advises. Again the item described Table Tennis works the same way as a coach. This device isn’t called an all in one master for nothing as my ultimate sports coaching device for X4 corner sports games works also for rugby beach volley ball basketball. Ice Hockey. It is a red blue green yellow. Red
www.biz1business.com Blue www.inventioncorporate.com Green www.world1business.com Yellow www.bizspinmania.com Invention Innovation Sports Magic. And it is compact.

Ends Inventory.


Invention 48. 2012. AKA. Invention 48. Spare Room S*x Bed.

To View The Exact Schematics Of The Invention Titled Here You Will Have Download View, The Link Within The Company Compendium Invention Document EBook.


Invention 50 ALPHA.

INVENTION 50 Alpha. 2012. Automatic 'Garden' Sweeper.

This is a sweeping machine with a brain unit. Just put it in the garden and switch it on. It sweeps and hoovers your garden patio concrete and lawn on automatically. The Schematic Blueprints Of The Device And The Way It Works.

1. It rolls along on X4 10cm round wheels 2 at the front 2 at the back at ¼ of a MPH.

2. It is powered runs on a rechargeable battery unit and the parts work on a clockwork mechanism motion.

3. It has X2 motion sensitive and its sweeping vacuuming arms main and small surface area the main arm is on the right side. Its medium size dust and leaf catching bag basket are detachable and positioned securely at the top. Its height is only 50cm including empty container. Its main width not including its arms is only 25cm. It is heavily weighted.

4. The brushes of the automatic garden sweeping machine is a cylindrical brush that turns on a cog system axel which turns forwards fast sweeping up the dust and leafs into the vacuum opening the vacuum system engine is 2000 watts strong and with a vacuuming type motion sucks all sweep up from the brush head into the waste bag via its detachable flexible tube.

5. The device shall come as standard with 'X20 Amber Yellow no sweep and continue sensor zone markers'... 'Plus 'X20 Red no sweep zone sensor markers.

6. Regarding the managing of steps and stairs. This is made possible and all parts of the garden show floor shall be clean sweeper… The design of the device and the wheels at the base of unit is built in 2 parts on a heavy weight hydraulic support lift when the auto garden sweeper senses a wall or step it distinguishes if it is a wall or a step to sweep buy lifting to its highest possible point of 1 ½ foot max step height if it cannot get up it computes that it is not needed there and carries on its left to right lap of the garden. Where the sweeper is not needed is such as flower beds its small 'red sensor marker tripods' are to be placed 'as no sweep zone' 20 are provided with each unit they are miniature tripods to be placed on the ground around the garden no sweep zone out of bounds. It’s built in memory computes not to go beyond this area.

Further on the machines mastering of steps… When it has computed there is a step up or down 1st example ‘up steps’ the base unit separates a ½ cm forwards from the front end and the breaking system kicks in breaks safe plus turns off the sweeping and vacuuming device part via the programmed on of auto switch and the device lifts up to the measure of the step height by feeling it’s way forwards… The front part moves forwards on its system the weighting device inside locks to the front end and the back end powers into position… The entire unit moves up with the back end rolling into position safely working on its clockwork mechanism and jacking system hydraulics as the weighted front end lifts the entire unit securely into place it will then lock again then moving up to the next step in a smooth motion. It sweeps vacuums up from its side right arm which also extends out to the right up to 2 metres on small wheels on a clock work pulley system motion moves it back and forward plus at the tip of the sweeping arm is also a computer motion sensor-ing pad linked via the wired command main frame unit machine. In case the step is wider than 2 metres on its garden lap on the way back it will sweep it cleverly then and for ever how many laps it takes as it knows to do this as the arm sensor of course on the lap back would calculate the sweep where the unit stood on the its left as the arm is right side. For example if there is grass area immediately after the top step and if there is a sweep area after the grass area 'X2 of the Amber Yellow sensor tripods' should be placed plus at the end of the no sweep and continue zone as it is a 'pass no sweep zone area and continue' for the smart brain of the machine is pre-programmed senses and lifts up the sweeping action mechanical arm part of its apparatus by 10cm so it can move freely over the terrain. The sweeping machine will not fall down the steps either on the way back down as 1 the weight with which it made it up the steps move slots from the front to the back opposite dynamics from when moving up step 2 The systems memory remembers that there was a step there as the smarter sweeper goes around the garden terrain it maps out onto its inner cyber grid matrix and stores within the system memory where the steps corners were and entire layout mapping of the garden sweeping space also if a step is slightly out of alignment on the way back this is taking into consideration as the main sweeping arm sensor calculates this for every step with its sensor-ing… It does this plus computes the space area between lap all angles and sweeps the middle after the lap as it has worked out all layout onto calculated. The device works much better in the dry of course but you get the real benefits the less cluttered the garden is such as remove small statues such as gnomes lift chairs onto tables etc. The best garden sweeper fits sweeps between all nooks and crannies such as underneath benches around flower pots also with its 2nd arm which is positioned onto the top part of the main arm on a robotic human arm type ball joint it moves this into position and can move 360 degrees via the clock work plate and above the lifting system groove from the right to the left when needed for example between flower pots and statues closer to walls… It is flexible cylindrical plus thinner and its sweeping and vacuum dynamics are as the main arm, it is capable of extending out to 1 metre and is moves into place for small surface sweep after the 1st lap whenever as needed as the surface area of the garden is computed plus stored within the memory banks of the machines brain. When it knows it’s finished the task it bleeps and shuts down. 1X 5 Hour battery charge lasts up to 2 Hours garden chore. Ends Inventory.


Automatic Garden Flower Bed Weeding Device.

Description. People mow their lawns but flower beds are often time consuming and can be dirty and difficult so I have the www.inventioncorporate.com has innovated you the automatic flower bed weeding device. Slightly similar to the above machine making garden work much easier leaving you more time to enjoy doing what you like in the garden. The best new garden weed-er and automatic weeding machine maps out the work area it is a small machine has a combine type raking arm which is 25cm wide with 7 1/2cm length blunt inward serrated angled teeth 1/2 cm apart that grab out rake out all the weeds in the required space thorough a frontwards turning motion the required space to weed is set by the sensor markers X50 come as standard with the unit device they compute the no go area of the four wheeled machine device via the on-board main sensor array. It works a bit like a miniature combine harvester. When the jobs done simply detach grid container and empty. The Schematics Blue Prints Of The Device Plus The Way This works.

1. Heavy duty 4 wheeled battery charged round circular movement rake head weeding machine with a left arm angled in blunt knife for edging. 50X ‘25 metre’ rolls of thin metal wire.

2. The auto weed-er goes up and down flower bed pulling out ploughing out all the unwanted weeds and lifting them up with any fallen leaves raking them all up into the waste containment grid a 1cm squared grate 25X25cm which is connected to 2 tough springs on all 4 sides all 8 springs are fixed to small clockwork pulley motion pistons connected within the systems clockwork system mechanics the grate moves backwards and forwards vibrating shaking gently enough so the excess earth comes off the pulled out weeds and filters sieves out through the open below evenly with its standard back rake following up the movement… As it tours the flower beds for edges and corners it’s unique metal left arm ploughing tool is right angle shape pointing inwards 7 ½cm in length a blunt knife instrument with channelling lip on the left hand side. The arm is situated at the front left of the machine and cuts out the weeds at the edge of each bed smoothly and with the momentum of miniature rubber grip conveyer belt pushes up the soil and side weed via the 25cm metal lip on top of the knife at 11:00 O’ Clock angle from the front of the weeding wheeled device it dumps the soil and the weed onto the metal grate which is 22 ½ cm in height.

3. All you have to do is stick in the ground the sensor markers no go areas that the machine must not cross pass. X4 sensor markers would be link connected to the unit sensor array schematics are recommended for example around a nice rose bush only X2 of them would be needed along the 1 side edge of a 10 metre bed for example. Importantly the miniature sensor units are to be linked as weeding is a precise job and they link up and are used in co-ordination with the thin metal wire just connect each of the sensor units with the wire to its each units magnet head. Each magnet head is connected to the sensor within it which relays a position pulse every 1 second to the weed-er machine position receiver when on tour. It calculates and maps out the quickest best route around the bed as soon as it switches on press ‘Red Button’ = it maps out the route onto its cyber grid within the brain computer of the unit in respect to the positioning of the beacon sensor markers in the corners and around things such as shrubs and plants… This Function I call also ‘Connection Mapping’ ‘Blue Button’ = Go starts machine. ‘Green Light’ = Weeding in process. Yellow flashing Light = Finished the job process. For best results use only in dry conditions and use markers safely and properly. Another Ideal Gardening Machine Fantastic Play Of Time. Ends Inventory 50 BETA. Ends Inventory 50+ Alpha Beta.



We all know by now the importance of taking vitamins and supplements plus other beneficial Natural Substances. Well the new device invention will wake you up in the morning with a choice of time alarm settings and DAB radio stations with a hot water drink containing everything that can be digested orally that could be needed for your personalised individual healthy wellbeing. The Alarm clock personal health drink dispenser has a top compartment section for your desired multi vitamin minerals and iron pills etc. Another dozen compartments which contain your chosen other supplements i.e. Cod liver oil, garlic capsules oil of oregano etc. Which when the alarm starts it operates on go and dispenses drops through the channelling well 1 each of each supplement into the small metal 5cm circular 2.5 cm deep basic mortar pot which has a strong 1cm thick 0.5mm width mesh base the electronically powered hierodulic pestle cap is a 2.4 cm round and moves precisely down over onto the mortar chamber inside snug fit pressing down crushing the vitamins and minerals via tuning around back and forth twice a 45 degree motion so the arm makes a powder / or powder paste it is directly over the main medicine mixing cubicle ‘A’ and ‘A tray lip is a .1 cm shallow extra dish connected to the base via 4 metal screws it has a .2 cm gap between ‘A’ and is there to save any medicine drip plus We will refer to them both from now as just ‘A’ ... At the same time function The auto vitamin drink machine maker is blending your desired fresh fruit vegetables and herbs within the built in refrigerated compartment storage facility cubicle ‘B’ using the computed timed auto robotic arm triple blade blender automatic cleaning washable blade connected lid for the glass bowl cubicle ‘B’... When all is timed mixed into a paste in 'cubicle A' the safety switch clicks open the water proofed cool filament plate refrigerated lid and blending action blade and moves up and horizontal across off of and deeper within the inside of the unit within the aluminium drip channel rest also within this clockwise motion to the right is the connected cubicle ‘A’ arm movement via a joint mechanism moving to the right side over Cubicle ‘B’ powered via the design electrical structure so the compartment arm ‘A + B’ move within the unit to the motion right via the system clockwork mechanism cubicle ‘A’ medicine measure thus has moved across all clicking into place activating the 1st .5 litre heated boiling water cylinder valve switch allowing the hot water to flow down over cubical ‘A’ plus there is a second all action apparatus cleaning channel for the boiling water ‘A’ has had the healthy passing water over the medicines and over the ‘A tray’ into Cubicle ‘B’ thus cleaning that part of the apparatus thoroughly hygienically clean this movement takes 15 seconds then the .5 of a litre of water herbs or and fruit vegetables and medicine is within Cubicle ‘B’ ... The whole timed unit will then reactivate both connected arms the blending arm lid of ‘B’ plus Cubicle ‘A’ back into the original place using the same dynamics but anti clockwise and left turn clicking into place with the blending action lid now down in place the blender activates for the 2nd and final time sequence via its circuitry programming memory process for 10 seconds to mix the vitamins with the vegetable fruit spices honey flavouring etc... All in cubicle ‘B the cup’ the motion programming schematics of the devices timing computer allows the second part clean cubicle ‘B’ in timing the 2nd .5 litre of boiling water funnels through its metal tube channel into the steam powered wide angled spray valve and this part on the blending arm points to 1 O'clock and its action cleans hygienically all around Cubicle 'B' via the blending arms programmed special slow turn movement... As it turns it cleans 5 seconds upwards then angles via its spray area window 5 seconds downwards this motion is achieved by its small clockwork piston that moves the spray area window to up and down position movement. Now with all the remainder boiling water drink inside cubicle ‘B’ The big 1.5 litre big Cup is ready for drinking. The alarm clock digital 12 hour and 24 hour option clock face has the regular setting buttons plus DAB Digital dial and also has buttons on the top of the vitamin dispensing unit to select up to 1 calendar month in advance the compartments wanted holding certain supplements plus on the light up digital clock face is scrolling read out on button command is your typed in vitamin supplement schedule and compartment number for each pill achieved by the small type A through to Z 1 to 9 Number 1 keypad at the top of unit. Now taking your vitamins supplements remembering to do so forth doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass. Plus nice early bird prompter to get up in the morning with your personalised super-hot drink supplement machine from alarm radio wakeup call you are looking at 1 minute to make. Especially on a cold day you don’t want to mess about with making a health drink in your pyjamas this machine makes it for you in bed no problems as you can see its self-cleaning device and basically completely mess free. Just 1 cup in the sink washing up.


82. Invention 82 Innovation. Fit In Pocket Super Portable Clothing Design All Images Computing Device With Expandable Memory Card Slot.

Machine Schematics.
System powered by X2 AA Batteries. The fit in pocket take anywhere clothing image designer computing opens up 4 fold on itself and clicks into place. It has a roll pull out measuring application silk screen applicator which is detachable. The computing power is housed on the right side and with its small 50X50mm viewing screen you can scroll through you images with the basic button operation. The reusable ink jet is loaded as a standard computer printer ink jet spectrum and operation but with clothing dye colour compartments this is situated on the left when closed and moves with the arm when opened at maximum of 500mm printing area. Once opened out the printing arm prints you your desired highly detailed image onto the roll out 1mm thick transfer paper screen template upside down the right way out into the measuring bay through its safety grooves above the silk screen it is then ready for application to garment ie. T-Shirt. Easily detach it off by lifting it up off both side hooks and put into place over the printed area to the length of 2 metre distance as the wire connection to the next part of the process. Pressing button green on main unit sends an activating signal up the wire to start the application screen arm movement and sets in motion the clockwork mechanism of the application arms power is connected to the main unit and simply moves down across the whole surface of the screen consistently applying correct pressure over the face of the silk screen and presses template of the ink image onto the garment so the clockwork mechanism is one that works on a system of a tooth and cog on both sides via a winding around the strong thin metal cord moves the application arm across the surface. Also important. Each purchase comes with a fold out protective template of a basic vest, T-Shirt, jumper and trousers to fit inside your desired garment so there is no unwanted run ruin. These also fit inside the unit and all other necessary parts such as plastic bags for waste, drying etc… Plus X2 multi-function open out clothes hangers for quick drying of the designed garment. The units all image computing memory comes as standard with 10,000 image files built in plus its expandable micro SD memory card input allows you to use your own artwork logos photo image files… Plus further buying options of licensed premium image files such as patterns shapes fine art modern art etc…


83. Invention 83.

WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Skin Art All Image Tattoo Projection Device.

About The Main Unit.
‘A.’ A. Example. Patch for the arm. With an area of 100X250mm is a grid of miniature 5mm LCD screen’s housed securely within a flexible transparent skin membrane and the 5mm screens are connected to each other via the middle mesh making up the matrix… They all link to each other to display moving images plus photographic images the unit has a small rechargeable watch size battery compartment and the built in memory card micro SD slot mouth also is sleekly housed built inside and with a jack mains charger out socket. You can also charge the units spare battery via the same jack out to its solar power panel. Your solar power panel can be placed anywhere example clip around wrist as a watch or clip strap onto your belt. All the unit’s computer processing power, battery compartment remote control command transmitter window and connection wires are housed in the middle flexible transparent membrane… The units Jack in plus memory card slot is further waterproofed by the seal on the outer screw down close section. All x3 layers are approximately only 2.5mm in depth. The bottom layer that touches flush with the skin fastens into place sticks to the desired area securely with a water tight seal with double sided premium quality surgical grade skin tape. About The Command interface and visual menu memory. ‘B Unit.’ B. As standard the skin art all image tattoo projection device comes with a small fit in pocket change image remote control command centre. The command stream has a unique X4 pin coded infra-red system that links to only that device. The remotes commands only work for your device as the skin arts all image devices only allows your remotes command pathway signature as it computing your unique X4 pin code only recognises it and allows visuals to change. It has basic on off button, up down left right menu navigation buttons play and pause it has a 20x20mm viewing screen to choose the design on your skin art all image tattoo projection device. It works slightly different to other remote controls this remote control has a same fit memory card slot 1st to allow commands between B And A unit you must put within the remote devices your memory cards and all images etc… On them is saved to the remote control memory you must then put your chosen desired image card you want into A unit so they correspond with each other via command. As standard your skin device comes with a memory chip holding 10,000 plus tattoo images. More pre-loaded image cards to be made available in shops such as… Innovation images and holographic transitions. Premium tattoo image catalogue. Fancy words meanings letter combination iconography symbolism. Religious. Fine art et-cetera.


84. Invention 84. WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Fit In Pocket Hair Dressing Salon Machine For All Short Hair Styles.

Note for people with Afro Caribbean hair or extremely curly hair a little preparation might be needed such as wetting of the hair and a little pre-combing.

1. My hair computing Device cutting edge styling machine has a wire connected remote control for operation and power control. Using the visual touch screen input command remote control menu... You can now choose to cut your own hair in any style up to a 500+ 200mm pre-programmed length styles and shape cut designs. Design Schematics Promotions Continued.

2. The miniature but self-oiling computer controlled shaving head cutting arm doubles as a measuring and preparation hair cutting head mapping contraption.

3. The arm moves around the system and styles as good as the best hairdressers can but much quicker and even more accurately through its physical grid matrix run of grooves mapping out the shape of one’s head on the 1st lap than cutting on the 2nd at ABCD pass. 4. This is accomplished by the 1st lap sensor-ing equipment on the arms 25mm main comb with comb 2 and 3 side angled right and left combs the main comb measures the head diameters from the inside design of the head unit to the distance of the head via its pressure sensitive spring connected to the combing motion arm runs through the physical grid matrix and maps it exactly onto the computer brain units remote control cyber grid and saves it. The inventions design schematics cuts the hair style that the user chooses on the 2nd lap 4 ways... I'll continue... 5. After the 1st lap a single bleep with a green light on the remote control shows cutting in process now the combing measuring motion clicks around in a clockwork motion the cutting arm down the combing arm up. 6. The cutting arm shaving device is 25mm wide and has a regular hair shaver cutting motion but it is boxed in with a front channel opening plus the arm moves up and down to 200mm mechanically and the box in which is designed sides is a 1mm width it always stays flush with the scalp drawing the cut and is 25mm in height to secure the hair for the cut in accordance with the chosen hair cut style plus for safety there is extra 25mm angled combs both sides of the cutting boxed mouth that move with the hair shaver cutting box angled out both sides at 10 O' Clock and 2 O' Clock situated in a position just slightly below within the same cut and measuring mechanical movement... The Blue Print Schematics Design via its super lightweight metal chassis and through the physical 25mm squared grid matrix run cutting the corresponding cyber matrix cut. The grid is across the entire hair area and the chassis rests on the shoulders with rubber supports and comfort chin strap. The cutting arm moves from the front left to the back left and turns at the back right... Moves through to the front turning right and continues this process through of forwards and backwards to the front right it then doubles back on itself the opposite way then via it's now position front left turns 90 degrees into the next direct channel groove and follows the grid from left to right side turning at end turns points through the alignment of grid grooves the motion is simple it rolls through the grid of 25mm spaced grooves pulled along connected by its strong magnet mechanism powered via a clockwork motion wind up via the battery and power supply the up and down of the arm cutter movement is via a controlled spring mechanism which is housed inside the arm moving up and down with the processed pre-programmed mapped out grid referenced hair style it's cutting. The blades self-oil every 30 seconds via the computed timing system operation on through a valve and tube opening just above the cutting blades it is refillable and allows the correct amount 2 drops every 1 minute the cutting operation green lights go. About the remote control computing unit I'll continue... 7. The hand held device is wire connected to the main head unit and serves as its power source as well via mains electricity plus has a charge up battery cell. The hand device has a visual touch screen for navigating through every short hairstyle on record plus has software built in to design your own haircuts such as choose from a 500+ tramline effects pattern data base shapes etc. Record your favourite cuts for you and your friends haircuts within the memory banks. 8. Even a complex cut my hair machine can do in a few minutes Flat Tops French Crops Spike Tops Tram Lines galore complex patterns shapes no problem this is my swing turn on the hair dressing biz out doing most if not nearly all as my www.inventioncorporate.com hair cutting device in short folds in on itself via basic fold in mechanism and fits in your pocket plus is to be made a luxury item at a standard budget price plus with a standard 1 year guarantee.


The 3rd Sex Invention 79+…

A.K.A. 3D Sex Bed. Sex Karma Sutra Light Up Party Play Bed Within Space Rap Film Text Schematics Follow...

The Direct Download Link To View This Piece Is Within The Companies Invention Compendium Document PDF Download Portfolio 4.


A.K.A. INVENTION 90+... Universe Arts Laser Table 4 Phase Alchemy Digital Table Cloth.

The Blueprint Schematics Are As Follows.

1) Circle Square Triangle Circle Combined Innovation Red Blue Green Yellow Four Alchemy Of The Rosary Of The Philosophers Display Unit Symbolises The Newest Invention Machine Today.

2) The Roll Up Roll Out Unit Consists Of x4 Apparatus... 'A' Apparatus 'B' 'C' + 'D'

3) Apparatus 'A' Is A Strong Built To Last Fold Out Mat Digital Table Cloth With Its Red Blue Green Yellow L.E.D. And Laser Lighting System With The Schematics Ratio Of A 10x10 Grid Reference Built As Lots Of x4 Squares = x1 500mm Viewing Area. Allowing A Red Blue Green Yellow L.E.D... Per Grid Reference Plus A Red Blue Green Yellow Laser Per Grid Reference Also In Each Coloured Square Along The Front Edge Is The Same Colour Upwards Scrolling Text 125mm x 25mm L.C.D. Literature Information Screen Panel Of Each Quarter Segment The Text Literature Called Upon Information Screen Also Scrolls Right To Left Around All Four Edges If Commanded. The Cloth Has A Barrier Of Basic Mirrors Around The Outer Wall And Through The Middle Is Where The Red Blue green Yellow Laser System Is Securely Housed Making A '+' Sign This Is For Folding Up Plus To Stop The Lasers Over Lapping When Switched On Right. Correct. The 500mm Visual Area When Opened Out Clicks Slots Steady And It Has A 10mm Hole Exactly In The Middle For The Apparatus 'B' Fixing... The Apparatus 'A' Actual Grid System Corresponds To The Input Command Screen and The Input Command Screen Also Has A Red Blue Green Yellow Command Pad Button Execute.

4) Apparatus 'B' Is A Telescopic Aerial Which Extends Manually To 500mm In Height At The Top Is The Alchemy Designed Circle Square Triangle Circle As Displayed Above The Shapes In Order Centre To Out Is Red Blue Green Yellow. Along The Outer Circle Is A Laser System. The x4 Lasers Project A Red Blue Green And Yellow Effect Onto The Table In Accordance To The Lighting Play On The Viewing Area. The x4 Lasers Each Have A Mounted Camera On Front To Record The Units Visual Data Banks Visual Play out Area To The Centre Of Apparatus 'A' ... They Move Around Via The Stylus Command Pad Screen Input Plus Voice Command Into The Command Screen Input Pad Microphone Activated By A Press Button Speech Voice Synthesis Activation. They Move Across The Entire Shape Of The Systems Outer Circle... Square Triangle Circle And Up The Along The Lines Of The 3 Faced Pyramid... There Is x4 Of These Lasers x4 Of These Cameras Aiming Pointing To The Centre Of The Digital Cloth. The Recording Lasers Move About The Special Shape Displayed Above Plus Upwards From The Extra 3D Triangular Top Piece In Accordance To The Pre-Programmed Data Stream On Each Of The x4 125mm x4 Screens. Each Laser and Colour Corresponds To The 1 Of 4 Squares Of Red Blue Green YELLOW In A Clockwise Motion And Achieves Movement Via The Ball And Magnet Groove System Powered By X4 AA Batteries Or Mains Supply.

5) Apparatus 'C' The Memory Cards x4 Are The Size Of A Regular Playing Card With A 50mm Depth Each Has A Built In 1TB Memory Data Base Plus Expansion Slot. They, Are For Re-Viewing The Table Visuals When Away From The New Machine. Red . Read Written Literature Knowledge With Built Auto Visuals Of The Words Onto x1 To 3 Of The 4. Blue. The Known Visuals Of Everything Visually Recorded In The Known Earth And Cosmos. Green. Live Art Maker New Arts Visual Experience And Disco Rave Lighting Sequences. Yellow. Basic Arcade Style Retro Games And Board Games But Run On The Main Machines Lasers And L.E.D... The Red Blue Green Yellow Monitor Card Lights Up Glows Red Blue Green Yellow When In The Device.

6) Apparatus 'D' Command Pad Plus Other Functions. The Command Pad Is Built Into Apparatus 'A' Centred On Each Four Sides Where Red Meets Blue Meets Green Meets Yellow Meets Red. Each Command Interface Has A Basic Stylus Input Provided Plus A Hold Down Key in Red Blue Green Yellow Right Hand Side Button For Lasers, L.E.D. Control + Switch For Voice Command And A Left Right Up Down And Diagonal Control Pad On The Left Side The Touch Screen Visual Pad Is Situated Central And Corresponds To Each Of The Square Quartered Grid And The Entire Apparatus 'A' Area. The Apparatus 'C' Memory Cards Slot Into The Command Pads And Are Labelled Red Blue Green Yellow. On Each Command Unit Control There Is Also A Pause Rewind Fast Forwards Stop Importantly Record Button.

7) The Red Blue Green And Yellow Memory Cards Allow the Digital Universal Arts Cloth Table User To Keep Himself Entertained In New Ways And By Pressing Record On The Command Pads The User Can Generate The Table Plays Red Blue Green Yellow Onto The Cards To Take Away And Store Back Into The Table Any time. For A Red Example Call Up The Visuals Onto Red Screen Table Of A Lion Or The Snake. Photos Plus Moving Images Of The Lion / Snake Will Be Made Out Via The L.E.D.'s And Lasers Plus Text Scrolling Comes Into Play With Audible Facts Plus Associated Sounds Will Play Onto Any Of The Chosen Screens And The Tables Resolution Will Be x1 Red Blue Green Yellow L.E.D. Light and Laser Per 10mm There Is Certainly A Great Amount Of Accuracy And Detail With The Combined L.E.D.'s Lights Screen And Lasers Which Are Sent In Timed Pulses Via The Computing Brain Processor Of The Desired Programmed And Live Image Making Artist Commands. The Game Play For The Table Is Displayed Via The Light Computing Machine Same Way Dynamics You Name A Game It Can Play Display It Newer And Better With The Yellow Function I.E. Heightened Snakes And Ladders Or Ludo Cards And Dice Games Table Tennis Goalie Games Etc. Of Course The New Cloth Green Device Function Of The Disco Raving Light Show Allows the Buyer To Command Live Via The Input Stylus And Buttons And Voice Control To Create Film And Record Unique Entertainment Displays From Command To Digital Cloth. This Is A Very Portable Cloth For The Home Table For The Take Any Place. Everything Needed Is To Be Housed Within The Colour Cloth Including The Computing Processing Power Battery Compartment Power Jack In Stable Laser Units And L.E.D. Grid. This Device Is Water Proof Hard Clear Pyrex Front And Metal Chassis Frame With Extra Felt At Its Base.

Invention Schematics Today Ends The Inventory 90+ Innovate.


Invention 91. Alpha.

My Many New Edible Flavoured Info. Information Books.

In This Edition Of WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Invention. The Protected Idea Schematics Shown Displayed Contained All The Flavours Of The World Within Books.

The Books Design Is Flavoured Edible Rice Paper Pages.

The Pages Of The Tasty Content Books. Printed In Edible Fine Ink Explain The Ingredients, The Origin Of The Taste / Dish Extra. They Are To Be Of Informative Subject Matter Accurate And True. The Paper Flavour Is Achieved Correctly Yes... By Blending Down The Ingredients Then Dipping Soaking The Rice Paper Pulp Into The Flavour Essence And Adding Natural Preservatives. Drying The Pages Then Adding The Written Ink And Art Work Data Onto The Pages Via A Printed Press. The Ink Is Also Flavoured With The Same Flavour Of Its Page. The Pages Are Separated By A Regular Thin Plastic Leaf Page Plus The Pages Have A Perforated Inner Line To Detach From The Finest Real Flavour Book. The Book Of Tastes Is then Sealed With A Regular Air Tight Plastic Cover Seal. Arriving In Many Amount Of Size Pages Volumes And Numbers.


Schematics Machine Of Some Of The Available Books To Go On Sale...

1) Wild Berries Fruit And Bush Crafting Meals.

2) All Regular Fruits And Exotic Ones.

3) Book Of 3 Course Meals.

4) Favourite Main Courses Of Every Country And County.

5) Best Deserts Of The World.

6) Book Of World Take A ways.

7) Breads Of The World.

9) Sweets, Candy, And Chocolates Of Yesteryear, And Today.

10) Soft Drinks.

11) Alcoholic Beverages.

12) Sweet Pastries Pies And Savoury Bakery Snacks.

13) Book Of Different Coffees And Teas.

14) Meats.

15) Soups.

16) Vegetables.

To Be Purchased As One Off' Also A Fortnightly Book Magazine Subscription. Never Before Has Rice Been Made To Look So Clever.

Innovation Yet Another Money Maker From THE BIZ.

Plus If You Liked These Innovator Magazine And Better Flavour Inventions Belonging To Me... You Should Also Love 29 And 40 In My Business Innovation Portfolio 3.


Invention 92.

Another Better Blueprint Schematics Design Of My www.inventioncorporate.com

Better Bigger Wow factor Rave / Disco Belt Buckle And Matching Watch Command interface. Special Better All Ultimate portable Raving Disco Lighting System.

1) The Belt Buckle.

2) The Belt.

3) The Watch.

All x3 units on board power packs are charged via Mains electricity with extra AAA Battery Power supply compartments also charge up by portable USB and regular portable battery power packs.

About The Belt Buckle And The Belt.
The belt buckle has a 25x25cm super bright backlit L.E.D. Screen that makes displays super bright many pattern shape colour combinations controlled by the watch unit and works in accordance with the belt which comprises of x amount of super bright 20x20cm backlit L.E.D. Screens which are around the entire waist each screen is connected via inbuilt waterproofed housed wiring system plus plays out the pre-chosen programme of the watch. The belt buckle also has x4 advanced miniature laser system display on each corner which points downwards at the 5 O' Clock angle projecting a real party dance lighting innovation all in accordance with the command unit watch computers software programming it has a built in blue tooth receiver that accepts plays the pre-chosen command data streams. via the play button on the watch.

About The Watch Command Interface.
The watch command waterproofed light interface command unit data pre-streams the setups programme via blue tooth to the belt buckle belt unit. It has a super bright back lit L.E.D. Screen also 10x10cm and x4 corner red blue green yellow additional on board laser system. A power on play pause stop button where regular watch buttons go and scrolling L.C.D. backlit extra touch screen menu monitor 10x1cm at the inner strap part to choose lighting programme on watch and belt buckle and belt parameters with its inbuilt blue tooth system steaming to the belt system. This watch of course tells time date too and is powered by x2 AA batteries and has a built in rechargeable battery system by wall 3 pin power plug. This watch has a basic media player choose sound to light within the unit head phone jack in and has a built in microphone system and inbuilt stereo speaker system. The watch strap has an additional x2 5x5cm super bright L.E.D. back lit screens on each side of the strap connecting to the favourite light show triple device. The command stream between the watch and the belt is a live blue tooth command data stream. My newest invention lighting machine allows the watch to work as a stand alone item but can only be purchased together. + Comes with basic stylus.

My invention here is more innovation unique than any other would be similar device on the market and easily more with it. This is the iconic device.

It's Invention Intellectual Property 92+ Add Up. Here Today For You To View. See Today's Date Invention Update Is Tuesday 12th November 2013.


Invention Ninety... XXX INNOVATE.

But Now, You Devil Nut Again Are A Funny Clown Louse Pal... Let Me Bank Up Better Even Your Sick Jokes Now...

A.K.A. Invention #93. Is This, some, kind of a, joke. This For A Change Is A Stand Up Comic Joke Machine I.P. Now New Invention Number.

A JOKE SCHEMATICS 1. The Only Joke Schematics.

This invention unit is also a portable unit powered by x4 AA batteries plus the AC - DC adapter. It is a fold out from half fit in pocket... Comic comedy joke machine 15 x 15cm size folds to a 7.5 x 7.5cm This cyber pop up grid to physical projection device a pre-programmed data base of very many jokes is produced. I like none. The hardware schematics has an added disc drive input. This device projects its video projection via it's video stream projector onto its 15x15cm fold out screen which works opens out via its left and right telescopic aerial with a many funny noise by a button mechanical electrically powered clockwork switch motion 'on power up command.' The video joke images importantly can also transmit via button command project the computed all streamed images at different angles via its mirroring clockwork mechanism motion clockwise + anti-clockwise... The sequence of images can be pointed to left and to the right and does via the hardware' pop up mirrors showing the opposite image either side left or side right at 45 degrees an angled image is achieved from the projector plus a slight upwards tilt is achieved. So the mirrors reflect the image projector... Plus also the mirrors have extra mechanical clockwork turn plus can give the image projection further dynamic angles across the ie. Room or outside surface this programmed play out event sequence all happens within the systems play out of software programming of the mini disc sized disc / and or memory banks housed within the built to last hard drive. The new joke machine this ex... Invention #94 is a unique new money making machine 'a joke machine' that can project funnies out of its machine personal screen system plus onto z walls now allowing a new visual plus audio sensation of comedy. As explained this visual gag joke what funny machine also has an extra pop up mirroring system clockwork motion which is connected to the hardware by clockwork motion mechanism controlled by its software programmes the moving images can be projected manipulated via the opening and shutting of its mechanical mirrors. The new visual data stream images of many angles are achieved and now projected to hard surfaces from the basic video imaging projection device within the built in opening and shutting on and off of the up and down angled shutting mechanism double mirrors each either side of machine in timing with the whole basic clockwork movement within the hardware software operation placement dynamics and the playing out of memory of the chosen disc in drive and memory. The joke? Unit has extra red blue green stage lighting built in also a speaker audio system plus a regular camera to stream the viewer audience member visuals onto the stage projection via its cyber grid processing software hardware capability a true interactive experience is achieved. You madam can you stand up please etc... The huge data base of jokes is acted out by new animation cartoons + Licensed comedians. And as standard the joke night machine experience comes pre-programmed with 128GB of memory and only allows coded dics connected to this particular invention units drive player can be played streamed within the machine only software discs that are funny. Plus the units audio data base is pre-programmed plays many funny noises drum rolls et-cetera.

Okay many discs to made available for drive it will make you some more money.

This is = inventory. Like Negative Yin Style. Make a change a!


Now Invention 94...

To Coin An Idea And Whip The Certain Subject Matter.

Invention 93... 'Coin Screens.'

The Invention Schematics text Display Today On The 16.11.2013... Is Known As Innovator Invention 94 Coin.

Another Money Machine.

This 1 Sided Visual Piece Of Equipment Takes The Shape Of A Coin And Is To Be Used Primarily For Jewellery Enhancement.

Example. The Sovereign 'Sized' Precious Coin Single Sided Round Touch Screen Bling Has The Exact Dynamic Shape Parameters Circumference Diameter And Depth Of A Regular 22ct Sovereign And Is To Be Set Into Any 'Sovereign Sized' Gold / Silver Ring Or Neck Chain Medallion Fixing. Each Coin Is Pre-Set With The Purchased Genre And Has A Basic Touch Screen Face And Miniature On Board Memory Data Base Of The Visuals Of A Certain Subject Matter. i.e. Photographic JPG Files Plus Animated GIF Files Of All Known Gemstones Precious Minerals Coin Or... Memory Files Of All Elements... Also Innovation Memory Files Of Space Phenomena Of Our Universe Cosmos, Many Image Holographic Transitions, Land Marks And Architecture Such As Religious Buildings, Fine Art, Nice And Also Exciting Dangerous Weather Systems, Data Base Of All Known Ancient Coins + Modern Precious Coins All Countries Cash And Tender. This Innovation Text Coin Is Spinning.

So I Must Continue With This Intellectual Property Alphabetical Written Piece...

Pie. The 1,000,000... Sided Coin Face Runs On A Regular Small Watch Type Battery. The Battery Is Housed Within The Electronic Coin Casing And Is Water Proofed Screwed Tight Into Place With Inner Plastic Seal And Small Phillips Screw. The Rest Of The Inside Of The Coin Holds The Basic Computing Memory Mainframe And Works On A System Of Tap Coin Face 1 2 3 Times To Power On And 1 2 3 Times To Power Off And Tap 1 Time To Change Photo Or Video File. Each Coins Memory Banks Holds Up To 128GB Of Pre-Loaded Memory Data.

+ Of Course The Detail 1,000,000 Sided Visual Coins Can Go On Sale In Different Coin Sizes. Importantly This Protected Invention Concept Idea Fact Schematics Is A Coin Shaped Device For Use In Jewellery Enhancement '+ Built To Last' And I Would Like To Retail Them At £30. To £130. GBP Approx. Please Price Depending On The Size Of The Memory Made In The Said Device.

And The Smart Marketing This Fantastic Invention Discourse Displayed Belongs To Iain Innes WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Ace Master Of New Big Biz Spin... And The Coining Of HIS LITERATURE ID£A$.


Invention Schematics 95. / Time For Another Table...

Electronic New Every Bet Possible Visual Display Unit.
All In One Digital Card Table And Digital Card Game Deck Gambling Experience.
New Invention Consists Of 4 Digital E Special Cards And E… Digital Table Game Gambling Cloth.

About The Cards.
The Invention New Digital Deck Of Cards Comes Pre-Loaded With 100+ Popular Card Games And Much More… The New Game Card Real Innovation Is A Set Of X4 Digital Screen Regular Dimension Sized Playing Cards Known As 1. Red… 2. Blue… 3. Green… 4. Yellow... Each Is 15mm Thick. They Link Via Infra-Red Command To The Digital Card Table Cloth Detailed Schematics Explained Below. The Top Half Of Each Card Has A Touch Screen Interface And Is In Alignment With The Cloth And Rest Of The Card Screen Gameplay. The Other Controls On Each Card Are Buttons Of The Companies 4 Colours Design Ratio. Red Blue Green Yellow... Each X4 All Game Visual Display Card Has Red Blue Green Yellow Control Buttons… + A Small Yet Powerful Memory Processing Capability.

About The Control Buttons.
Red Button Mode Is For Displaying Text And Visual Instructions For Every Game Held Within The Electrical Digital Card Units On Board Built In Memory Data Banks Which Is Also Linked With The Table Cloth Machines Audio…
Blue Button Mode Is For All Choosing Any Of The All Other Betting Scenarios For Example Horse Racing For Which More Details Are Given Later…
Green Button Mode Is For The Infra-Red Play Command / Or Go…
Yellow / Amber Button Mode Is For Powering On The Card Interface…

I’ll Continue…
All X4 Cards Are Linked To Each Other And All X4 Cards Are Linked To The Digital Play Mat Via live built in Blue Tooth Technology And The Card Play Commands Are Made By Pressing The Green Button Which Updates Game Play By Infra-Red Control Electronic Technology At The Back Side Of Card Pointing To The Wide Range Array Board Sensor.

Continuing The Best Company Invention Design Schematics.
Not Only Does Each Of The X4 Electronic Cards Display A Regular 54 Card Playing Deck Of All Suits Hearts Diamonds Clubs Spades Face Cards And Joker Cards But Each Card Is Programmed With Many Other Card Games Including For Example A With Extra Permissions Licensed Out Version Of All The Top Trumps Games Such As Cars Bikes Super Hero’s Etc… Also Many Other Well Know And Not So Well Known Card Games With Many Different Game Plays For The Invention New Inter-Face… Also Interactive Casino Games Such As Roulette Slot Machines Et-Cetera… Each Individual Card Face In Each Game Play Mode Has A Unique Fixed Coded Data Stream Signature Linking It To All Other Play Cards Of All The Games And To The Cloth. The Game Play Is Updated Live On The Press Of Each Players Green Button Play… The Playing Moves Game Memory Data Is Processed Updated And Streamed Back And Forth To Each Card In The Game Via The Main Playing Surface Systems Computing Memory Processing Power. The Software System Deals The Cards Of Every Game To Each Player As Needed It Shuffles Computes Each Play In A Live Environment All Cards Each Player Is Dealt In Each Game Is Privately Displayed On Each Players Play Card’ At The Top Half Inter-Active Touch Screen Card Device And Can Be Played To The Laws Of The Chosen Game Etc... By Tapping That Screen Area. And For Betting Counting Chips And Monies Etc. Plus For A Player Who Is A Learner Of Any Particular Game Or Who Just Wants To Improve Automatic Game Advice Tips Are Offered And Can Be Chosen On Their Individual Card Screen Menu Preferences At The Start Of The Beginning Of Every Game As Standard This Setup Also Comes With A Deluxe Regular Pack Of Playing Cards And Each New Red Blue Green Yellow Digital Signature Card Also Holds A Visual And Text Information Explanation Demonstration Memory Play out Of Every Known Card Trick In The Book By Scrolling Through The Detailed Red Button Mode Function With The Top ½ Touch Screen Menu.

More About The Card Play Surface Digital Area Table Cloth.
This Playing Cards Linking Unit Surface Is A Fold Out Multi Game Linking Interface That Allows Up To 16 Players X4 Sets Of The All In 1 Digital Cards Playing Decks For Big Game Multi Play. It Displays All Chosen Game Visuals. The Top Is Made Of Hard Transparent Glass Over L.E.D. Screens Allowing The Visual Data To Be Displayed… The Play Surface Is Made Up Of x4 Open Out On A Hinge Flat Data Wire Linked Screens Which Show The Card Plays In Respect Of Each Game Visuals Of Live Dealers And Everything That Is Needed For A Betting Atmosphere From Top Style Betting Casino Arena Visuals To Smoky Back Rooms New Detailed Innovation Visuals Of Many Slot Machines At The Bookies The Dogs At The Horse Races All This Comes Pre-Programmed As Standard. It Also Has A Built In Bonus Command Input Voice Reception Microphone System And Audio Speaker System Allows A Realistic Audio Experience Of The Betting Play Venue. The X4 Innovation Playing Cards Are Powered By The On Board Rechargeable Battery Cell That Allows Up To 4 Hours Play Time Charge Up Is By A USB Connection / Or By The Machines Electric Special 5 Power Jack In Wall Socket Plus Each Card Has An Extra X1 AAA Battery Compartment Which Is Used Only For Back Up Emergency Power. The Digital Game Table Uses The 5th Power In Jack To Charge Its On Board Power Pack Supply Plus Can Be Left In Safely During Game Play For Power. The Devices Computing Power Software And Hardware Brain Is All Housed Within The Machine The Dynamic Command Audio Microphone And Speaker System Is Built On The Top Play Edge Side… Plus The X16 Infra-Red Sensor Command Receivers Are Housed In One Place On The Top Right Corner Of The Machine Allowing Only A Command Data Stream For Each Single Card Command Up To 16 Cards Maximum 1st Red Blue Green Yellow = 1 2 3 4 = 2nd Red Blue Green Yellow Set 5 6 7 8... Et-Cetera. The Digital E Special Multi Game Visual Cloth Here Has A Felt Base And Dimensions Are 500x500X25mm.

All Betting Venues Have Many Very Multiple And Random Game Win Scenario Statistics Results Schematics Audio And Visual Experience Every Time As The Machines Software Has A Huge Memory Bank Play Out A Pre-Programmed 1TB Memory Capacity Plus Has The Best Unique Software / Processing Power Capability.

This Is The Ultimate Home Gambling Experience. It Is New It Is Original It Is Certainly Easily A Cut Above Every One Else’s It Belongs To Me Invention Intellectual Property Of The WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Owner MR. INNES.


Invention 96.

You Like To Play Games.

Invention Schematics 96...

1. All In 1 Retro Digital Board Game Pad With Visual Projection Plug In Device And Screen. Pre-Loaded With 100+ Retro Licensed Board Games. Giving Them All New Life.

2. As Stated This New Machine Allows You To Keep Your Family Entertained And Comes At A Budget Price.

3. The Game Pad' Dimensions Are 250X250MM It Is A Touch Screen And When Playing For Example The Game Pad' Snakes And Ladders Ludo Cluedo You Throw The Digital Dice By Pressing The Dice Visual Which Moves Around The Touch Pad Clockwise... Move The Pieces In Chess Or Draughts For A Continued Example By Pressing The Game Visual Touch Screen The Game Pad Also Has A 4 Way Voice Recognition Play Command System. The Device Comes As Standard With A Plug-In Video 4 Way Video Projection System Which Has A 4 Metre Cable And This Visual Projection Allows The Board Visuals To Project Out Onto The Walls Ceiling Or Screens You Can Play With 1 Turned On Or All X4 Each At 90 Degree Angles The Game Visual Projection System Is Malleable Movable And Can Be Tilted Up Or Down And Moved Around The Room. This Heightened New Play On The Retro Board Games Allows You Grown Ups And Children To Feel Apart Of The Games Your Playing Spending Quality Time Together. The All In One 100+ Gaming Pad Also Has X4 Built In cameras On Each Top Sides Edge Pointing To The Player Of That Side And Takes Live Photos Plus Moving Visual Images Of The Players And The Inbuilt Software System Times The Game Graphics And Player Shots Correctly Timed And Right TO The Laws Of Each Game Putting The Players In The Games Such As Play Pieces With Wide Array Selection Of Bonus Templates In Each game And For Each Player.

4. This Is All In One Retro Game... Gaming Pad Is Of Course Battery Powered By X2 AA Batteries Has A Wall In Power Jack Adapter Plus On Board Back Up Rechargeable Battery Power Pack. The Projection System Is Powered By The Connection To The Game Pad But Also Has An On Board Rechargeable Power Supply Jack In Wall Power Socket Charge. It Has A Built In Speaker And X4 Voice Recognition Microphones And Activate Your Microphone By Pressing Your Player On System Window Button.

5. This Electronic E Special Gaming Pad Also Allows Extra Genre Card Plug In Memory Software Device For A Heightened Experience Of Playing Music Via It As It Doubles Up As A Heightened Sensation Of Musical Instrument Play Any Where Such As Piano Synthesizer Drum Computer Wind And Strings When Purchasing These Extra Music Software Memory Chips Each Comes As Standard With Many Video And Still Templates For A Better Heightened Visual Experience Remember This Play Out System Has x4 Built In Cameras A Menu Option On Screen And Allows Up To X4 Musicians Or Players To Play Their Part On The Touch Pad.

Voila It Belongs To Me Intellectual Property Of Iain Innes The WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Inventor Leader.


Invention 97.

Invention 97. Alpha / Beta +.

Mega Invention 97. Alpha...

Mega Invention 97 Is Innovation A Lot Of Variation.

For The Indoors Wall...

1) For Today's Example We Take A 1000MM X 1000MM... A 1 Metre Squared Surface Area Of The New Product Dimension. This Is The Schematics Of The Visual Device...

2) Each 1x1 Metre Basic Wall Mounts Visual Is Controlled Via Its Basic Infra-Red Remote Control And Runs On A Clockwork Mechanism Machine System. The Basic Battery Powered Remote Control Allows The Owner To Switch Between X100 Different Visual Picture Still Slides Via The On Screen Basic L.C.D. Remote Menu. The Slides Numbered From 1 To 100 When Chosen Move Across Singularly Left To Right Via A Magnetic Strip On Its Back Top And Bottom Right Edge In Position 1 The Double Magnetic Strips For Each Visual Choice Is Positioned At Position 1 And At 101 For Visual 2... 2 And At 102 Visual 3 And At 103... Through To Visual 100 The Magnetic Strip Is Positioned At 100 And 200. The Each Magnetic Strip Is 50MM By 50MM. Changing The Visual Dynamics Reverses The Visual Back Then Brings Across The New Chosen One This Is Achieved By Each Number 1 To 100 Visuals Being Moved By A Wheel And Pulley System Cable Network Inside Working As A Clockwork System Moving Each Left To Right And To Switch Visuals Key In 1 To 100 Via The Remote Sending A Signal Of The Chosen 1 To 100 And Your Chosen Visual Display Slide Is Moved Into Position Across Via Clockwork Motion Command. Each Singular Visual Display Is Printed Onto A .1MM Plastic Sheet And Moves Across The Unit Via Its Angled Lip Into The Singular Display Channel Groove Left To Right And So Forth... Baring This In Mind The Display Unit Wall To Surface Depth Including The Glass Front Casing Is Of Approx. 1 Dozen CM 120MM. This New Visual Display Case Is Powered By X1 AA Battery Only For Picking Up The Remote Command Signal Which Also Runs On X1 AA Battery. The Rest Is Powered By The On Board Clock Work Mechanism. You Can Also Programme The Visual Display Case Through The Numbers 1 To 100 Rotate Repeat Etc.

This Is To Be A Budget Item Retail At 10 To 35 Pounds Depending On The Quality / Genre Of Prints To Be Made Available Examples Include Fine Art Paintings Drawings And Sculptures. Art Nouveau. Landmarks. Religious. Commercial Advertising Products.

Mega Invention 97. Beta +.

For The Garden...

The Back Up Solar Powered Visual Garden Screen Device Can Be Commanded Chosen Function Left On Rotate Visuals Function Plus Has A Back Up Power Pack And Runs On AA batteries x4...

Example... This Clockwork Wind Up Solar Powered Device Runs A Continuous Different Visual From Its Inbuilt Waterproofed Picture Roll Via Its Long Life Turn Clockwork Mechanism With One Wind Up Lasts 7 Days And During The Day Charges So That The Back Lit Low Power Consumption L.E.D. Lighting System For Night Time Visuals Can Display There If One Wishes It To. This Device Has A Waterproofed On And Off Switch Plus Extra Clockwork Command Controller Turn Switch To Wind Around And To Choose Screen Visuals Stop To Manually Change Plus Start To Power On Automatic Clock Working System. The Back Lights Can Also Be Used In The Daytime With The Units Stored Solar Power And Backup Rechargeable X2 AA Battery Power Pack System Generators. These New Devices Can Be Used As Wall Mounts But The Strengthened Transparent Thick Pyrex Material Framework Allows The Weight Of Up To .5 Tons Without Breaking This Strength Is Needed For Added Reasons Of Using This Invention As A Unique And Pretty Patio Original Floor Arrangement. The Double Power In Clockwork Wind Up Key Inputs Are Situated At The Top Right With A Waterproofed Opening Latch. When Opened Via Its Key And Move Switched Right To Left Open You Can Access The Machines Time And Speed Key Input Key 1 And Key 2... Turning Key 1 Around Once Clockwise For 1 Day And For A 7 Day Of 24 Hour Play Simply Turn Key 1 Wind Up Clockwise 7 Turns Around Clockwise For 7 Days Visual Charge... A Small Mechanical Inside Bell Rings At Each Day Turn And The Visual Picture Rolls Slowly Across Throughout The Day On the Clockwork System And Can be Made To Go Faster Via the Speed Key... Key 2 Which Is Connected To The Working System Of The 1st Key Motion At A Ratio Of 1 To 10 Speed The Key Is Turned Clockwise 1 Time For Speed 1 Twice For Speed 2... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Turns Of Key 2 Allows The Visual For 1 Day At Fast Speed Switch.

Each Clockwork Motor And Solar Visual Device Comes Pre-Loaded With 250 Prints Of Mixed And Set Genres Onto A Plastic Roll Such As Landscapes / i.e. Mountains Corn Fields The Sea, Fine Art Paintings Sculptures, Garden Statues Etc. Visuals Associated With The Garden And Gardening, Wildlife, Industrial Settings, Landscapes, Weather Systems...

Ends My Inventory 97. Alpha. Beta +.


Invention 98.

Invention Schematics Business Intellectual Property Concept #98. Health Warning. Not Recommended For People Who Suffer From Epilepsy.

Portable Visual Projection Tent Screen Machines.

1. This All In One Unit Of The WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Is Powered Via X4 AA Batteries Plus Has A Wall Socket Charger Pack And Solar Power Charging Facility On Board At The Top. Fits In A Small Bag Securely.

2. The Easy Pack Take Out And Assemble Visual Projection Tent Here Consists Of A Black Out Water proofed Outer Canvas And The Inner Canvas is Plain White In Between Each Is A Mirroring Foil Layer Pointing Inwards For Keeping The Light Outside Out And For Keeping The Light Inside In. When Opened The Frames Dynamic System Measures 2500MM Width X 2500MM Depth X 3500MM Height Just Unfold And Slot Into Place And Secure Your Supplied Ropes And Pegs In The Ground... Enter Via The Open Close Zipper Door Screen. The Entire Inside Frame Is Made Out Of A Flexible Plastic Skeleton and Has Many Red Blue green Yellow L.E.D.s Along Inside It Plus A Calculated Measure Added Of Fibre Optic Lighting System Mesh All Around The Floor Sides And Dome Roof Fixed Between The Plain White Inner Canvas And The Mirror Foil Inside The Side And When Opened The Brain Box Of The Unit Sits Across The Face Fixed In Place Manually Via Velcro And Zippers And Buttons... It Also Acts As An Extra Support Beam At 3/4 Quarters Of The Tents Height Centred Middle With The System And Houses X2 180 Degree Visual Projection Machines 1 Pointing Straight Up To The Dome Half And The Other Pointing Down At 4 O' Clock Position Angle. Both The Video Projection System Machines Play Out The Chosen Programmes Within The Built In Memory Card Slot And This On Board Memory System Joins And Moves The Visual Projections To The Angles North South East West Above And Below Via Both Of The Projectors 360 Degree Clockwise Turn Anti-Clockwise Also With A Quick Turn Mechanism Dynamic And In Accordance With The Visual Design Software Play Out Visual Schematic Chosen Programmes Such As Scenery, Psychedelic Or Disco Rave, Art, Space Cosmos And Stars... Famous Landmarks / Travel, Animals... Such As Creature Of The Deep Blue Or Weather Systems As Well... Plus Many Other Memory Chips Should Be Made Available. The Brains Miniature Hardware Computing Box Of Course Has Built In Audio Speaker System Expandable Plus A Housed White Light Source And Mood Colour Wheel Plate The Clever But Light Weight Box Is Controlled Via Basic Key in Infra-Red Remote Control With A Built In L.C.D. Display For Menu Scrolling And Commands. The Invention Tent Allows You To Also Plug In Your MP3 Player For Direct Sound To Light And Allows One To Plug In Their MP4 Player As An Extra As Standard. All the Wiring Hardware And Software Within My Latest Working Invention Concept Here Is Built To Last Durable And Stands The Test Of Time.

3. Truly I Do Declare And I Believe That Yet Again That Is Enough Displayed Okay To Make It Work. Correct. A Master Money Blue Print Making Schematics Machine. Again. Come On Now Does The Bonus Portfolio And 1 2 3 Invention Portfolio Look Like I'm Coining Little Nick Knacks Here. These Are The Real Deal Captain.


Invention 99.

Industrial Sized Hydraulic Automatic Brick House Building Machine With Added Carpentry Building Dynamic System.

Invention Design Schematics.

Pre-Programmed With Hundreds Of House Design Blue Prints. Plus Also Has A Memory Card Input For Your Architectural Blue Prints.

The Unit Comes In Many Sizes Small Medium Large Extra-Large Et-Cetera From Building Garden Out Buildings To Small Homes Through To Building Mansion Sized Properties. The Example Here Is A Brick Laying Building Machine Timber Fixing Machine Sized To Build A Regular Sized 3 Bedroom House.

It Works Around The Building Site Clockwise From 1 O'clock Laying The Bricks Doing The Carpentry Work Building 1 Room At A Time All Complex Metric Designs. Leaving A Final Designed Wall Gap Structure… To Go In An Out Of The Building. It Builds The Inner Walls Plus Fixes Up The Roof From Within The Building Inside Than Lays The Ceiling Joists And Floor Boards It Finishes The Outer Wall Gap Last And Its Job Is Done… Ready For The Roof Tillers And… Plasterers, Painters And All Other Fitters Such As Plumbers… Electricians And Glazers. + I Can Recommend A Good Painter My Invention 43+ Home / Industrial Painting Decorating Device. Note. All The Outer Shell Of The New Building The Timber Fitting And Brick Laying Work Is Done Exactly Correctly Around Any Other Work Needed To Be Done By Manual Work Trades Person Professionals As It Builds The House Precisely To The Millimetre… Via Its Pre-Programmed Chosen Blue Print Schematics Within The Systems Memory Data Base Banks.

More Main Points On The Auto Building Machine Design Schematics…

1. The Loading Bay For Bricks Holds Up To 25,000 Standard And Is Manually Reloaded.

2. Has x3 Extra Loading Bays Are For… 1. Concrete Lintels... 2. Fancy Bricks For Any Type Of Brick Work Laying. The 3rd Is For Timber.

3. The Automatic House Building Machine Can Lay Up To 10 bricks Wide and 10 Bricks High At Any Laying Point… Via Its Conveyer Belt Laying System The Needed Bricks And Timber Structures For Each Step Of The Planned Build Here… Are Prepared Physically Within The Machine Via The Systems Play out Of Its Cyber Environment Grid. Each Step Is Calculated Out According To All Health And Safety Regulations. It Lays All The Bricks And Makes The Timber Joins Up In Correct Order And With The Computing Power Of The Machines Precise Measuring Plus Laying System It Certainly Has An Eye For Detail.

4. My Brick Laying Carpentry Auto Build Machine Is A 4 Metre In Height Machine By 4 Metres Width And Breadth The Front Face Has The Heavy Duty Main Laying Arms The Back Part Is The New Materials Loading Reloading Bay. The Middle Inner Part Is Where The Materials Are More Skilfully Built Together Plus Conveyed Out To The Super Heavy Duty Hydraulic Fixing Laying Arms System. The Whole Front End Build End Of The Unit Extends In Height Up Via The Hydraulics System Up To 8 Metres In Height For Top Floors And Roofing Joins Also The Whole Front End Of The Units Width Extends Out An Extra 4 Metres Making An Approximate Building Area Of 8x8 metres.

5. The Cement Used Within My Auto Build Machine Is To Be A Pre-Mixed One… It Is Stored Inside The Unit The Unit Holds Up To 2.5 Tons Of Cement Mix Max… Plus At The End Of Each Day Washes Itself Out Clean.

6. RE. The Units Best Carpentry Work... Nails For The Job Are Housed Inside The Exterior Right And Left Hand Build Arm Guns Both Arms Extend Extra Angles And Can Turn Clockwise… Anti-Clockwise Plus Extend In Height An In Width For Placement Precise Fixing And Joining. The Wood Timber Parts Are Built Within The Machine Feed Into Place Measured, Sawed And All This Is Exact As The Auto Build Machines Software Pre- Programming Is Cyber Grid Is Played Out Real Time Automatically By The Robotic Systems An Arms Through Its Extra Strong Conveyer System And Further Onto The Build Extension Work Station And If Needed The Pieces Are Joined Further Built Together The Out Fixing Build Station Is An Extension Of The Machines Building Mapping Alignment Grid Environment… Fixing / Laying All Professionally Quicker More Precise… Remember This Machine Has Already Mapped The Entire Work Area And Inside Job + Knows Its Way Around As Good As The Very Best Pro It Has A Digital Measuring System For Fixing All Together Right 1st Time And Double Triple Checks Every Stage Measure And Fix. It Builds The Job Right Every Time With A lot Less Wood An All Other Materials Wastage And It Fixes The Job In The Most Logical Fastest Precise Manor Possible. Its Digital Measuring Software Is Pre-Programmed To Do A 1st Class Top Job At All Build Stages On Every Job.

7. As This Unit Works Programmed Under All Strict Health And Safety Regulations Its Timing Device Mechanism Times The Job And Shuts Off Stops For Enough Time For All Bricks Built To Dry For Next Layers Plus For Materials Reload It Shuts Off And Sends The Boss Of The Build A Text Message To His Mobile Phone Device .

8. The Machines Power An Automation From Point A To Point B Is Powered By Its Built In Petrol Generator Plus Moves Around The Site Via The Super Heavy Duty Weight Caterpillar Wheel Tracking System.

9. From On The 1st Day Of The Build The House Building Machine Digs The Trenches With Its Hydraulic Digging Arm And Cements In The Foundations As Standard In Accordance With The Chosen Programmed Architect Building Blue Prints Chosen Of Your House Hold Dwellings…

This The Particular Invention. The Offer Is Again Open To You Chief' Plus To Better This Invention Biz Here It Is Again In Your Kind Hands.


Invention 100.
And It Give Me Great Pleasure To Unveil Today My Newest Invention Opportunity.

The Holy Bible Visual Touch Pad + Projection System Device.

The Schematics... Displayed Are The Holy 1 2 3.
1. A Touch Pad Bible And X5 Way Video Projection System... With Theology Teach And Has A Built In Camera Plus Bonus Invention Innovation Template Design Schematics. My Machine Is Run On x4 AA Batteries Plus Has A Built In Back Up Rechargeable Battery Power Pack And Is Electricity Wall Powered By Socket.
2. The Pad Is Voice And Touch Recognition Command And With Its Built In Microphone And Loud Speaker System You Can Call Up Via The On Board Menu Any Verse Chapter Book Of The Holy Bible Incorporated Within The Software Of My Device Is An Advanced Play Out Of Theology Teachings Displayed Visually On The Pad And Projection System. Choose Through The Menu' Your Style Of God Church Bible Book Teachings Such As The Most Important Note 'Christian Religion' ... Catholic... Jehovah Witness Style Mormon All Even Christadelphian To Choose From. And For My Main Frame Continuing Example Today... This Top Day Christian Example.
3. The Holy Bible Visual Touch Pad And Projection Device Machine Allows The User/s To Interact At Point Any Level Of The Power Up.

As Standard The Unit Can Connect Up To X10 Different Pads With Its Very Special Adapter Unit Plug In It Projects The Word Of The Bible Play out And Is Pre-Programmed With Still And Moving Video Images Of Every Line Chapter Part Book Via Menu' Et-Cetera. It Is A Take Anywhere Machine... The Plug In 6 Way Video Projection System Comes As Standard With A 10 Metre Extension Cable For The Projection Of The Pads Visual Data 6 Way Projection System Onto 4 Walls And Floor Ceiling Or Screens. My New Pad Has A 250x250MM Dimension And... With Its Powerful Visual Projection Device It Recreates The Bible... Via The Pre-Recorded Video And Still Film Image Files Real True And Better Very Nice Story Of The Lord Your God's Bible Word... Making You Feel A Real Part Of It As You Are In His Plan + At Many Angles The Pad Can Transmit As Here The Innovation Projection Is As Well Malleable. See Your Bible Today Come Alive In Another New Way + Behold Again From Me As The Earth And The Heavens Conjoined Visually Audibly Invention + As Each Unit Also Comes As Standard With Built In Bluetooth Internet Ready Connection... Plus Bonus Memory Card Input Slot For Play Back And Live Visuals + Audio Of Your Church Elders / Teachers... Musicians In The Even Newer Way Connect, See Witness' The Word Of God All Around You. The Units Intellectual Property Here States That No Foreign God Nor Their teachings Can Be Allowed To Run On Any Digital Machine Like Mine. Displayed Here. Be That Today Or Tomorrow At Any Time Or At Any Level Or Thus Any More Bar The Wise Buddha.

Now Comes As Standard With Large Sized Special Domed Open /Close Door White Projection Screen Easy Assemble Tent Which The Said Display The... New Invention Unit Is Placed Fixed Situated In Its Correct Top X Y Axis Frame Work For Heightened Sense Play Out Viewing Inside And Out.

Ends My Inventory 100.


Invention 101…

First You Viewed The Light From Above. Now Witness See The Beta 100... A Combined Dark And Light Invention Opportunity.

The Shadow Machine Watch.

The Watch Projection Device Is A Voice Command Unit Which Projects An On Surface Ball Of Light Very Many Silhouette Shape Stills And Moving Images From Its Huge On Board Memory Data Base. A Basic Visual Of Everything Within The Known Universe Is Stored On Its 128GB Memory. On Pressing The Go Button Situated At The Top Right Edge Of The Watch The Built In Highly Detailed In Many Pixels Visual Dark Shadow Template On A Bright Light Background Is Achieved Via The Built In Basic Image Projection System Is Ready For Voice Speech Synthesis Image Activation. This Works For The Example Rabbit… An R, Is Recognised A, B… B… I… T… The On Board Computing System Scans Through Its Data Base Alphabetically Looking For The Word From Its List Data Banks And Projects The Miniature Silhouette Image Grid Out Of The Watch Through The Outer Shell Magnifying Lenses Enlarged Onto Any Surface Up To A Range Of 10 Metres. The Image Points Out Of The Top Arm Outer Edge Of The Face Of The Machine. The Shadow Machine Watch Has A Basic 40x40mm L.C.D. Menu View And Touch Screen Command Input Plus Stylus That Fits Into Watch Strap Built In Microphone And Miniature Speaker Plus Memory Card Extra Input For Playing Out All Genre Moving And Still Silhouette Images For Example The Works Of Shakespeare Within Play Format. Shapes Patterns Abstract, Famous Cartoons Along With Noises etc. And Even Retro Basic Games Such As Space Invaders Or Chess Verse’s The Shadow Machine Watch On Board Computer… Also Deluxe Audio Selections Of Scrolling Documents Such As Children’s Stories, Children’s Learning. Comics Or, Ebooks Should Be Made Available... The Package Comes With An Instruction Manual Of Basic Easy To Understand Commands For Device To Compute… Talk Command Into Device Such As… Another... Rabbit… Or Lion… Snake, Tree, Religion Photo, Film, Animation, Pause Stop Rewind Images, Record, Rotate Session Etc. Zoom In Or Out. All The On Board Pre-Programmed Moving Film And Animations Are Up To 30 Seconds In Length. But Longer Animation Silhouette Memory Processing Cards Are To Be Made Available For purchase. This Watch Is Powered By X1 AAA Battery Plus Has A Rechargeable Battery Pack Cell Via Wall Electricity Charger Adapter Which Can Give The Wearer User Up To 4 Hours Working Battery Life. The Whole Unit Is Further Water Proofed And Both The Memory Cards And Batteries Are Sealed Inside The Unit By A Rubber Seal And Single Phillips Screw. Each Purchase Of The Shadow Machine Watch Shall Arrive To You With An Extendable Tripod Stand For Off Wrist Silhouette Action. This Is New. This Is The Black And White Wrist Wear.

Invention Schematics Named 100 Beta. An Invention Coin Of The Dark And Light Guidance.


Invention #102...

The World Design Interface Network Machine. A World Travel Video Projection System And 1 Metre Dimension Sphere Screen Tent.

This Invention System Invention New Business Concept Money Maker #102 Allows The New Vision Viewer See The World Within The Comfort Of Their Home / And Or Garden Out An About.

And The Schematics Of My World Blue Print New Invention Is Continued And The Dynamics Are As Follows…

Witness. Behold. + See Your World In My Innovation New Way Invention.

About The Invention Sphere.

The Sphere Has A 4 Way Video Projection System Inside And Is A White Screen Spherical. The On Board 4 Way Video Projection System Grid Matrix Plays Out Projects The Visuals To All 4 Corners Of the Earth From Within Its Frame Work And Mainframe Computer. It Comes With A Hook And Velcro Connection To Connect Fix To The Ceiling And A 2.5 Metre Extendable High Arched Stand With A Hook. It Hangs Shall We Say Like A Lantern Like A Ball Of Light. The Unit Opens Up And Closes Seals Shut At The Bottom And At The Top Via Its Magnetic Fixers Plus Skeletal Structure Folds Out And Folds In On Itself Like Decoration. The 4 Way Video Protection System Here Holds Firm And Still Via The Cross Shaped Frame Work + Is Centred... The 4 Way Projection Of Images Is Pointed Onto The Spherical Screen And, Achieved Is A Quartered / 4 Grid Reference Segment Dimension Of Combined Images At Hour Hand 2, ½ O' Clock... 4, ½ O' Clock... 8, ½ O' Clock 10, ½ O' Clock Aiming All The Worlds Visuals Into The 4 Corner Segments Of The Screen Around The Sphere The Right Way View. These 4 Corner Segments Are Exactly Aligned Accurately Exactly, Precisely Correctly To The Projection Mainframes Cyber Grid Housed Within The Brain Unit At The Core Centre Middle Of The Units Skeletal Structure Plus Combine And Rotate Match Up Project To All x4 Sphere Area Segments... Plus Project The Expertly Timed Invention In Accordance To The Programming Software World Design Interface Network Machine Schematics. The Unit Commands Are By Infra-Red Remote Control. The Audio For Each Image As Needed Is By The Built In Miniature Speaker System. The Machines Power Comes From X4 AA Rechargeable Battery On Board. A Power Pack Is Supplied Plus A 10 Metre Power Supply 3 Pin Wall Power Cord Comes As Standard. The Entire World Projection Machine Is Light Weight Giving A 1 Metre Wide Heavy Weight Experience Command Via The Basic L.C.D... Scroll All Visuals Around The Globe Pause Rewind Fast Forward Rotate And Zoom In Programme Via The Connection Remote Control View Through The Remote Menu Screen... The Following And Much More Information Does The Wow Factor World Projection Screens Memory Hold.

Such As The Following Pre-Programmed 7...

1) Satellite Images.

2) Terrain Maps And Road Maps.

3) Zoom In To Famous Landmarks.

4) Bring Up Information On Each Country Locale Such As Customs Languages Flags Etc.

5) Pre-Programme Plot A Route Around The World.

6) Interesting Call Up Live And Playback Real Weather Systems Live And Past Time Via Its Connected WWW. Website Data Site.

7) At Eye Level Drive A Car, Bike, Walk, Play, Explore... Or Even map Into Zoom Into A Lagoon Or Deep Blue Sea And Call Up View The Wildlife Of Any Chosen Locale World Zone With Real Time Line Facts Travel Africa Europe America Middle East Far East Australasia Etc… As The Huge On Board Built In 1TB Memory Allows All Of This With An Easy Command Interface System Play Via The Remote Control.

As Standard Its Computing Brain Has A Built In Wi-Fi Internet Friendly Interaction Facility Via Code Password Encrypted Connection Over Any Human Distance.

Behold Again The Wondrous World. By Iain Innes. Named Creator Of Business Invention Called 102. A.K.A. Gamma 1 Hundred.



More Food And Flavour Intellectual Property Opportunities / New Business Concepts.

My Intellectual Property Crisp Flavour's...

1. Donor Kebab With Pita Bread And Salad Flavour... Lettuce, Tomato, Cabbage And Onion.

2. Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Flavour / Or... Pork And Egg Slice.

3. Chicken Satay Flavour.

4. Lobster and Cracked Peppered Butter Garlic Flavour.

5. Roasted Pheasant Peas And Carrots Flavour

6. Veggie Sausage Flavour.

7. Chinese Vegetable Spring Roll Flavour.

8. Saveloy And Chips Flavour.

9. Steak And Kidney Pie Flavour.

10. Roast Christmas Dinner... Turkey, Potato's, Parsnips, Peas, Carrots, Yorkshire Pud's And A Little Bit Of Gravy Flavour.

11. Special Deep Fried Chicken With Fries Flavour.

12. Cheese On Toast Flavour.

13. Spaghetti Bolognese And Beef Meatballs Flavour.

14. Deep Fried Pigs Liver Flavour.

15. Lamb Peas And Rice Flavour.

16. Deep Fried Vegetable Burger Bread Crumbs Coated Flavour.

17. The Works Cooked King Prawn Curry Madras And Nann Bread Flavour.

18. Pepperoni Pizza Flavour.

19. Fresh Hot Sausage Roll Flavour.

20. Delicious Rabbit Flavour.

All 20 Food Opportunities Here Are Made With Only The Freshest Natural Ingredients And Natural Preservatives. + I Assure You All You Have To Do Is Blend The Ingredients Down And Fry Flavour The Crisps / Chips. ..

And The Above Crisp / Potato Chip Flavours Bar 18, 19 Are Also Adaptable Available To Toaster Cook In 2 Minutes For Snacking On By... Making The Flavour Using The Method As Spoken About Within This Inventory Invention The Cooked Potato Into A Sandwich Shape / Or Using A Rice Jacket... Packaging Each Single Serving Within A Double Thickness Tin Foil Cooking Sleeve This Idea And Rice Nice Is Also New Intellectual Property Of My Company Portfolio.


Invention 104.

1. X10 Powerful White L.E.D. Light Source Lights The Unit.
2. Built In MP3 / WAV Music Player. Expandable And Double 128GB Memory Card Slot For Playing Audio... + Plug In Any Cassette Walkman / Disc Man / Mp3 Player / Record Turntable Via The Phones Input Jack For A Sound To Light Experience.
3. Its Fold Roll Out White Screen Comes With Tripod And X3 25cm Spikes For Connection To Any Ground Surface.
4. The New Super Portable All In One Vision And Audio Sound Experience Comes With A Small Shoulder Strap Bag.
5. Whole Unit Measures Height 100mm. Width 320mm. Depth 100mm... Only.

Intellectual Property Schematics Machine Continued...

About The Design Dynamics Of The New System Innovation.
About The Image Cartridges... Dimensions Of Both ‘A + B’ Tapes Are Approximately Height 100mm. Width 310mm 20mm.

‘A’ Tapes. About Many Image Cartridges 1. The 1st.
The Many Deluxe Multi Coloured And Highly Detailed Images Slot Into The Slide Panel Compartment... Each Purchase Choice Design Gives X10 Lots Of X10 Coloured Images. The Image Cartridges Simply Slot Into The Projection Gap Which Is Situated In Front Of The Powerful X10 White L.E.D. Compartments And Behind The X10 Magnifying Glasses... And When In Place, Connected... To The Main Units Power Source Via The Metal Plates Wiring Each Side. Allowing A Movement Of 30mm Of Each Slide Up And Down Into Position For The Visual Projection. Each X10 Slides Totalling 100 Slide Packs Are 25mm X 25mm Square Made Of Heat Proof Glass 1mm Thick And Mechanically Move Up And Down Quickly Into Position. Each Individual Detailed Coloured Slides Programmed Command Position Activation Pathway Code Via The Circuitry Board Activation Moves Into Place By The Electronic Clockwork Motion Pulley System Which Mechanics Move Each Lot Of X10 Miniature Metal Wires Are Connected At The Bottom And At The Top To X10 Pulley's System And Place Into Position Moving 30mm Both Ways Via The 360 Degree Metal Wire. Each Individual Wire Is 1.5mm Apart From Left To Right From Front 1 To Back 10 Across All X10 Cartridge Station Sections To Allow A Quick Smooth Movement Of The Visuals Through The Image Windows. All Housed Within A Stainless Steel Casing.

‘B’ Tapes. About The Many Image Cartridges 2. The 2nd.
The Inside Of The Beta Image Cartridges. Is A Mixed Real Of Many Subject Coloured Images. The Images Are Achieved When The Built In Mechanical Clock Work + Anti-Clock Work Play Turn Rewind Fast Forwards Pause. The X10 Images Move Clockwise Around Clicking Into Place Right... Each Tapes Many Image Projection Is Made Up Of X1000 Amount Of X10 Images Measuring 25mm X 25mm Each. The Tape Roll Visual Cassette Reel Is Made Up Of Highly Detailed Images Printed In Colour Onto Flexible Hard Plastic. The Tape Is Powered When Slotted Into The Machine And Images Can Be Played At In Any Desired Sequence, At Any Speed On A Scale Of 1 To 10... Roll Out 10 Image Frames Or Roll Them Steady 1 forward A time Sound To Light Image Projection These As Well... The Mechanics Of The Self Moving Cassette Like Clockwork Is As Follows... The Images On The Tapes Are Housed Safely On X2 Reels Left And Right The Images Are Projected Via The Main Machine L.E.D.'s Light Source Through The Heat Proofed Glass Cassette Window Which There Is X2 Positioned At The Front Middle And Back Middle Both Of Which Are Separated Into X10 Separated Windows For The X10 Visual Streams. The Strong Made To Last Plastic Cassette Image Wheels Run The Image Play Out Like A Regular VCR Or Audio Cassette But Turn To Face The L.E.D. Side Window Via The Angled Channel Of 90 Degrees And Back Channel 90 Degrees The Other Side As The Tape Runs. The Image Projection Reels Wind Around Each Sides Left And Right Clockwork Wheel Motor Powered By The Metal Tape Slot In Connection To The Battery Power. The Tape Itself Is Made Of Stainless Steel.

See About The Main Unit.

The Super Portable Lighting System And Music Player Dynamics Consist Of The Connected Front Basic But Powerful Magnifying System Which System Is A Biconcave 300mm Wide Magnifying Lenses. Each Individual Projection From The Cartridges 1 To 10 Is Separated By A 1mm Metal Framework Black Out. The Front The Whole Units Width Measures 320mm. The Back Of The Units Muscle From Front To Back Order Is... The Outer Glass Casing The x10 Super Bright L.E.D.'s... Each Separated By A 1mm Metal Black Out Inner Wall. The Lights Shine On And Off By The Programming Number Chosen By The Basic Infra-Red Command Console remote. Plus The Machines Aux. In Jack Input Allows Any Music / Sound Making Device Example. Cassette Walkman To Plug In And Comes As Standard With A Double Male Phones Connection Jack Wire Of 3.5 Metres In Length For Any Sound To Light Sequence Command From 1 Through To 10 To Be Played Out Shown Of The Image Cartridge. The Machine Schematics Here Allow The Media Of Micro SD Card MP3 WAV Etc... Processing Up To 128GB In Both Memory Slots. Via The Units Infra-Red Battery Powered Remote Choose Sound To Light Sensitivity 1 To 10. The Unit Is Powered By X4 AAA Batteries And Also Has A Rechargeable Battery Power Cell Via Electricity 3 Pin Wall Plug Charge. The Machine Has A Built In Microphone And A Loud Speaker.

More On The A / B Tapes.
Many Image Tapes To Be Made Available For Alpha Beta Tapes. Mixes Such As Speciality Sound To Light Programmes. Alpha Tape Examples Disco / Rave / Detailed Colours And Patterns. Example... For Beta Tapes Include.... Story Telling, Photo Stills From Famous Dance Events Concerts, Famous Land Marks Pictures Wow Etc... Perhaps Even Detailed Picture Tapes Of Everything Known In The Cosmos.

Get Yourself A Collection.


Invention Opportunity 105.

WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Creation System Presents Another Iain Innes Shamanism, Conjuring... Channelling An Alchemy Moment. At My N£w Wondrous Spectacular. 1 2 3 4 Business And... At The Top Internet 1st Position Status...

£@@£ Turn Your Smart Phone / Mobile Device Into An Absolute Brain Boxing Interface With The Best App By Far And £A$ILY By A Million Billion Miles.

A Miniature Mega Memory Touch Screen Mine Of All Information / Write Dimensions... 4 Height X 4 Width X 1 Depth CM... On Board Memory = 8X 128 Giga Byte '1024 Chip Processing Computer' As Standard The Kit Comes With An Every Smart Phone Mobile Device Connection Adapter Cable Including + USB And Video Scart Line. A Command Stylus. Short Instruction Manual.

Blue Prints Of The Software Applications And... Blue Prints Of The Smart New Hardware Machine Unit Are As Follows...

The WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Unit Holds The Following Software Design Capacity + All Comes As Standard Today Lovingly Pre-Loaded. Just Connect.

RE: All Knowledge + Know The Unknown.

Firstly It Was Born From The Coin Of Original Invention New Opportunity '47+... '

It Is Also Known As THE 'INK WELL TV E PAPER KNOWLEDGE MACHINE UP. Also The Magnificent Presents A Device Known As 'PAPER TV.' It Is In An Equalling Greater Adaptation Format Today...

My Ink Well And Pen Is Better Greater Than Yours. This Again Holds 'All' The Known Knowledge Plus Also Allows A Electronic Connection Fitting Into Any TV Any VCR System.

This App Device Invention Apparatus machine Certainly Has Expertly Placed Wiring Software System Within It.

Using The On Board System Digital Stylus System Connections Pointing Device Through My Electronic Ink Written Is The Digital All Known Knowledge Ink Well A.K.A... 'All The Knowledge' Information Of The Universal Cosmos + Earth Sciences An All Arts Via His Arts The Connection Shall Be Made In His Unique New Way. This App Allows The Using Commander Scroll Through This X10 E Paper Digital Clip Boards X10 Page Pad Of Papers. This Is A Hi-Tech Clipboard. All Knowledge Board. This Is Alphabet. Mine Is All The knowledge That Is Needed Protected Held Bound Witness This Type Print Invent Written Within The Universal Memory Software Chip System Dynamic Machine This Behold Is The Most Possible 'Desirable Digital Ink Well.'

1) Digital Page 1 Of This App... 1st Dictionary's Of All Languages Of Our World. Thesaurus. Translated All This Here Today... All Ideals And Philosophy's / Skilled Angles Are Indexed With The On Board System App Programming Computer Terminal Best World Encyclopaedia.

2) Digital Page 2 Of My App... Bound With His Skill Comes The Holy Bible And... All Other Religious Works. The Way To Read And Write Theology Teach Them Today.

3) Digital Page 3 Of The Finest App... Holds All The Business Skills / Sub Menus Of The Biz... I.E. I.T. Legal Marketing Accounting Programmes... All Business Advice That Can Ever Be Needed. All Views Expressed And Told.

4) Digital Page 4 Of This Fantastic Teach And Learn All Taught Known Maths Through To Advanced Physics Lessons. With Many Sub Menu Topics And Many Skills...

5) Digital Page 5... Skilled Knowledge Of All Doctor Professions... Professor's + Philosophical Arguments... Every Known Answer To Every Known Question Possible And Demonstration Scenarios / Basic Through To Advanced Play Out.

6) Digital Page 6... This Includes Sciences. Sub Menu's Plus All Branches Of Science Plus Ancient And New Occult Sciences.

7) Digital Page 7. Music. Using Digital Page 7. Music Page. The Information Bound Within This Super App Software Allows You To Teach And Be Taught Any Musical Instrument I.E. Piano... Drumming Rhythm Tempos... Guitars , Large Church Organs To Name A Few + Via Digital Page 7 You Control Using Your For Example New Smart Phone Your Stylus / Finger Onto The Musical Instrument Diagrams. With On Board Audio And Visual Prompters. Now Learn To Play In The Style Of Your Favourites And The Greats. Via Page 7's Programming. + This Part Of The Super App Allows The Composing Of New Music And Editing With Real Advise Pre-Programmed By Pros When Asked For The Knowledge Is Given.

8) Digital Page 8... Let Me Explain About The Arts, Iconography + All Known Symbolism Every Thing Known. With Voice Prompters... Artists When Asked It Is Given. On Digital Page 8 Very Many Pre-Programmed Advisers / Experts Advise Of Your Preferred Schematics Parameters... Example... Yes Do It Like This It Is What The Particular Style Of What Vincent Van Gogh Was All About Michelangelo Or Picasso Allowing On Board Grid Reference Pointers Here Then Again Same Colour Palette There The Colour From Your Palette Option On Its Ink Well Plus Auto Select Sequences. Also Here It Is Written Invention Schematics That Audio Descriptions Are Given And Written Comment Critical Reviews Are To Be Given On Your Works If Asked By The Artist Plus... All The Expert Knowledge Needed Of The Arts Come As Standard On Digital Page 8 Born From The Ink Well My Adaptation Of My Invention Opportunity 47+ Blue Print Schematics Machine Of My Business Portfolio 3.

9) Digital Page 9 Of The Literature Skills Behold This Creative Writing / Learning. Example. (A) The New Software Super Application System Connection Advises The Build Up Of A Smarter Sentence Including... Layout For A Better Sounding More Advanced Word Layout Of Each Document Of Each Genre And Style... Now You Can Choose Through The Sub Menu For 1. Letter Writing. 2. Business. 3. Novel Writing Sub Menu... For Example And More... Horror, Crime, Love Story, Science Fiction, Factual And Write Masterpieces On Any Subject With Auto Write Help, You, Can Write / Speak Your Subject Matter And My Digital Page 9 Will Automatically Better Write A Written Piece Worded On The Ratio Of Your 20 Key Words Per Page Plus I Command You Say'th Ask Via The Menu Of My Super System App Software Device Via Your Smart One Help Write The For In The Style Of Iain Innes Or Shakespeare... A Prophet Of The Bible Is Ace Example.

10) Digital Page 10 Includes Other Creative Skills Such As... Teach And Follow... In Awe Draw Innovate Brain Storming Maps / Diagrams... All Styles Of Technical Drawing Such As Architecture, Star Mapping... Other Spiritual Diagrams And Processes + Explanations On Any Other Phenomenon As Not Yet Explained Through 1-9 Knowledge Above And... Iain Show Them Your System Too So That We May Enrich Our Cosmos More The Way To Successful Creativity In Abundance Innovation, Invention, Alchemy Philosophy The Great System You $££ Today At The WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM??

Screen Schematics And Dynamics Of The Said Hardware When Connected To A Smart Device Command Interface.

Regarding The Best All Knowledge Ink Well 4X4X1 Device...

It Really Is Cool Now To Be A Bit Square As The Mega Portable Plugin Super All Information App Device Comes In 4 Colours Red Blue Green And Yellow... When You're More Cleverly Connected To Your Smart Mobile Device Or Display Unit TV The Ultra Memory Touch Screen Connection Super App Pad Unit's X10 Electronic Pages Software Pathway Shows A Dynamic Display Menu Of Page Lists 1 To 10 Lists Each 1 to 10 Sub Lists Hold All The Known Information Needed For Success. Navigate Through The Mighty Knowledge Banks By Either The 4X4X1 Units Touch Screen Menu Or For Example Your Smart Phone Connection Touch Screen View, Learn, Teach All That Came From The Above You Can Plug And Relay All Visuals And Audio Of The Software App Player Onto Your Television Set Too Using The Command Buttons On Screen Of Either For An Even Clearer Understanding Live As It Happens. The 4X4X1 Also Has A Small Built In Microphone, Miniature Speaker System Audio Jack In Plus x1 Bonus Micro SD Memory Card Slot For Saving Extra Project. The Whole Software App Unit Can Run Stand Alone With Its Miniature Rechargeable Battery Cell And Also Comes With Mains Power Lead Plus Runs On Selected Smart Devices Power. The New Bigger Bolder Better Of The Best Software Application Can Also Be Downloaded From Its Website To Devices That Have Enough Memory Space Save Directly To Connected External Hard Drive Devices. The Super And Mega App Connection Player Should Be Made Available For Sale In Only The Nicest Of People's Shops And In The More Reputable Super Stores. This Is An Extremely Clever Most Portable Compact Device It Holds All The Knowledge To Win It. Connect Your 4X4X1 Anywhere. Power... Where This Is Battery. This Is The Finest All Knowledge Software App Opportunity Out Doing The Many... More Clever + Out Doing The Rest By Far.

Regarding The 10 Pages. The 10 New Rules Of My All Needed Knowledge E Paper... Visions Of Screen Schematics

The Command Interface. The X10 Electronic E Papers Stream Directly From The 4X4X1 Device To Yours. The Software Application Commands Are By Touch Screen Plus Audio Input Into The 4X4X1 The Visuals Plus Audio Is As Explained Above In The Inventory. Scroll Through The Pages And Menus At A Touch. The 10 New Pages Are Numbered 1 To 10 And Each Page Plays Rolls Out The Audio Plus Visual Commands Each Page Is Made Up Of Lists Of All Known Discipline The Correct Subject Matter. The Download Application Software Version Runs Direct From Your Hard Drive.

Invent. My Prompter For This Pen Pusher Creation Master All Power Prompter Is Greater Than Yours... Machine Information Schematics. New Invention Opportunities.



Born From The Original Creator Mind Set Think-Up Of My Invention 7 Portfolio 1 Intellectual Property 2005...

The More Viable Business Opportunity Schematics Continue.


The Written Invention System Of The Following Biz Opportunity Blue Prints.

Okay And The Title Of 'My' Fashion Brand Is...


#1) Miniature 50mm X 50mm Through To 100 / 200mm / 300mm X 300mm Apparatus Dimension Example. Business Advertising And Personal Promotions Video / Photo... Commercial LCD LED X2 AAA Battery Powered Screens With Built In On Board Memory And 128 SD Card Extension Capability. Magnetic + Pin Attachment Button And Velcro To Attach To Garment. Look Real Swish Snappy Dresser With Show off With i.e... Your Business / Company Website / Video Message Or Personal Art Works Self Promotions. Such As Original Programme Punk Rocker / Rasta / Skin Head / Biker / Religious / Miscellaneous...

I'll Continue With...

#2) My List Of Scrolling LED Left Right Up And Down Multi Coloured Fashion Accessary Designs With Many Combination And Size Of LCD LED Colour And Image Personal Promotional Customizable Projection Screens. Powered By AA Batteries. Flexible Wearable Profile Disco Type Lighting Screens Of LCD LED' Designed In Place Inside Around Artistically. Innovation Combinations In My Line Also Allow For LED Fibre Optic Threads In The Designer House Schematics That Can Be Manipulated By The User Via Schematics Device Text Laid Out Below #3) Part Of This Invention Blue Print Schematic Intellectual Property Of My WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Treasure Trove Opportunity 106 'INVENTION' THE CLOTHING COMPANY.

#3) For 1) + 2) = 3) Powered By AAA Batteries... Purchase Also A Fit In Pocket / Wrist Strap Wire Connection Command Interface 50mm x50mm Stylus Touch Screen Pad That Is For Programming Changing Look Of Each Fashion Accessary Today... Tomorrow Here Displayed. The Built In Software Pad Allows... Business Logo Design And Editing Text Fonts Design Marketing Creation... Computer Download Upload Via USB. Plus The Built In Software Command Programming Is Capable Of Advanced Film Editing Such As Time Line, Transitions Sequences Of Colours Built In Palette Digital Colour Wheel. Complete Rendering Of Your Invention Fashion Accessary Tailor It Any Way Show You Like. I'll Continue Further Each Pad #3 Invention Can Play Out Many More Built In Promotion Visual System Projections Such As... Plasma Screen, lava Lamp, Tie Dye, kaleidoscope Colour Sequences Patterns And Many Other More Colour Displays. Plus An Added Business Bonus As Usual. You Can Purchase Small Pre-Loaded Software Chips For The Fashion Manipulation Ad Pad For Its USB Port Of Basically Any Genre And It Will Play Out By Design The Moving Film, Animated Gifs And Photo Stills Of That Genre Matching A Light Display Schematic Output Of The Clothing's Lighting Design Dynamics. You Only Need x1 Of These Units For All Displayed Fashion 1 And 2 Items.

The Visual Invention System Of The Above Business Opportunity Blue Prints Displayed...

'INVENTION' Design One.

Design Two.

Design Three.

Design Four... ... Arriving Soon.

Bringing It All Up To Date And Into The Future.


Invention 107.

War Box.

The War Box New Intellectual Property Blueprint Schematics.

A New Memory Entertainment Machine For The Many New And Old War Enthusiasts.

The Electronic Special War Box Visual Projection System Dynamics Consist Of 11X11X11cm Cube / Box When Powered On... The Automatic Magnetic Mechanical Clockwork Powered Lid Hinges Open At 12 O' Clock 9 O' Clock Lid Is Lifted By The Remote Controls Command Button. Now You Can See The Viewing System Entertainment Grid Which Is A Now X4 Screens Each 10X10cm Size At North South East West Inside Each Screen Is Part Of The Connected Visual Viewing Grid And Display A Combination Of Singular Square Screen And Combined X4 Image Screens Showing A Data Base Of Pre-Recorded Actual War Footage From All Modern Day Wars With The Pre-Recorded Footage And Superb Accurate Audio Quality The Example Of The Units Following Facts Battle Tactics Statistics Play Out Via Its New View Grid System Includes Also... Medals / Awards, Ranks, Famous Infamous War People / Soldiers Of The Wars, More War Room Tactics Footage, Armoury / Weaponry, Bombs, Tanks, Planes, Ships, Uniforms... The War Boxes Large Pre-Programmed Memory Data Base Comes With All Allowed Knowledge Of Wars Such As World War 1 World War 2 Vietnam Iraq Etc... Plus The Known Knowledge Of How Ancient Civilization Rose And Fell Through Wars Within The Above Mentioned Facts Dynamics.

Simple To Operate Via The Infra-Red Remote Control Switch On And Open The War Box To Reveal The Story Of Wars The Lid Also Acts As A Video Projection System Play Out Of The Box Onto Any Flat Surface Such As A Light Coloured Wall Ceiling Or Projector Screen The Surface Area Maximum 300cm. Battery Operated By X4 AAA Batteries The Machine Also Has A Rechargeable Battery Pack Cell And Plug In Electricity 3 Pin Plug Power Adapter. Built In Miniature And Powerful Stereo Speaker... Built In Infra-Red Command Centre And The Computing Processor Brain, The Wiring Plus Memory And Expandable Memory Slot Is All Strongly Built Into The Base made To Last

Each War Box Shall Come Pre-Packed With A Nice Crystal Glass Stand For The Unit And Packed With A Double 128 Giga Bite Memory... Expandable Memory Port And An Interesting 3 Month Trial War Box Magazine Subscription Coupon Which Includes More War Footage And Facts 8GB Memory Card For The War Box System Unit Machine.



Invention 108.

Invention Opportunity 108 A... For The Drinker.

Now Whilst You're Drinking Choose Via Basic Button Command Your Extra Scenery. Glass Cup Example. Call Up A Visual Audio Grid A Combined 5+ Screen One Each Side Of The 4 Sided Better Smart Glass And Bottom Of Glass Drinking Cup Vessel Any Visual Audio Experience From The Pre-Programmed 16GB Memory Including Every Country Of The World Such As English American Bar Club Pub Atmospherics Visual Plus Audio Experiences Including Restaurants Casinos And Shady Dives. The Brain Of The Unit And Memory Plus Battery Compartment Audio Speaker System Control Centre Is In The Water Proofed Base Of My Glass Unit It Screws In Screws Out If Needed Water Tight Air Tight The 4 Way Command Button You Hold For 3 Seconds To Power On And Click Up Down Left Right To Navigate The Screens Visual Menus The 5 Screen Example Here Has A Water Proofed Pyrex Layer Barrier Around The Entire Unit Screens Bar The Command Button Which Has A Strong Rubber Barrier Situated 3/4' Of The Way Up the Glasses Length.


Invention Opportunity 108 B... For The Smoker.

New Invention Lighter Sheaf's. Designed For 1. Regular Disposable Lighters. 2. Zippos. 3. Clippers.

The Blue Print Schematics Of This One Are As Follows.

1) Whole Unit Consists Of 2 LCD Visual Screens With On Board Speaker System Coated Inside And Out With An Extra Layer Of Strong Fire Proofed Pyrex And Layer In Between Of Fire Proofing Membrane.

2) The On Board Memory Banks Play Out The Chosen Commands Via Basic 4 Way Button Input Which Is Housed Safely At The Bottom Edge Of The Flashy Lighter Device. A 3 Seconds Press Powers On And An Up Down Left Right Navigational Control Is Achieved By This Button Also.

3) The Computing Memory Of The Visual Audio Lighter Sheaf And X1 Watch Type Battery Is Housed Very Safely At The Footer Part Bottom Of The Device Along With The On Board Miniature Speaker System. This Device Has A Low Power Consumption And Battery Shall Last Up To 3+ Hours With A Continuous Display.

I'll Continue...

The New Design Visual Audio System Machine When Commanded Plays Back Audio Visuals Of Everything Associated With Fire From Flints Clicking To Make A Fire All The Way Through The Scale Of Ganja Plantations Being Torched To Bombs Banging On The Ground. The Data Base Play Out Also Includes Changing The Colour Look Of The Lighter Sheaf Example. Gold Silver Red Green Yellow Landscape Nature Spacey Cosmos... Other Displayed Tobacco Products Matches Lighter Designs Psychedelic 60's 70's... Et Cetera. Plus Call Up Smoking Facts Bad And Good Health Warnings Retro Smoking Advertisements Tobacco Curing Methods... Cigarette Making Films... History Of Tobacco In Different Countries... The 32 Giga Bite Pre-Programmed Memory Also Includes Iconic MP4 And JPG Image Visuals Of American Indians Smoking Plus Burning Tobacco's The Audio And Visuals Of The History Of Tobacco Products Visuals Of Many Things Being Smoked And Images Of Things Burning.



Invention 109.

Invention For Train Spotting Enthusiasts.

Schematics Of This One Follows...

A New Viewing Telescope That Displays The Visual Images Of Everything Associated With Trains Railway Systems i.e. The Devices Memory Data Banks Shows You Your Chosen Pre-Recorded Visual And Audio Of The History Through To Modern Trains And Railways Of The World. Including Train And Track Blue Prints Railway Maps... Subway Systems Of The World Plus Wild Life You Would Expect To See At These Train Locations.

Design System Schematics Continued...

The Invention New Innovator Machine For Train Spotting Enthusiasts Dynamics Consists Of A Metal Telescopic Out Viewing Instrument Eye Piece With Built In Speaker System With Headphones Jack A Few Buttons Along The Length For Easy Navigation Scrolling Of The On Board Menus Power On Off Etc... The Powerful Built In Mega Zoom Camera Doubles The All Train Track... Knowledge Device Into A Telescope For Recording Your Live Log Of Train Spotting Days And Still Photos Into MP4 And MP3 Format And The Built In Microphone Allows Audio Notes Also. The Unit Has An Expandable Memory Slot For The Train Viewing Machine Devices Magazine Subscription Which Comes Out Every Month With Extra Train And Track Facts Audio / Video Design Blue Prints Pre-Loaded 4GB Memory Cards. All Computing Power Of This Viewing Device Is Evenly Balanced Around The Inner Outer Shell And The Eye Piece Is Clear Glass With Rubber Cushion With Left Or Right Side Nose Support Plus When Telescopically Extended The Device Is 15cm in Length When Folded Down 5cm In Length Plus The Hi-Tech Many Pixel Viewing Screen Dynamics Are 4cm Width Across This Screen And The Rest Of The Unit Including Battery Compartment Power Pack And Mega Zoom Power Play Camera Plus Memory Chip Slot Is All Water Proofed Evenly Spaced Around The Length Of The Device When Closed.

Future New And Fit In Pocket. Device Powered By 1 AAA Battery With On Board Extra Power Pack Charger Via 3 Pin Adapter Power Plug.


Invention 110 Intellectual Property Opportunity...


New Rave Disco Club 6 Way Video Projection System With Built In 6 Way Red Blue Green Laser System And Dynamic High Powered 6 Way Red Blue Green White LED Light Projection Interface.

Now Warehouse Rave Techno Jungle Club Event Bar Pub Drinking Dives Strip Tease Clubs Reggae Hi-Fi Sound System Events Plus Many Other Voice Controlled Interactive Visual Backdrops Such As After Party Rooms Available To Visit On A Really Good Night In... You Control. Also You Might Want To Buy Further Add On Software Memory Chips Such As Concerts Favourite Dance Events Big Clubbing Venues International Reggae, Carnival Street Party Miscellaneous Etc.

A 400mm X 400mm X 400mm Sized Dynamic Glass Disco Ball That Has Dimensions Of 350mm X6 Clear Glass Sides And 50mm Smaller Glass Corners And Edges... Each 6 Sides As Octagon. The Machine Schematics Continued... Built Within This Glass Dance Ball Is Its 6 Way Video Projection Machine That Projects And Magnifies Outwards Onto 1, 2, 3, 4 Walls Ceiling And Floor The Built In Visual Software Schematics. The Commands Are Given To The Unit And Works Via Its Visual Touch Screen Infra-Red Remote. Plus Works Via Live Voice Command Using The Built In Microphone Capability. The Dance Event Machine Flat Surfaced Glass Ball Projects The Pre-Programmed Mainframe Images... Including Backgrounds Such As Tables Chairs Platforms Drink Fixing Bars Dancers Drinkers Male And Female Choose Basic Menu Schematics Such As Ethnic Races Build Of The People At The Event Clothing Amount Of Woman Men You Want To Let Into Your Event At What Time Frames They Enter The Music DJ's Sound System Played Etc... Via Added Media Steaming Such As Your Own Library Micro SD Card. Programme Design Your People Via The Systems 10mm X 10mm Visual Input Pad Remote Control System The Way They Dress The Way They Act And Even Dance Personalities Such As Ladies / Dirty B****** Bouncers Et-Cetera Pre-Programmed Groups The Lot. Interact Speak With Them As Well Just Choose From The Menu Programme Plus Also Use The X10 Pre-Programmed Scenarios For Each Event Including The Lighting Sequence That Runs In Exact Correct Timing With The Rest Of The Software Projected Visuals Giving The Viewer An Extremely Realistic 3D Experience. Also Call Up The System Menu Onto One Of Your 4 Walls Via Voice Command Scroll Search Build Even Start From Scratch Your Event Set Via Number Input Command Steps. Have Only 1, 2 3 4, 5 Or All 6 Screens Going. The On Board Command Microphone Doubles As A Sound To Light. You Can Even Play A Character In Any Of The Given Scenarios Interact With The Rest Of The Shoot Using The Directional Touch Screen Command Remote Control And Assign Other Characters For Your Good Friends.

This Extremely Special Party Unit Hangs From Its 1 Metre Length Cord Connected By A Hook Fixture, In The Centre Of The Room. It Has An On Board Rechargeable Battery Power Cell Wall Charge 3 Pin Power Adapter. Each Purchase Comes As Standard With X6 Very Large White Projection Screens For Wall Floor Ceiling Connection. The Unit Works Ideally Onto White Walls Ceilings Floors. As A Very Special Thank You Bonus Each Purchase Comes With X4 Miniature Voice Command Button Pointing Infra-Red Remote Control Units For Your Guests To Point Control The Super Better Greater Rave Ball. Plus Via His / Hers Given Remote Access They Can Pre-Programme Characters And Be Allowed Other Functions Access Such As Special Effects Lighting Back Drop Changes Music Changes And Other Visual Audio Prompts And Permission For This Is Given By The Main Man / Or The Main Woman Holding The Main System Remote Control Turning On / Off Via A Pathway Code The X4 Remotes Have An On Off Switch Plus A Talk Into Command Microphone That Has To Be Pushed For 2 Seconds Than Pressed Aimed At The Rave Glass Sphere Instant Commands Can Be Queued Up To 10 Commands... The Units Hardware Allows A Command Pathway Of Up To X10 Of These Smaller Remote Control Bonus Pointers.

+ Of Course This Timed Business Demonstration Wipes The Floor With The Rest Dance Rave Creative Bar None And... With An Up To X10 Metre Powerful 6 Way Projection Zoom This Visual Projection Is The New Big Party Event Vibe.

Invention Business Concept 110+ The Best Dance Event Is Via THE BUSINESS Again Nice Unit, Nice Remote Command Style. The Idea, Invention Opportunity. IAIN INNES' WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM I.P. Intellectual Property... BANK. BEHOLD!


Invention Opportunity 111... 1st, 2nd, 3rd.


1st... New Finger/Thumb Plasters.

This Particular New Medical Innovation Design Of Plaster/Band Aids With Added Holistic Medicine Brought To You Via The Magic Smack Wizard Is A Flexible Thimble Shaped Plaster Many Size That Turns In On Itself Making Easier The Application Of Finger/Thumb Plasters With Holistic Medicines... See This I'll Continue... Each X20 Plaster Pack Comes Enriched With The Following Below Natural Healing Substances And Is For All Shapes And Size Fingers/Thumbs Just Peel Gently Peel Plastic Protector Off Of The Thimble Shaped Plaster Place Its Rounded End Up Side Down The Opposite Way A Thimble Would Fit On The Thumb Then Just Easily Roll It Inside Out Down Over The Finger Tip Or Thumb Tip Done. Discard The Thimble Plaster Plastic/Rubber. Now Placed Stuck On The Finger/Thumb The Dimensions Include A 1cm Better Sticking Sticky Part Towards The Hand Whilst The Whole Rest Of The Plaster And To Its Tip Is The 360 Degree Around Healing Mesh Enriched Coated With Witch Hazel, Manuka Honey Strength With The Bee Sting... Also Arnica Gel, Chamomile And Aloe Vera.

Fantastic For Ease Of Use When You Need A Finger Plaster Fast.

2nd... Plus The Above Intellectual Property Concept As Toe Plaster Size And... Specially Treated Gauze Bandage Wraps With The Above And Below Medicinal Text Dynamics.

3rd... The New Blister Plasters Are Coated Enriched With Witch Hazel Plus Manuka Strength With The Bee Sting, Enriched Arnica Gel, Chamomile Plus Aloe Vera.


Invention Opportunity 112. A. + B.


WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Dynamic Articulation Finger/Glove...Drum Computing Rhythm Machine With Built In Control Touch Screen.

The Invention Schematics.

A Right/Or Left Handed Digital Glove Available In Small Medium And Large Sizes. The Glove Has A Small 50X50mm Touch Screen Positioned At The Top Back Of The Hand For Computing The Visuals... The Processing Power Of The Glove The Brain Is Also Housed Situated Evenly Across The Top Side Of The Top Side Hand Area Of The Synthesizer Glove And Is Connected To The Drum Sensor Pads By Wires Up Each Fingers The Sensor Play Pads Are Situated At The Inner Tip Of Each Of The X4 Fingers And 1 Thumb. The Sensor Pads Via A Finger Tap Play Your Chosen On Board Drum Kit. Programme Via The On Board Built In Memory Touch Control Command Screen New Drum Patterns Many Rhythms And Pre-Sets Available From Reggae Rock Through To Techno Dance. Programme Any Finger As A Drum Roll With A Tap Press Etc. Tempo Quick Drum Change The On Board Illuminated Touch Screen Also Allows You To Play Along Tap The Play Drums To The Pre-Built In Many Songs Scrolling On The Back Hand Viewing Monitor. Audio Sounds Are Produced By The Units Built In Stereo Speaker With Added Headphone Socket Jack. My Glove Machine Is Powered By X2 AAA Batteries With Extra Power On Board Battery Pack And 3 Pin Charger Adapter. For Many Hours Of Play. The Glove Is Further Water Proofed With Its Thin Plastic Coating Covering All The Outer Surface Area... All The Computing Brain, Wiring Of The Glove Is Held Secure Within The Middle Layer The Inner Side Of The Glove Is Made Of Regular Double Thick Comfortable Cotton.


WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Synthesizer Key Board Gloves With Built In Left/Right Touch Input Screens.

A Keyboard Synthesizer Controlled Played By Pressure Sensitive Pads Situated On X5 Both Hands 10 Digital Every Music Keyboard Play Out. Both Gloves And Each X10 Digits Are Connected To Each Other By A Blue Tooth Data Connection System And Each Glove Has A Built In Motion Sensor Embedded Allowing Any Realistic Keyboard Simulation Of Any Chosen Sized Style Of Musical Instrument Keyboard/Machine. An Example Selected Instrument Grand Piano. The On Board Visual 50x50mm Touch Command Screens Positioned On The Back Of Each Hand Top Side Scroll With The Users Motion Showing The Next Note Needed To Play Out The Pre-Chosen Musical Style Song Etc... The Electronically Illuminated Touch Screens Show Also Teach The Visuals Via Its On Board Large Data Base Memory All The Pre-Programmed Songs Musical Score Sheets From Piano Classical Through To Blues, Pop Etc... And The Marked Keys When Moving Hands Left/Right Across To The Edge And Beyond Of The Chosen Instrument Visuals Show The Setting I.E. Concert Hall, Church Hall, Music Teachers Home, Virtual Stage Etc... Sound Effects If Wanted For Each Setting Can Be Pre-Selected. Each Glove Left And Right Digits Also Have A Small Light Built On The Upper Tips Of Each Digit/ Finger/Thumb To Allow Easy Placement Teaching Of Keys, Posture Et-Cetera... Plus Any Thumb Or Finger Can Be Pre-Allocated For Pedals, Switches And Dials... The Unit Has A Built In Powerful Stereo Speaker On The Right And On The Left With Right Side Headphone Jack. The Pre-Programmed Schematics Of Each Pre-Chosen Key Board Synthesizer Built Within This System Allows A Very Realistic Playing Scenario Of Instrument Size I.E. Big Church Organ And Location Atmospherics. This Electronic Finger Glove Machine Is Powered By X2 AAA Batteries At Left And Right Side With Extra Power On Board Battery Pack Charger Double Connector 3 Pin Power Adapter At Left And Right... For Many Hours Of Play. Both Gloves Are Further Water Proofed With A Thin Plastic Coating Covering All The Outer Surface Area... All The Computing Brain, Wiring Of The Glove Is Held Secure Within The Middle Layer The Inner Side Of The Glove Is Made Of Regular Double Thick Comfortable Cotton. The Processing Power Of Each Glove/The Computing Power Is Housed Situated Evenly Across The Top Side Hand Area Of Right And Left Synthesizer Glove And Is Connected To The Finger Touch Sensor Pads By Wires Up Each Of The Fingers For Play.

112... A. B... Is New Unique Intellectual Property Of The Business Opportunity Portfolio.



Invention 115.

Ultimate Garden Ornamentals / Ultimate Garden Gnomes.

Blueprint Ultimate Garden Gnome Schematics...

The Any Colour Design And Shaped Built Pottery Or Moulded Painted Plastic Resin Gnome Has A Waterproofed Controllable Brain Unit Computer Processing Station Within It.

The Gnome Machine Is Powered By Solar Power That Switches On The Projection System At Night Time Dusk. The Computing Mainframe Plays Out The Visuals Of Moving And Still Imagery Of All Types Of Garden Gnomes Plus Fairies Kelpies And Goblins Via Its Waterproofed Short Ranged Video Projection System On A Light Hard Flat Surface At Night Time. When The Watertight Unit Is Switched On It Is Controlled By The Infra-Red Remote Control Or Added Wire Connected Remote Controlling System. Extra Memory Chips Can Be Purchased For The Ultimate Gnome Experience As This Gnome Device Has An Expandable Memory Card Slot. The Units Added Power Cell Can Also Be Charged Up Via Its 3 Pin Power Adapter Plus Has A 4 AA Rechargeable Battery Power Cell Slot.


Invention 116.

Ultimate Ornamentals Cats And Dogs.

The Many Design Cat And Dog Ornamentals For Indoor Use Is Powered 3 Pin Wall Charger Adapter. Each Many Size Cat And Dog Unit Has A Video Projection System In Place Of The Right Eye Plus An On Board Stereo Speaker System. Each Unit Memory Comes Packed Out With Moving Video Images And Photo Still Data Banks Of Every Known Breed Of Cat For Cat Ornamentals Dog For Dog Ornamentals. With Optional Volume Up You Can Learn Everything About Domesticated Cats And Dogs Such As Interesting Facts Countries Of Origin Size Colours Etc. Symbolism Of Cats For Each Country Religion Etc... Added As Standard Is A Mountable Collar Camera Audio Recording System With Built In Memory Chip For The Reason Example Cat Day Playback For Cat Ornamental Dog Playback For Dog Ornamental Powered By A Watch Sized Battery Detach The Camera From Your Creature And Plug Into The Ornamental For A Unique Home Entertainment Experience See What Its Got Up To Today. A Must For Cat And Dog Lovers. The Invention Shall Come In Many Shapes Forms Colours And Materials Deluxe.


Invention 117.
Museum Machine.

Fit In The Pocket Portable Museum Machine... Now You Can Tour Around Your Favourite Museum On The Go Or From The Comfort Of Your Home. The Triple Fold Out On Itself Screen Is Hinged Down The Middle Back Plus The Right Screen Opens Out Further On Hinge From The Under Edge Inwards From The Outer Side And This 3rd Triangular Screen Clicks Into Place To Reveal When Opened Up A Triple Dynamic Screen Experience. All X3 Screen Visulas Are Connected Linked... To Make Up The Choice Visuals. Each Screen Side Plays Out The Images On The Pre-Purchased Memory Card Museum. When Open The Machine Resembles A Laid Flat Triangle With the Open Face At The Front. Now You Can View See In True 3D Visit Many Museums. Buy Very Many Memory Museum Chips For The Machine For Example... Visit The Natural History Museum In The UK... Or Science Museum. Now Tour Look Browse Through The Visual And Audio Commentary Facts Zoom In Or Even Virtually Run Around It. The Machine Has On Board Stereo Speakers... The Unit Is Controlled Via A Wire Connected Remote Plus You Can Plug Your New Museum Machine Into Any Entertainment Television System Or Standard Video Projection System Via Its Wire Connection Cable. The Unit Is Powered By X2 AA Batteries Plus Electricity Wall Adapter Supplied As Standard.


Invention 118.

Ultimate Famous Landmark Video Projection System.

The Blueprints Of This Is As Follows. Built Within These Deluxe Ornamentals Is A Processing Memory Data Base And The Picture Stills Plus Moving Video Projector Visuals Relay Onto The Surface The Renown Landmarks Plus Topographical Features Of The Country Of Origin Related To The Specific Ornamentals Landmark Style. The Data Base Of All That Countries Visuals The Towns, City's And Popular Landmarks / Statues Etc... Are Computed Projected From The Machine. It Is Remote Controlled Every Countries Piece Is Unique. The Added On Board Stereo Speaker System Also Allows A Factual Commentary Of Each Regions Landmarks Allowing A Nice Travel Entertainment Experience. Let's Go To England. Example Buy A Big Ben. Let's Go To China Or America. Example Buy A Special Buddha Or Buy A Statue Of Liberty. The Many Design Ultimate Famous Landmark Video Projection System Is Powered By Electricity 3 Pin UK... Power Socket.


Invention 119.

Natural World Invention Machine.

The Natural World Machine Invention Blueprint Schematics Consists Of A Powerful Video Projection System With A Huge On Board Hard Drive Memory Built Into Very Many Nice Design Ornamentals. The Ornament Device Plays Out Visual Files Moving And Still Plus Written Facts Are Spelt Out And Audio Commentary Within Its Built In Speaker System. Every That Is Known About The natural World For Example Volcanos Mountains Jungles Deserts The Artic Tropical Seas And All Known Animal Facts Of Each Creature, Each Insect Habitat Such As Feeding And Mating Behaviour Of Frogs And Other Small Creatures. Everything Documented Every Play Out Video Projected From Its 1TB Memory. Also See The Natural World Called Up Perspective On The New Grid Matrix From The Position Of Socrates Plato Aristotle Etc. The Natural World Invention Machine Is Controlled Via The Infra-Red Remote. Of Course This Intellectual Property Concept Of Mine Is Originally Born Of The Creator. 3 Pin Electricity Powered The Device.


Invention 120.

Sea Life Marine Machine Tank.

My Fish Tank Blueprint Is A Follows...

The Dynamics Of Schematic Is In Many Sizes For The Example The Standard Sized Tank 100CM Width By 50CM by 5OCM Has A Transparent Glass Front Plus 4 L.E.D. Visual Projection Screens Left Right Bottom And Top. The Computing Brain Computes On Infra-Red Remote Control Command The Play Out Visuals Of All Known Sea / Marine Life Onto The X4 Screens. For Example Call Up Via The Basic On Screen Menu Via The Systems Remote Control Sea Creatures Of The Deep... Tropical Waters Off Australia... United Kingdom Pond Life. Marine Wildlife Coves And Bays Etc. Etc. Star Fish Crabs Crocs Crocodiles Sea Lions Whales Sharks Dolphins Swamp Snakes... Also My Fish Tank Machine Is Also Pre-Programmed With Interesting Must Know Facts Audio Commentary Of Everything On Display Here Today Via The Built In Stereo Speakers.


Invention 121.

My Invention Schematics Of My Bonsai Tree Machine.

The Any Size Pretty Bonsai Shaped Wooden Built Carved Tree Has A Built In Memory Bank Data Base Of Photo Files And Moving Images Of Every Known Tree Type. It Is A Smarter Upwards Pointing Audio / Visual Projection System That Displays Images Of All Trees Many Pictures Upwards Towards The Ceiling Plus Gives Interesting Facts Such As Each Trees Symbolic Meaning I.E. Religious... What That Tree Is Commonly Used For By Man Plus Wildlife Facts Such As Birds Insects Mammals Reptiles You Would Find In The Close Proximity Of That Type Of Tree Within The Processing Mainframes Memory Audio Commentary. Many Pictures Is Pre-Programmed Into The Device. It Is Remote Controlled Plus Powered By A 3 Pin Wall Adapter.


Invention 122.

Human Anatomy Teaching And Entertainment System.

The New Human System Blueprint Schematics Follow...

The Human Shaped Visual Experience Machine Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes. This Example Shown Is A Pocket Sized Device / Plus A 5 Foot 9'er... The Unit Consists Of A

Connected Matrix Of L.E.D. Screens Built In The Shape Of A Human Man / Woman. The Screens Are Controlled By An Infra-Red Remote Control Plus The Remote Controls On Board Microphone System Allows Unit Control Prompts Plus Dictation Notes... For The Following Original Design 'Mine' Allows The Computing Play Out Of The Human Body... Now Call Up Visuals Of Any Specific Region Of The Body In Many Layers You Can View The Human System Such As Skin Muscle Skeletal Bones In Many Layers To The Microscopic Level Etc. This Teaching And Home Entertainment Machine Helps One Grow In The Knowledge Needed To Diagnose Treat Any Human Condition Such As You Can Zoom Into The Brain Cranium Area And Not Only See The Way It All Works Visually But Be Teach' By The Huge On Board Data Base Of The Most Expert Doctors The Knowledge Needed Via Speakers... Including Diagnosis Cures For The Disease Fix The Bones Mend The Muscles Brain Surgery And Psychiatry Teach. Medications Needed For Fix Etc. Watch The Heart Beat Plus The Brain Clock Tick Toc. Powered By X2 AA Batteries Plus 3 Pin Adaptor Via Electricity Power Socket... Fit It In Your Pocket.


Invention 123. A. / B. Caution Slightly X-Rated Business Schematic And Text Clean.


Display Invention One Hundred And Twenty Three. A.K.A... The 123.

Invent Me New, And... With The Amazing Knack Of Doing This Magical He Does It Again...

A New Blue Print Intellectual Property Not Ever Done By Any One As Yet Again MR. IAIN INNES Presents Via His Brainy A Skin And Flesh Sin Treasure Trove Schematic...

Titled. Video Projection Home Entertainment Dance Stripper Device.


For The Men.

The Pole Dance Stripping Machine Comes With A Huge On Board Memory Of Pre-Programmed Naked Flesh Stripper Dance And Pole Dance Stripping Scenarios... The Smooth Pole Shaped Video Projection Machine Dynamic System Is Box Shaped And When Pressed Powered On Its Lid Mechanically Opens Up Via A Mechanical Clock Work System The Same Cock Work Mechanism Extends The Visual Projection System Video Play Out Pole Up To 2 Metres height. The Computing Power Plus Software Cyber Grid Mainframe Play Out Is Housed Around Each Side Inside. The Bottom Of This Device Is Weighted. The Measurement Dynamics Are 25cm X 25cm X25cm A Box. Well... I Shall Continue This Inventor Alphabetical Text Combination Expression Professional Prolific Original Style. Now The Visual Projection Extremely High Resolution System Is Connected Via The Data Connection Wire Inside The Pole. Telescopically The Pole Extends Out From Within Itself By The Electronically Powered Clock Work Motion Upwards Clockwise When Powering On And... Anti-Clockwork Motion When Powering Down To Lid Shut Off. The Video Projection System Visual Play Out Is From Right At The Top Slightly Angled Downwards At 4 O' Clock Position To Any Hard Surface I.E. Wall Or Plain White Screen. One Is Provided With The Said Purchase. The Stripping Sensation Visual Experience Unit Comes With Z Pre-Programmed Visual Memory Banks Of 1 Thousand Plus Different Pre-Recorded Female Strippers Including Table Dancers Poll Dancing Lap Dancing Private Nude Room Treble X-Rated Shows Of Course This Machine Is Packed Out With Many Visuals Of Woman... Of All Shapes And Sizes Races Colours Faces And Creed. Choose Any Woman And Backdrop Scenario Plus Choose Nudity Scale 1 Soft To 10 Extreme Nudity Via The Basic Infra-Red Remote Controlling Unit. The Basic Remote Control Device Has Everything You Would Expect Including The Zoom. Powered By 3 Pin Electricity Mains Socket. For Adult Home Use Only. This Machine Also Has A Miniature Built In Stereo Speaker System Also For A Heightened Audio Sensation Of The Dancing Females Voice And Backdrop Noises Such As Talking And Cheering.



And For The Woman.

As Above Design Schematics But Runs The Explores The Females Appetite Phantasy Play Out = The Unit Comes Packed Out With Live Male Sex Dance Shows Nudity 1 Soft To 10 Extreme Nudity.


PLUS FIRST BUSINESS A.D... NOTED A BIZ VALID POINT. Come On You Lot. ... ... ,... You're On Catch Up... That Is For Sure.

That... Is The 123. Another Invention Opportunity By WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Master Of The Coin, Master Of Bis Innovation, Best Licensable Ideas, Better Business Concepts. The Wow Power Marketing Display Site Technique. What All This Visible From What One Word 'Alchemy' Yours Faithfully Iain Innes.

Plus I'll Continue Further... With A Text Literature Demonstration Okay Another Time.

Ends The Inventory Today.


Invention 124 Intellectual Property Opportunity / A New Business Opportunity.

The Blueprint Schematic Invention Dynamics Of This One Are As Follows 20mm Built Thickness Plus Key Ring Connection... Its 50mm X 50mm Visual Touch Screen Pad Pre-Loaded With Every Known Antique Old And New Invention Flick Flip Book Imagery Story Book Needed. Including Antique 18+ Adult Shows And Magic Lantern Shows Not For Children From Oriental East To Western Imagery. All Re-Mastered Into Computer Film File Format... Plus This Visual Display Machine Comes Packed Out With Pre-Loaded Working Imagery Plus The Schematics Of Clockwork Automaton Re-Mastered...All The Best Ones That Used To Be Coin Operated Now Available In One Amazing Machine. Plus This Excellent New Unique Device Has Built In Drawing Flip Flick Book Software Plus Film Editing And Animation Software For Use With The Units Built In Still And Moving Camera As Standard 128 GB Memory Bank. Powered By 2 AAA Batteries With Back Up Power Cell 3 Pin Wall Adapter And Built In Miniature Microphone System. With Stylus. Also You Can Plug This Better New Mega Portable System Of Mine Into A Television Via Video In. Each Purchase Comes As Standard With This New Connection Data Stream Wire. The Units On Board Memory Is Not Expandable Like Many Displayed At The WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM This Week But Is Again A Best Win Situation + An Easy Make On Bank Add Up Money Maker Opportunity.

Yes Thanks Again.



Futuristic Newer Modern Art Display Pieces.


Today's Example 1 Of Invention Opportunity 125 Consists Of A Round Pre-Designed New Found Dynamic Art Canvas. A.K.A. New Window.

Schematics Blueprints. Around The Edge Of Each Digital Canvas 'The Air Tight Inner Frame' Has Art Projection Apparatus '1' A Basic Built In RGB Red Green Blue Laser Lighting System Boxed Into And Behind A Heat Proofed Two Way Mirror/Mirror Pointing Out Wards Which Allows '1' + '2 Mentioned Below' Lasers And Light To Shine Through From Inside And The RGB Lasers And '2' Reflect Off This Small Surface Area Making Up A Complete 360 Degree Reflective Surface Area... Also Projected Out From The 2 Way Mirror Dark Box... '2' A Powerful Concentrated Single White Light Through An Aperture And Miniature Prism Projection System That Switches Electronically In Front Right On And Left Off Via It's Clockwork Mechanism Switch... '1' + '2' Move Around The Entire 360 Degrees Of The Frame Just In Front Of The 1 To 12 O' Clock Image Mirror Manipulation System And Flush On An Electronically Powered Magnet... The Power To The Housed Laser And White Light Projector System Is Achieved By A Touch Circuit Strip That Is Metal And Runs All The Way Around 360 Degrees. The Unit Now Has A Built In Micro Smoke/Fog Machine Situated In The Exact Centre That Emits A Small Puff Of Smoke Every 5 Minutes The Unit Is Powered On To Allow The Lasers/Lights To Be Visible To The Naked Human Eyes. Of Course The Whole Machine Is Made Safe As The Front Back And Sides Are Entirely Housed In Toughened Transparent Pyrex With An Airtight Hermitic Seal. The Inner Frames Visual Projection System Further Has X12 Miniature Standard Mirrors Each Connected And Situated At Each Clock Point All The Way Around The Inner Frame Slightly Behind The Lighting Projection System As Briefly Mentioned Above. Throughout The Surface Area Of The Unit Is A Series Of Pre-Programmed Command Mirrors And Prisms That Pop Up, Click, Move And Turn Into Place Via The Pre-Programmed Working Mechanism Of The Built In Design Software Visual Projection Machines Clockwork Motion And... With Timed Pulses Of Light The Art Show Play Outs Of Many Unique Art Forms Colours And Shape Scenarios The Chosen Art Show Command Is Achieved Via The Infra-Red Command Remote Control Centre. I'll Continue The Artistic Form And Method Example Expression... From The Exact Middle Of The Machine Pops Up A Square Set Of Outwards Facing Mirrors Also A Triangle Pentagon Octagon And Decagon Of Mirrors. For Another Example Command A Number 11 Or 12 Art Play Out Using The Remote And A Series Of Perfectly Placed Timed Extra Miniature Prisms And Mirrors Play Out That Running Art Piece Scenario Turning Precisely All The Parts Of The Clockwork System In Exact Correct Timing In Accordance With The Clockwise And Anti-Clockwise Movement Of The 360 Perimeter Light Source Angle. Via This E-Special Infra-Red Remote Controlled Interface You Can Turn On Or Off The Certain Colours Speed Up Or Slow Down The Chosen Art Show Pause The Play Also Turn On Or Off The Back Lighting Programme Now Mentioned Is A Series Of Expertly Positioned L.E.D. Screens That Also Run With The Systems Pre-Programmed Built In Software Laser Lighting Play Outs. Powered By 3 Pin Electricity Adapter. Plus Has An On Board Power Pack Charge. The Entire Front And Back Face Of This Particular 100CM Sized Art Unit Is Made Out Of Safe Tough Transparent Pyrex. The Clockwork Is All Housed Inside At The Back Of This Machine The Machine Is 5cm In Depth. This New Unique Arts Machine Comes With X4 Extra Micro Smoke/Fog Cartridges That Slot Into The Micro Smoke/Fog Apparatus Via The Back Of The unit. Each Of These Cartridges Last Quite Sometime As They Emit Only The Needed Miniature Amount Of Smoke/Fog Into the Hermitically Sealed unit.

There Is A Window Here For Many Different Designs On This One. I Own The Intellectual Property Design Schematics Of All Of Variations Of The Said Product. This Is My Newest Innovation Art Machine Exhibition Piece.


Invention Opportunity 125 Example 2 Today.

Blueprint Schematics... New Stain Glass Screens. Pre-Programmed With All The Best Church Ones In The World And More. A Solar Powered Unit That Has A Back Up Battery Power Pack Cell Plus Accepts X2 AAA Standard Batteries. Sticks To All Windows And Doors Via Basic Corner Suckers. A Two Sided Remote Controlled Any Size Screen That Has A Massive 32 Giga Bite Pre-Loaded JPG File Data Base Of All The Best Stain Glass Windows. The Units Built In Sensor-ing Equipment Allows The Chosen Image Brightness To Adjust To The Outside Light And Displays The Chosen Stain Glass Window Image Both Sides. Plus Via It's Infra-Red Command Remote Control You Can Manipulate The Brightness Of The Both Sides Of The Display Unit, Contrast, Colour, Rotate Image Stills And With Many Religious And Abstract Art Transitions To Choose From. This Business Window Is A Basic Must Also.



One Hundred And Twenty Six Is Titled... Original New TV Innovation Double Vision.

Dear Avid Follower Of The Invention Arts Plus Other Global Business Readers,
                                                                                                                Again The More Original Entertainment Blueprints Are As Follows And... The Finest Innovator Here Will Always Come Up With Far Much Better Expression Explain To Them Via The Master Shamanic At The Real Deal Bis Event That The Inventor Easily. Easily... Easily, Out Does Any Simple Enough Fishy Jimmy's... Chip Everyone.

So Behold I've Got A TV One Much More Inventive Here =

TITLED... Special FX TV Screen.

Of The Schematic Blueprints Company...

NEW Special FX 'Add On TV Screen' Doubles As An Art Producer Frame And Is A Top Class Second Screen Via Wire Connection.

Schematics Of The Screen. Plus Software Interface.

Plugs Into Any Modern TV. Via The USB. The USB Is Connected Via Its Data Fibre Optic Wire To The Any Size Attachable Screen Example Here Is A 50CMX50CM FX Screen That Sticks To A 30 Inch Screen Or A 50M X 50CM Screen. The Size Of Your Television Set Is Not Really Important. The Special FX Television Add On Screen Has Basic Small Corner Stick On Suckers. The Computing Power Plus Software And Device Memory Of This Piece Is All Housed Within The USB Unit. This USB Device's Software/Hardware Reads Everything Displayed On The Television Screen And Computes Instantly All Shape And Form Visuals And Audio Sensation Onto Its 100X100 Cyber Environment Grid Matrix In Exact Live Alignment Of The Television Screen... The Special FX Add On Data Screen When Connected Allows The Viewer/s To Create A Live Add On Special Effect To Any TV Show/Or Film/Or Any Other Programme. For Example Choose From 150+ On Board Templates Pre-Programme Your Shows And Do It Live. The Software In The USB Device Reads The Visual And Audio Data Coming Through The Screen And Up Through My USB Interface Onto The FX Screen With The Added Visuals Of Chosen FX Parameters And... The Unit Gives The Viewers A List Of Pre-Programmed Audio/Visual Extra FX Add On' For Every Show/Film... Genre Etc. Such As Display Special FX, Added Colour Schemes, Props, Characters, Clothes And Other Templates Including Added Back Drops... Music Audio Sounds And Other Noises Re-design Your Favourite Shows And Programmes. Of Course This Also Works For Anything Played Through Your Screen Such As DVD Images Blue Ray Et-Cetera Et- Cetera. Of Course You Do Not Even Have To Stick The Special FX Screen Over The TV You Can Put It Frame It On Your Wall Because As Standard The USB Wire To Special FX Cable And Power Plug Is 5 Metres In Length. The USB Has Room For Extra Memory 128 GB SD Card. For Storing Your Art Works See Below.

The Control Device.


The Schematics Phone Application Software That Comes With The Device As A Mobile Phone Download 10 Code Pin With Each Purchase Of This Original New Machine Allows The User To Change The Viewing Experience Into Something Better Unique Via Finger/Or Stylus Via Your Mobile Phone Screen Choose Your Palette/And Parameters Up To A Month In Advance Through The TV Guide If You Wish. Entertain Yourself In A New Way I.E. Scroll Through Basic Lists And Menu Interface.

Plus The TV Special FX Machine Screen In Art Alone Function Also Has A Built In Audio Command Software Interface As Seen In My Invention Intellectual Property Portfolio 3 Intellectual Property Since 2011 Artist's Watch Device. This Added Art Function Allows A Computed Imaging System Play Out Through Its Large Memory Capacity Data Banks A Heightened Voice Command Programme Speak Simply The Word Of The Wished For Art Form From The Back Of The Palette Voice Box Into The Command Microphone 'A' Mobile Via Bluetooth To FX Screen'/Or 'B' New Command Unit Touch Pad Infra-Red Command To FX Screen' ... Then The Artistic Software Cross References The Words Into Art By Using Its Dictionary Encyclopaedia Thesaurus Memory Onto A 100X100 Cyber Grid Reference Within Its Main Frame. God This Is Again A Good Example... 1st Command 'I'd like 10 Abstract Position 3 Dimensional Shapes Of Black And White Form At Grid Reference 10 Across 5 Down. Watch This Second Example Command... 2nd Command Large Red And Blue Flowers That Are Found Only In The South American Rainforest' In The Top Right ¼ Of The Artists Grid. Extra Commands Artistic Advice Can Be Turned On Through The  Progression Of The Piece With Tips Pre-Programmed Prompters Such As What Leonardo De Vinci Or Picasso Or 'Director X' Might Have Tried Here Something Similar. I'll Continue With This Inventive Written Form... I’d Like The Rest Of The ¾s Of The Grid To Show The Milky Way Galaxy As It Would Be When In Alignment With The Earth And A Black Border Of Stars And Comets Here All The Way Through The Next Advertisements/Or Art Piece. I’d Like Jupiter Saturn And Venus To Be In The Next Art Piece Render It This Way And Add... '____' This Etc...  Where Ever You Think Is Best On Board Computer Plus Also Put In A Heavenly Hand Pointing From The Top Left To Bottom Right. Save It Into Oil Paints, A Water Colours And Pencils Or Save The Piece My Show Into Black And White Film File And Photo Format And Give Me A Crayon And Chalk Plus 3D Bronze Sculpture Of It. Well As Easy As That Aye Don’t Forget To Sign Yours At A Later Date A Unique Art Piece.

B. Controlling The NEW Device Further. New Command Unit Touch Pad Infra-Red Command To FX Screen. As In Mobile Phone Application Software Above But Instead Of A Bluetooth Command To The FX Screen This Visual Palette Touch Pad Is Infra-Red Controlled.

I Rap This One Up This Literature Blueprint Schematic And Dear... Yours Sincerely, Faithfully, And... Originally Done Via The Number 1 Business Display IAIN INNES WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Presented Yet Another Electronics Intellectual Property Invention... Opportunity 126.







Alchemist's Atlantis Computer Game is a ‘New' Entertainment Concept by Iain Innes. This is an enjoyable entertainment experience like no other Computer game. Meaning also you do not have to sit there bashing & bashing the buttons... It is for relaxation. It takes the hassle & stress out of Playing Video Games + Travelling the world.


The Graphics.

Everything that is in the world is in the game. It is to have a Travel theme. For example play the game see the world by car, bicycle on foot or even sight see the Seven Wonders of the world in a taxi cab open top bus et-cetera. It is to contain the exact streets buildings landmarks topographical features and people of the world.

It is to be programmed using G.P.S. Global Positioning System Technology to give gamer a realistic view of any chosen locale called up on a grid system.

It is Invention 1 of my Atlantis Technologies /Golden Graphics Computer game.

Alchemist's Atlantis is the world game. Never before has so much choice been available in a computer game or any one entertainment device. ‘Limitless Entertainment’ you control with skill.

Interact, with the real people of the world example learn customs, grow friendships.

Goals of game.

Entertainment with limitless choice, progressing gaining life's skills. Relaxing & making... Quality time not just passing the time. Travel Experience. To light up areas of the world, zones on the grid, example... Cities, streets parks buildings into gold silver and precious gemstones and minerals. As you progress you become more valuable silver and gold in succession, and as more people progress within any certain area that area for example a public park everything becomes silver gold and precious gemstones / minerals growing everywhere for appropriate behaviour.

Graphics and Layout continued.

I believe this as an easy concept design most of the work is to be programmed GPS Global Positioning Software Technology.

Sight see through different zones.

Graphics must have a feel good factor.

Graphics to contain meaningful iconography and emblematic.

Precious technologies of Atlantis / Planet Earth game and special fx.

... Into the best and finest gold and silver.

"Check out the video game, its going to be hot the entertainment limitless one Alchemist's Atlantis / Interaction exclusive preview of innovator concept promotion work."



Atlantis Technologies.

Learn answers to life's questions with the smart ENTERTAINMENT companion & Teacher...

Introducing The Gold Bull Robot with the high powered sensory learning laser beam.

Title: Gold Bull Robot.

Prototype innovation description.

The Gold Bull Robot is a learning robot, sensory and smart entertainment companion. The Robot is to be made from hard plastic and to be 2ft high tis to be humanoid in appearance + have plastic golden horns. Robots entire body is to be black in colour. Its legs are to extend to give it an overall height of 1 metre it should have mechanical caterpillar wheels for feet. The robots right arm needs to be able to lift and extend to project visual interactive link with friend learning easel / monitor for interactive entertainment senses mode... Link with Other robot... The robots body must be able to rotate 360 degrees around from the hip, it is to be remote controlled and voice operated it is to have a microphone for ears, a speaker for a mouth a camera for 1 eye + a visual light projector for the other. It is also to have a camera eye in the back of its head for use in red mode. The unit is to also have a scent sprayer and miniature fan in head unit for aroma function. Whole units body must have flashing RED BLUE L.E.D. lighting.


1. Red mode. Interactive entertainment senses mode. Using its hand and eye projection devices the gold bull Robot will keep you entertained when keying in link to another robot, anywhere in the world and play onto wall or screen many a different programme...

For example. Share an experience of a summer meadow and country sounds visually audibly and by smell...

Followed by a thunder storm or perhaps sounds and smells of the seaside followed by roast chicken, the smell of a beer brewery, a bunch of flowers.

Many different size length cost multi fragrance scent cartridges and audio disc programmes to go on sale.

Only the finest quality scents captured. You can also have visual link of friend who's robot your linked with. "New way to relax and have fun and spend time with friends.


2. Blue mode. Learn answers to life's questions with the minds of thousand wise men and women. All of the great minds throughout History and today compiled in this smart system, From philosophers mathematicians, doctors, politicians and physicists minds to advice about any aspect of life and advice for example about business or moral or spiritual advice from a Guru. The Blue function is a mine of information. Many different learning and informational discs to be available for robots drive.



"Get yourself a CLEVER GOLD BULL ROBOT. They're running the entertainment show. Going across the board like ink spreading exciting skills."


Available sometime now in all good high street stores + You can order a piece by calling a number...







Atlantis Music.

Title: Video projection transmitter relay stand & keyboard guitar innovation.


Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.





Atlantis Sport.
Email here for more info.



Title. The Atlantis Invention Word Processor / Invention / Invention Company / Or Scanning Device.


"The only learning tool you’ll ever need." Fit in pocket.

To be run on copyright protected A-Z Language Learning System Template.


The unit gives a readout of the following palette.

RED Function : ‘Language’ learning system. Mechanisms / meanings of words. Also see Invention 9...

BLUE Function : ‘Numbers’ mechanisms / meanings of numbers and math formula, example the meaning of 1, one ten, 507 + - x plus minus times, and = or 2 horizontal lines.

GREEN Function : 'Iconography...' Gives read out of for example a square its 4 corners its angles what it is known to represent. Another example, triangle 3 points symbolism etc.

YELLOW Function : 'Senses’ Processes' meanings of sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing of anything in the known world with its camera / microphone and speaker for example... Scan camera to a red rose it would give a readout of the following... Meanings of the colour, smell, whatever makes a rose a rose what it is actually made of even down to its physics. Also useful associated information and symbolism etc... It can be used for scanning sights and sounds for example you could request associated sounds, to a certain image, smell sensation, it would then give you an audio or printout and also gives formula when asked mechanisms / meanings of its words and symbolism.

Continued description of technology.

1. Fit in pocket.

2. A-Z and 0-9 keypad.


4. Display screen L.E.D.

5. Built in till receipt size paper printer readout. Of equation (Learning Template.)

6. Small speaker.

7. Microphone.

8. Small camera.

9. Memory chip slot.

"Dear be smart... Learn with RED BLUE GREEN & YELLOW." Gain deep knowledge understand life. Learning for the whole family, professor, Dr Student, Life Enthusiast.

ALSO UNDER FURTHER RESEARCH If my language system works on the next level. Find unlock the 500 Atlantis Inventions."

Invention 5 will come with an instruction manual and short lesson instructing you the way to make the searches needed to make your own inventions. Option to sell back to company film @50% Equity.




Atlantis Security. NOW SEE...

Security glasses with personal improvement benefits.

New super hi-tech RED BLUE GREEN And YELLOW ATLANTIS SECURITY equipment.


Wellbeing. "Cool to be safe."

Description: Sun glasses with fashion head strap.

1. To have eye scanner / inter facer to control commands.

2. Inter grated G.P.S. Global Positioning System Technology, transmitter / receiver... Satellite ‘Live link’ within glasses unit.

3. Left and right viewing monitors at the top and bottom of each eye with outside vision running horizontally through centre of glasses.

4. Microphone for personal security voice command.

5. Small motion sensor camera on both arms of glasses which can rotate 180 degrees on command. Peace of mind / Security... "Eyes in the back of your head."

6. Built in loud speaker for security warnings alarms / alerts + voice and visual advice from experts in different situations.

7. Battery unit.

8. To make project work Satellite hire will be needed / now existing technology. ‘Price?’


Functions continued.

a) See what or who is around the corner whilst out for example in a rough neighbourhood.

b) Ask advice on many a different situation for example from a Dr for a first aid situation, Policeman, Religious Minister or Street Dude etc... In different parts of the world.

c) On a secret word or eye command transmit security audio and visuals back to receiver at base with time and date index.

d) Or simply use the Remote Technology type G.P.S. System to sight see and explore the world according to the law from the comfort of your arm chair. Example Countryside landscape the setting sun across the sea or the high street.

e) What with the war against terror Atlantis Security can act as a hip and cool self policing device with the user having total personal safety.

Atlantis Security. Stylish fashion glasses once on the market could act as a strong deterrent to every criminal acting out crime "You just can’t try anything on those people with Atlantis Security equipment. They’re safe!"


Customer would say...

"Another one of those red blue green and yellow things, they're brilliant."

Parent / Home maker.

"You got to get one of these." Christian.

Another satisfied customer says...

"Now the world knows what these things can do the worlds a much safer place." Policeman.




Entertainment Atlantis Channel 6 Television UK.

Description TV Channel.

Main show. The Jonny Show / Green Room Show. Green room description... Walls, ceiling, floor are to be tv screens with Holographic Entertainment Rod. See Home Entertainment Version.

Continued description of Channel 6 subject matter.

1. The Jonny Green Room Shows / Interactive.

2. Alchemists’ Atlantis Videogame update and interactive show with beeper. See Invention 1...

3. Innovation and Invention.

4. Literature.

5. Science and Philosophy.

6. Answers to life's questions from people who really know.

7. Sport / Atlantis Sport.

8. Live Music.

9. Film Shorts.

10. Promos and Demos.

11. Big Time Interviews ex. Actors, Musicians, Politicians.

12. Fantasy / Facts with a laser beam.

And a whole lot More.

Dear all round much more exciting deluxe entertainment. Marketed on its 'Personal Improvement' and 'Entertainment' 'Learning' and 'Well Being' Experience / Beneficial Television.

"Bigger, better more challenging and rewarding + pleasing to the senses...

The Better New Entertainment Television Concept Channel. High Powered Entertainment."

Home Entertainment Version.

Description. Although the below may sound complicated it is a very basic design an original Technology of Atlantis.

1. 1 main holographic / light emitting machine projection unit / rod 50cm in height 1 1/2 foot wide aerial extends to 1 ½ metres up.

2. To have built in speakers and microphone.

3. Unit has a disc drive for many different discs / entertainment programmes.

4. It must have a receiver to receive Channel 6 television shows / streaming after keying in entertainment programme code. Live shows plus play back.

5. Holographic grid matrix / light machine. The light machines matrix is cylindrical and is 3 grid levels up each of these 3 grids is separated into 4 ¼ ‘s. Top of the base unit projects out a fast pulse of coloured light in ten different layers around its circumference vertically to top of the aerial where there is a round mirror the same size as the top of the base unit approximately 1 1/2 foot across, The aerial has coloured light projectors around its circumference that omit pulses of light up the length of this aerial horizontally, ten beams of light per 3 grid levels. The images are made when the horizontal and vertical flashing pulses cross upwards downloads & horizontally at different speeds in the grid in timing in accordance with the mirror at the top, ten by ten graphics resolution on each of the 3 grid layers and according to the programme in drive unit to create 3D moving images.

More functions.

1. Record function play back constructed entertainment programme.

2. Remote control voice command.

3. Many different 3D entertainment discs to be available for drive. Example, interactive voice games. Other discs include Musical rhythm and patterns, colours and shapes, our universe, animated story telling.

"Big Time Entertainment You Control With Skill... "



Atlantis Fashion Functions. Apparatus & design.

This is just 1 garment example garment name ‘Electric Vest.'

1. Material for garment... Any strong material for example Chain Mail, camouflage, leather, any design.

2. To have detachable water proofed / any size, any shape visual projection screen / TV type equipment, ‘flexible’ to a degree any where on garment for the reasons of.

Transmitting / broadcasting your :

a) Unique new fashion.

b) Entertainment.

c) See your message, personal fashion statement, marketing / promotion.

3. Jack connection to garment to have an all weather safety seal, connected to Small mp4 type drive battery unit on clip. It has a speaker, microphone for individual voice recognition command. example of fashion command to clothing... Speak... "Turn RED BLUE GREEN and YELLOW." Also unit to have command buttons.

4. Many different programmes available for drive, miniature discs also downloads bought from retailers the same type of idea as mobile phone ringtones... Example of fashion entertainment programmes to go on sale... Colours and shapes, writing and numbers, music videos all types, animated musical patterns and rhythms, Camouflage, landscapes, animals, fine Art... Etc.

5. Invent your own unique programmes and fashion statements via PC / MAC adaption upload to MP4 command unit.

6. ‘Make money’ for yourself / get sponsored. Sponsorship from commercial product companies example be paid to promote and advertise a movie a high street store a soda or alcoholic drink, Trademarks beauty products the list could go on forever.




"WEAR ANYTIME ANYWHERE, EACH FASHION ITEM CAN HAVE A THOUSAND LOOKS." Many discs / styles available. Digital Fashion.






NAME OF PRODUCT SERVICE = Automatic Website.

Exclusively for people who will succeed.

For Webmasters who want MOST exposure for their BUSINESS The easiest way ever. Introducing an all in one Automated Web hosting / Site rewriter building tool SEO / keyword Meta generator. A power website.

Made available by the Alchemist. For this product concept is highly innovative and belongs to me. That's 100% Grasshopper. Read on.

To design and programme an all in one automated online powerful Website Success Tool. Exclusively this product service is an all in one. Easiest ever to use.

1. Website hosting Provider.

2. Powerful automated SEO Website Rewriting Building tool. With one click. Done.

3. Search engine inclusion tool allowing unlimited generated keywords to the sites content.

After the person has uploaded their existing site or written and designed they’re site with this service. All they have to do is click the mouse 1 time... It automatically builds and rewrites everything on your site in regards to its original content. It is to be programmed with the knowledge of the best SEO Gurus + Myself with everything necessary to make your site the most accessible to the engines / Organic. For example it rewrites the main body of your sites text, meta tags, meta body, title, links, correct back links et-cetera plus domain address' keywords and then submits to the engines automatically...

It simplifies the whole process of building a high ranking website ‘EASILY.'

Upload your existing website then click the mouse just once. Everything completely automated.

Success is yours.

No other SEO service offers the whole package. Being an all in one. As easy as this.

This is a smart innovation concept. Get your Internet Site the recognition it deserves advertising it needs easier than ever before for less money.




The www.thebusinessgameworldwizard.com

2 Business orientated virtual worlds / in 1 game / website.

The businesses are of the real world. (A)&(B) Worlds governed by the laws of the world / The www. / & business.

Get the world wide web experience.

Practise business get business success.

You play the part of you in the world today + take care of business.
(A) World = Real world planet earth / Business world. Graphics + programming of the real world.

& (B) World = Virtual world / Extra Advertising Market Place / Also real business world.

Graphics and layout + symbolism on this advertising world makes business an enjoyable pleasurable + positive experience. Explore this virtual advertising world.

Another Very Good Product.



To be licensed for the Circus or to whoever comes 1st. Invention 10.

Is easily 2 inventions in 1.

Inventor of New Entertainment Devices Innovates "The Ring Master." & "Circus Ring Master."

Bringing the entertainment of the Circus into your Home. Benefits for the Circus includes lots more money from ‘Licensing... ’ For the Public cost savings convenience.



After Purchasing The Ring Master Home Entertainment Device for an affordable price... You will be able to buy application software To then view different entertainment formats / genres such as Enhanced Theatre / Opera Experience, Enhanced Story book telling, Advanced Fine Art / Morden Art... Many different discs to be available for each genre. Note. This is designed to provide royalty payments in the licensed above...


Upside... More exposure more money for those industries that sign up to Licensing Deals BIG MONEY. They will be able to enjoy 'The Invention Concept' that consists of 2 devices being called ‘Circus Ring Master’ The main machine is Licensed or Franchised to Circus.


1. The Circus Ring Master.


It is a basic concept design.

It is made up of all now existing technologies innovated in a new way by the Alchemist.


Circus Ring Master. The main machine is Licensed or Franchised to Circus’ "Roll Up Roll Up."

Is a transmitting base unit multi coloured light film projector with added laser effects for heightened entertainment experiences.

1) It projects images pre-programmed or by live programming of its easy to use hand device command unit from BEHIND of a standard screen (a) SCREEN. Multi coloured and laser entertainment programmed by the experts knowledge of what makes a good Circus and the extraordinaire importantly special effects for example real conjuring / special & real sorcery shows. Then to transmit to (b) SCREEN... Also In sequence via the unit main unit transmitting to home entertainment devices.

2) This is the other part of the unit connected by a wire this smart camera unit is to be placed in front of a standard screen (a) SCREEN. The screen has an information transmitter to the smart camera the strong laser grid 10 by 10 each able to change all of the spectrum moving in timing and ratio with the Circus Performer and sensor camera which is to be programmed to project the laser system onto him / her. It then transmits the whole image to the main show screen. SCREEN... (b) Via its wire connection. For real time people to do extraordinary things such as shoot bolts of lightning out of their hands by using remote control hand command device or by pre-programming the systems projector output using prompts and cues in ear piece and a 10 by 10 grid that is only on (a) SCREEN. For wild example conjure up The Devil and he appears on the screen interacting with your programmed movements in timing to your movements and the smart laser / camera unit projects that image onto... (a) SCREEN from... (b) SCREEN images... At the Big Top & Home Entertainment System.


2.The Ring Master / Home Entertainment Device:

The Ring Master Home Entertainment Device consists of a base unit multi coloured film projector with added laser effects for heightened entertainment experiences 0-9 Keypad standard screen plus speakers. To stream live & pre-recorded events.

1) It is to have a disc drive. Many Programmes / Discs to go on sale. Example of shows All now Circus Acts such as Conjuring, Lion Taming etc. Real Sorcery / Conjuring Shows Pre recorded.

2) Receiver to stream Pre-advertised ‘live’ Circus shows anywhere in the world as they happen streamed live / pay per view via phone credit card.’ Then given a 0-9 code.

REMEMBER IMPORTANTLY... After Purchasing The Ring Master Home Entertainment Device for an affordable price. You will be able to buy application software to then view different entertainment formats / Genres such as Enhanced Theatre / Opera Experience... Enhanced Story Book Telling, Advanced Fine Art / Morden Art. Many different discs to be available for each genre. Note. This is designed to provide royalty payments in the licensed above...






Automatic Written Word to Film. + Automatic Written Word to Film Basic Watch Demo.

Make your Movie easier then ever.

Format Website Version www.com + Download Software Version.

Your Book / film script into film easily automatic. Transform Your book film script or screen play ‘any word documents’ to film in three easy steps. This smart software for example generates the content of your film script book any text document any size exactly the way the text is written also allows easy programming editing function. This software loves content descriptive writing the better your written piece the better the finished product. Also automate make your book into a film script based on its content with a couple of easy clicks of the mouse.

Programmed with the entirety of the English language dictionary this system generates, it populates the descriptive visual words into a sequence of film MP4 Image files held within the memory data banks... Also to the laws of English Language an example a tall fat man walks towards a red chair. Sits down. The software fills in the gaps between descriptive words or action words / backgrounds colours within its programmed selected themes listed below / (Menu) if none is given always the most logical path variable is chosen to make each scene innovative and entertaining free flowing for example the tall fat man walks (1) ‘slowly’ towards (2) ‘the right of the shot’ / instead of left... Towards a red chair... (3) 'It creaks' & (4) ‘There is fine art on the wall... 'And the same basic physics apply to the whole of the text to film conversion process within the automated easy to use list. Laws of your film 1-10.


It will have a huge library of everything needed to make a grade A big budget entertainment. Such as film stills, data bases moving film pictures of everything in the world / universe its physics can be manipulated cloaked to your parameters at every possible angle onto a basic 3D 360 degree grid / realistically animating the text. Basic innovated music can be generated. Into Movie via markers on the time line automatic or you could import your own via the menu. Characters special FX, everything is generated by the original written piece and below menu to make the most entertaining experience there is.


A. Basic menu with sub menus easy and fast.

1. Colour themes.

2. People / extras.

3. Sound effects themes.

4. Music.

5. Back drops.

6. Actions speeds movement.

7. Film templates / such as shapes...

8. Props.

9. Distance/Angles.

10. ...

All you have to do is...

1. Copy paste your work or import.

2. Choose your basic menu parameters.

3. Hit enter key then the system populates the 5 best generated films to your written text content. For example 2d / 3d animation. Standard film, film with special effects, mixture of black & white/solarise. Templates over film. At the beginning and end film making process is a viewable editable Timeline.

This Top Ranking Written Word To Film Invention Concept... Will give screen writers / authors of books an option they never had before... Being they will now be able to make a slick looking Big Budget Film for next to nothing easy as pie plus faster then ever.

With every purchase of the above.

Basic Written Word to Film Watch.

Is simple it is a watch with the above capabilities.

A-z 1-9 Key in pad import export memory card & USB connection. With added camera plus viewing screen.

Importantly as a gesture of good will on my behalf Premium extras 'bonuses can be bought for this invention meaning an actress or actor can license their images face in a software download unit for 'your' special big time films. A restriction of a limited number of productions lets say 4 for the moment per unit actor / actress in return receiving a finest big money Licensing fee.

Upside obviously it is.







Female version & male version. The Ultimate Loving experience.


Important the male unit works to the same laws as the female but has a V instead of a P and obviously it is programmed with the woman.

The information blue print schematics on this explicit one is written linked housed within a bonus Intellectual Property Portfolio... And the link can be found within this years company compendium download here.

Invention 21... Alpha. I Have Removed This Particular Invention From Portfolio 1.. 






Number/s Intellectual Property 9, 8, 1, from Portfolio 1. As displayed in this Portfolio #2.

Bonus 3 inventions in 1.


1 of 3.




2 Business orientated virtual worlds / in 1 game / website.

The businesses are of the real world.(A) & (B) Worlds governed by the laws of the world / the www. / & business.

Get the world wide web experience.

Practise business get business success.
You play the part of you in the world today + take care of business.

(A) World = Real world planet earth / Business world. Graphics + programming of the real world.

& (B) World = Virtual world / Extra Advertising Market Place / also Real Business World.

Graphics and layout + symbolism on this advertising world makes business an enjoyable pleasurable + positive experience. Explore this virtual advertising world.



Part 2 of this invention is as follows my fellow.

NAME OF PRODUCT SERVICE = Automatic Website.

Exclusively for people who will succeed. For Webmasters who want ‘most’ exposure for their business the easiest way ever. Introducing an all in one Automated Web hosting / Site Rewriter Building Tool SEO / Meta Generator. A power website.

To programme an all in one automated online powerful Website Success Tool. Exclusively this product Service is an all in one. Easiest ever to use.

1. Website hosting Provider.

2. Powerful automated SEO Website Rewriting Building Tool. With one click. Done.

3. Search engine inclusion tool.

After the person has uploaded their existing site or written and designed they’re site with this service. All they have to do is click the mouse. It automatically builds and rewrites everything on your site in regards to its original content... It is to be programmed with the knowledge of the best SEO Gurus + myself with everything necessary to make your site the most accessible to the engines / Organic. For example... It rewrites the main body of your sites text, meta tags, meta body, title, links, back links et-cetera plus domain address, keywords and then submits to the engines all automatically.

It simplifies the whole process of building a high ranking website ‘easily.'

Upload your existing website then click the mouse just once. Everything completely automated success is yours.

No other SEO service offers the whole package being an all in one + as easy as this.


This is a smart innovation concept. Get your Internet Site the recognition it deserves advertising it needs easier than ever before for less money.


Invention 3 / 3 of this especial.

Computer game Alchemist's Atlantis / Interaction / Planet Earth Game.

Description of product service.

Alchemists’ Atlantis Computer game is a ‘New ‘ Entertainment Concept by Iain Innes. This is an enjoyable entertainment experience like no other Computer game. Meaning also you do not have to sit there bashing & bashing the buttons it is for relaxation. It takes the hassle & stress out of playing Video Games /+ Travelling The World.

The Graphics are everything that is in the world is in the game. It is to have a Travel theme. For example play the game see the world by car, bicycle on foot or even sight see the Seven Wonders of the world in a taxi cab open top bus et-cetera. It is to contain the exact streets buildings landmarks topographical features and people of the world.

It is to be programmed using G.P.S. Global Positioning System Technology to give gamer a realistic view of any chosen locale called up on a grid system.

Alchemists Atlantis is the world game. Never before has so much choice been available in a computer game or any one entertainment device. ‘Limitless Entertainment’ you control with skill. Interact, with the real people of the world example learn customs, grow friendships.

Goals of game continued. Entertainment with limitless choice, progressing gaining life's skills. Relaxing & making quality time not just passing the time. Travel Experience.

It really is an easy concept design most of the work is to be programmed GPS Global Positioning Software Technology.

Sight see through different zones. Graphics to be meaningful iconography and #1 emblematic.


Well well well this cannot be beaten It is 3 of mine in 1.


Titled. www.thebusinessgameworldwizard.com

Benefits Continued...

1. New Business Advertising Arena.

2. Automatic website / Business.

3. Planet earth game. Leisure.

Easily the #1 New Internet Product must have.







"It is 3 of my inventions innovated into one."

1 Channel 6 TV. UK. + 2 Channel 6 TV Entertainment Device UK. + 3 adapted from invention 10.

The below it is a very simple design. Original.


Is Channel 6 television show.

1 interactive main light machine projector unit / 50 cm in height 1/2 foot wide it extends 1 ½ metres up.

To have built in speakers microphone camera voice command bottom to top and side light projector. Graphics Interactive grid matrix / light machine. The light machine is cylindrical and is 3 grid levels up each of these 3 grids is separated into 4 ¼ ‘s. The base unit projects out a fast pulse of coloured light in ten different layers around its circumference vertically to top of the unit where there is a round mirror the same size it bounces the strong light back downwards. Whilst the middle of the unit horizontally omits ten layers of light each 3 grid levels for each quarter of the grid. The images are made when the horizontal and vertical flashing pulses cross upwards downwards & horizontally in the grid in timing in accordance with the mirror at the top, ten by ten graphics resolution on each of the 3 grid layers and according to the programme in drive unit to create 3D moving images. It also has a camera. Each device can only be linked to Channel 6 UK Entertainment devices shows software, downloads. The reason of the entertainment units cameras is to capture the visual of the showman and project it onto the standard screen. The entertainer with his live or pre programmed commands for example background template sound effects is then projected back onto the standard screen then the whole filmed image is then stored in the unit. To transmit to any channel 6 entertainment device screen plus main light projector unit with lasers.

Continued description of Channel 6 subject matter broadcasted to only to the device outlined.

The Jonny Green Room Show. The unit above has the following broadcasted to it as outlined in Intellectual Portfolio 1.

You can submit your own shows via the unit above to channel 6 UK Entertainment Device. Or Channel 6 UK TV.


The Jonny Show / Green Room Show. Green room description. Walls, ceiling, floor are to be TV screens Interactive.



So Dear New Technology. All round much more exciting deluxe entertainment. New Innovation. It's beneficial bigger, better more challenging and rewarding + pleasing to the senses... The new Entertainment Better Concept Channel.


UK Channel 6 Entertainment Device. + TV Channel 6 UK & enjoy.







Make it easier than ever.

It is an amazing all in one.






Automatic Written Word to Film.


Make your Movie easier then ever.


Your Book / film script into film easily automatic. Transform Your book film script or screen play ‘any text documents’ to film in three easy steps. This smart software for example generates the content of your film script book any txt document any size exactly the way the text is written also allows easy programming editing function. This software loves content descriptive writing the better your written piece the better the finished product. Also automate make your book into a film script based on its content with a couple of easy clicks of the mouse.

Programmed with the entirety of the English language dictionary this system generates, it populates the descriptive visual words into a sequence of film MP4 Image files held within the memory data banks... Also to the laws of English Language an example a tall fat man walks towards a red chair. Sits down. The software fills in the gaps between descriptive words or action words / backgrounds colours within its programmed selected themes listed below / (Menu) if none is given always the most logical path variable is chosen to make each scene innovative and entertaining free flowing for example the tall fat man walks (1) ‘slowly’ towards (2) ‘the right of the shot’ / instead of left... Towards a red chair... (3) 'It creaks' & (4) ‘There is fine art on the wall... 'And the same basic physics apply to the whole of the text to film conversion process within the automated easy to use list. Laws of your film 1-10.

It will have a huge library of everything needed to make a grade A big budget entertainment. Such as film stills, data bases moving film pictures of everything in the world / universe its physics can be manipulated cloaked to your parameters at every possible angle onto a basic 3D 360 degree grid / realistically animating the text. Basic innovated music can be generated. Into movie via markers on the timeline automatic or you could import your own via the menu. Characters special FX, everything is generated by the original written piece and below menu to make the most entertaining experience there is.

A. Basic menu with sub menus easy and fast

1. Colour themes.

2. People/extras.

3. Sound effects themes.

4. Music.

5. Back drops.

6. Actions speeds movement.

7. Film templates / such as shapes...

8. Props.

9. Distance/Angles.

10. ...

All you have to do is...

1. Copy paste your work or import.

2. Choose your basic menu parameters.

3. Hit enter key then the system populates the 5 best generated films to your written text content. For example 2d / 3d animation. Standard film, film with special effects, mixture of black & white / solarise. Templates over film. At the beginning and end film making process is a viewable editable Timeline.

This Top Ranking Written Word To Film Invention Concept will give Screen Writers / Authors of Books an option they never had before... Being they will now be able to make a slick looking Big Budget Film for next to nothing easy as pie plus faster then ever.







Film to written word watch.

It has written word to film function. To the laws of Invention 11 in Invention Portfolio 1. Being it automates the words from the English Dictionary makes it into visuals. But also has film to written word.

It is simple it is a watch with the above capabilities. Plus it has a Powerful automated SEO film automation Rewriting Building tool... + Meta Tag generator. Easiest ever for web Coverage + Channel 6 TV... UK / & Channel 6 TV Entertainment Device. As standard has lasers for measuring the shot. An advanced camera & watch face viewing screen.

Standard Key in pad. Plus import export memory chip standard USB / jack connection. Importantly it has an automatic spoken word to film function as invention 11a has not.








Music Uploader Watch.

Make a blinding Music song with video anywhere more unique & easily then ever before.



Music & Text Features.

Key in any instrument manually. Importantly request any instrument from its on board computer / style et-cetera guitar for example. Then either tap on the table, hum it or even whistle it into the microphone + it then automates the tune into the selected instrument. Through its microphone unlimited instruments can be allocated for unlimited musicians at the same time.

Have a 50 piece brass band if you like.


Voice Morpher: Example... Sound like a black woman if you’re a white man. All Accents of the world. + with language translator.

Also With...

Text / Lyrics Generator + Chorus 1 / 2 / 3... Verses etc. Its computer interface reads your content and uniquely builds on that within the law of the English Language & music scale. More content the bettering of the generation.

Automatic Meta Tag generator embed into your video. Easiest ever for web Coverage + Channel 6 TV UK /& Channel 6 TV UK Entertainment Device Uploading via USB / jack / Bluetooth... Speak in your search terms.


Film Making Features.


Film templates / Backgrounds.

Shoot mode example black & white, panoramic.

Lighting, Special FX.


Design & Features Continued.

Standard Watch size. With viewing screen, microphone stereo speakers. USB / Jack connection transmitter / receiver. On board computer chip programmed with the above. Watches can link.


Stream live shows pre programmed content... Unit consists of Quality Camera, microphone & digital screen. Basic key in pad.


New Licensing Opportunity’s For Artists. New skills.






Deluxe Film To Written Word Watch.


Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.







Music Uploader Watch.

Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.






Entertainment invention for caged birds to stop them plucking their feathers out and pecking each other to keep in touch & a watchful eye on them plus is a new entertaining experience for both pet & person.


Invention consists of Main Unit inside cage & remote control inter facer also wire connected camera to view out side live or pre-programmed visuals to the screen inside cage.


Main unit to have a waterproof mirror and a camera miniature TV screen speaker and microphone, receiver / transmitter + wire connection camera to capture the sun moon stars changing climate / seasons yourself also red blue green & yellow bird buttons with the following functions further below.


Remote control unit is an ideal gift for owners of caged birds & for their birds for reasons of keeping in contact with your feathered friend keeping an eye on it when in a different room it has a camera on it which links to screen on main unit microphone visual screen plus speaker to transmit personal voice & picture red blue green yellow function of the buttons work both ways it works a bit like a mobile phone with basic antenna transmitter with receiver transmitter to main unit it transmits to the main unit pressing the red button on remote control triggers your live or pre-programmed voice & visuals to the main unit or both for example feeding time eat your seed then bedtime bath time or another example I’ll be home in 5 minutes have your iodine. Plus you could programme with the remote timers food dispenser water drink stored within command unit. Night time scenery morning etc. with its basic key in pad & red blue green yellow buttons.


Button functions for main unit.

Red / speech for attention / link with owner tapping on red the bird transmits to your remote controlled device for attention remote control beeps to let you know you are wanted and you have audio & visual. Remote control used anywhere for example whilst shopping or at a friends house it links to main unit sound & vision with owner / pet bird comfort both ways.


Blue / water spray.


Green / music and bird song of the day or masters voice tap 1 2 thrice or 4 for that.


Yellow / change scenery on main unit or photo of its master.


Owner can disable all bird buttons with the remote at anytime... & programme.


























Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.






Apparatus / Technology Explanation.
1) The empty shell of a caravan.
2) A deluxe sitting chair within it.
3) Adaptations / Designs of
www.inventioncorporate.com Entertainment Innovations it is 6 of my finest inventions innovated up into a 'Mega Smart Art Invention.'

“It does exactly as it’s name suggests.”

To visualize experience within a caravan any place in the real world / known universe or fiction fantasy world example experience the seven wonders of the world / or space travel around are known galaxy also your literature works of art, another example experience with my smart technology the bible story in 3D high detail sensory auditory entertainment experience. Just by inserting your disc enjoy enhanced theatre experience & sports events the possibilities are endless limitless. Travel around A famous art gallery... There will be many the pre-programmed licensable discs but also put your writing document disc of lets say your written memoirs poems or plays into the machine it automates it all with the following combined innovations of now existing technologies. The below it really a very simple design plus mine original bona-fide.

Description Part 1.
X4 Holographic grid matrix / 'light machines' in each corner. The light machines matrix is cylindrical and is 10 grid levels up each of these 10 grids is separated into 4 ¼ ‘s. within a 90 degree angle from there corners the top of the base unit projects out a fast pulse of coloured light in ten different layers around its 90 degree circumference vertically to top of the projection aerial where there is a 90 degree round mirror the same size as the top of the base unit 40 cm across. The aerial has multi coloured light projectors around its circumference that omit pulses of light up the length of this aerial vertically also omit pulses of the coloured light horizontally in height 10 by 10 grid & remainder of the height to the roof within the ratio & correct angle of all 4 ¼ s of the grid matrix’s 90 degree circumference. The images are made when the horizontal and vertical flashing pulses cross upwards downloads & horizontally at different speeds in the grid in timing in accordance with the mirror on each of the 10 by 10 ¼’d grid layers and according to the disc programme in drive & the other pieces of the unit to create accurate 3D moving images with the rest of the apparatus it also via wiring in accordance with the programming can duplicate the images onto any of the smart flat TV screens that cover the walls ceiling & floor space with the 2 ceiling units in the centre between the 4 corners left & right of the middle floor lighting machine / holographic grid matrix as of the four corners specifications but complete circular and of the same ratios consist of powerful film projectors around the circumference on a globe to enhance on top of the pictures on the visual screens & dark / light screens in exact accordance to the programme running with added coloured lasers for every projection point plus pulses of light for added detail & standard coloured lighting bulbs for back lighting for added colouring on all the system apparatus runs in pre-programming so is in exact timing with each other of its parts precise & pre-programmed calculated angular movements of all the equipment to achieve a surreal 3 dimensional feeling of a larger space within the viewing unit in the whole of the conversion process of programme execution. X4 set positioned seats or pads is wear you watch view with your friends from so you see the correct angle of the desired entertainment show it is fast moving as the programming rotates the shot angles.

More Functions unit is to be also programmed with G.P.S. Global Positioning Technology for example travel the world experience. It is to contain a data base of the exact streets buildings landmarks topographical features and people of the world & every known thing of the universe sounds plus visuals it sends the data streams to each part of the unit at one time with its computer processor for real life graphics feel, not computer generated images real time images processed by its computer. Along with the many discs to be made available you will be able to use its disc drive or memory port to experience your book film script play any piece of writing you’ve written ‘any word documents’ to the real entertainment universe & more in a caravan entertainment device machine. It's so smart & it works by generating the content of your text document any size exactly the way the text is written. The units processor loves content descriptive writing the better your written piece the better the finished product.

The system is programmed with the entirety of the English Language Dictionary this system generates moving and still visual sequences of the written piece cross referencing one's writing computing the images associated within the laws of language for example a tall fat man walks towards a red chair. Sits down. The software fills in the gaps between descriptive words or actions / backgrounds colours within its programmed selected themes listed below / (Menu) if none is given. Always the most logical path variable is chosen to make each scene innovative and entertaining free flowing for example the tall fat man walks (1) ‘slowly’ towards (2) ‘the right of the shot’ / instead of left... Towards a red chair. (3) 'It creaks' & (4) 'There is fine art on the wall' ... The same basic physics apply to the whole of the text to visuals conversion process within the automated easy to use list which is selected via your voice commands with prompts. Laws of your entertainment universe piece 1-10 basic list.

The unit has a huge memory library as already explained of everything needed to make it work right correct such as film stills, data bases of moving film pictures of everything in the world / universe its physics are manipulated cloaked to your parameters at every possible angle onto a basic 3D 360 degree grid within the subsystem realistically animating the text then streams it all exactly that a way as the rest of the unit operates  automatically for it is programmed smartly you see here is the basic menu voice command questions you’d be asked to answer for your writing conversion into visuals easy & fast.

1. Colour themes
2. People/extras.
3. Sound effects themes.
4. Music
5. Back drops.
6. Actions speeds movement.
7. Film templates / such as shapes.
8. Props.
9. Distance / Angles.
10. Et-cetera.

Ready when you are to system populate the 5 best generated films to your written text content. For example 2D / 3D animation.

Standard film, film with special effects, mixture of black & white / solarise. Templates over film.

One of its fantastic functions is to narrate all of the word of the bible in audio pictures, film bible with it’s music exactly the way it’s written on the A to Z Scale through it’s commandment programming with basic + advanced interactive Bible studies + theology symbolism of the Holy Bible explained everything explained engineering / physics of gods universe as it is also programmed with my Invention 5 & 1 of 500 + more language learning system with also Iconography & mathematics.

Just 1 more bit to it a pair of standard 3D glasses will be needed.

This is a high end of the market product to be licensed to many people plus could be made available in top art galleries also as a coin operated version all over the world. Important this top Invention is not Virtual Reality. Ok.

Ends Inventory 22 Beta.




Invention ‘23’. / I.P. OF IAIN INNES COPYRIGHT 2010.

Titled. ‘Your Cooking Pal.’

Everything needed for cooking including the Kitchen Sink inside a small metal case pal.


Consists of Main Unit runs of the electricity mains & Battery powered electrics Plus 2 Sub Units as standard.



Main Unit ‘1’

Simply Ultra Compacted Cooking appliance Times 1 cooking ring in a cubed shaped metal unit with a main frame. Its simple design doubles out electronically on its grooves it is pulled / morphs into shape via its electric powered clockwork motion plus sliding out from back to front along its entire height depth & width via its mechanism programming to reveal 2nd cooking ring to shape perfect rectangle of 2 squares / 2 cooking rings the left of the unit then goes into its 2nd phase sliding across its face from left to right with it’s clockwork motion opening up the rest of the apparatus within it. The oven space inside plus the 2nd X2 cooking rings click up into place all electronically, the unit locks Safely & securely the front of the unit / door is included in this electronic movement with a handle, a latch on the right & standard hinges on its left. To turn on an off change the temperature of the rings & the oven is a 3 metre wire connection remote control command unit connected safely with jack input for the utensils. It can be powered by a rechargeable car type battery that lasts up to 4 hours & by standard mains electrics. All the oven is to be made with standard oven safety approved materials and cooking filaments.


1 Fits inside a ‘small’ metal case with 2 & 3.



Unit ‘2’


All the following apparatus fits inside each other like a Russian doll.


2 square Saucepans inside a rounded square wok.

Inside a large square Mixing Bowl & a Washing Up Bowl inside within it the same shaped Colander & deluxe Measuring Jug.

X4 Square Metal Plates fit under the wok.

X4 square Metal Bowls sit inside the saucepans & weighing bowl .

X4 square Containers with lids sit inside the bowls.
Its Cutting Board fits within side its Baking Tray.





Unit ‘3’


Comes as standard Kitchen Swiss Army type cooking utensil gadget all in one.

All easily clips on & off with its own clip onto a Big Kitchen Key ring.

All sharp instruments displayed come with a safety cap.

1, 2, 3, come with a power jack connector to main cooking pal unit.



1. Electronic Weighing Mat Rolled Up With Velcro clip. It Is A Waterproof Weighing Sensor Pad.
2. Electric Knife Sharpener.

3. Small Electronic Whisk Blender.
4. Grater / Multi Slicer.

5. Squeezer.

6. Fruit Corer.

7. Vegetable Peeler.

8. Ladle.

9. Slotted Spoon.

10. Small rolling pin.

11. Kitchen Scissors.

12. Cooks Knife.

13. Paring Knife.

14. Butchers Clever.

15. Pastry Cutter.

16. Vegetable knife.

17. Pallet Knife.

18. Tongs.
19. Wooden Spoon.

20. Forks.

21. Table spoons.

22. Tea Spoons.

23. Small Essential Miniature Spice Rack.

24. Small Refillable Washing Up Liquid bottle.

25. Dish Cloth X2.

26. X2 Tea Towel.

27. X2 Scourer.

28. Timer with alarm.


Ends Invention Intellectual Property in the number of the ‘23’ Text Inventory.




"Mr Innes does not just innovate he Invents."


Invention ‘24’ / I.P. OF IAIN INNES COPYRIGHT 2010.

Obsolete Gaming reform.


To acquire the license of all video games that are obsolete & not being re-released plus new ones. For the reasons of the entertainment hardware & software stated below.




Hardware description.

It connects via scart lead to standard TV. The unit has the same basic principles as DVD Player but with a memory slot instead of a disc drive. The memory cards are to preloaded with completed expertly played video games primarily that are no longer for sale. Each memory card comes with 250 pre-completed games with all there visuals & audio. The mother board of this smart basic apparatus is only slightly modified as the visuals / audio of the software memory is of DVD format. The extra big Pre filmed memory cards hold a lot of gaming memory...


Plug in the power cord & the scart lead then insert your memory card. Power on button to view a grid / menu on TV screen / list of all the games on the card. Click on for example ‘Spell Caster’ Master System game brings up submenu of stages. Take your pick of stages, & of games. Rearrange order if you want. Then start entertainment viewing. Via a standard remote control device. With play rewind fast forward stop pause, power on / off, menu, volume, mute up & down left & right buttons.



The memory cards can hold the games of individual obsolete consoles or a mix of all different consoles.


The unit would retail at Retail at £25.oo each memory card at £15.00.

Up sides more money for the games that are no longer sold available with a Licensing agreement new extra licensing agreements for new games.






Titled. Heavy Function Red Blue Green Yellow Key ring Device.


1. It is an ultra compact voice recognition inter-facer command unit approx. size of a small torch with red blue green yellow basic buttons it comes with easy instructions but the device prompts the steps of instruction.

2. It is battery powered.

3. It’s memory his held on memory cards.

4. It has a headphone microphone jack plus built in microphone & miniature speaker.

5. It has a high powered lighting system within it of Red Blue Green Yellow + a miniature strobe plus a green laser.

6. It has a fold out tripod stand from within the voice command unit.

7. Receiving Transmitting technology similar to a beeper / mobile phone for receiving fax, voice message, audio books plus music from the command centre.

8. Comes with a top up card for credits of premium music / & lighting allowance audio books fax voicemail.


9. Small camera on also on the tip of the smart device.

10. It has a standard key ring clip.


Button Commands.

Red: Turn on / off voice commands.

Blue: Lighting.

Green: Contact command centre.

Yellow: Instruction manual menu prompter.


Functions including.

1. Not only does it’s smart technology let you receive fax onto memory chip it has a fax to voice + a voice to fax function. They are stored at the command centre & downloadable from the internet plus via email.

2. a. From the download centre you can request not only your music + audio books you can request the optional lighting schemes for the music & literature for example for lyrics or audio books vowels consonants & words example every letter word has a lighting sequence 26 in total then 0 to 10. Also the music notes within the songs play in configurations the music entertainment lighting. & both at the same instance for example the chorus lighting plays the word configurations the main verses the musical notes or vice versa.

2. b. Plus speak your colours, music notes / songs, words to the normal scale & the A to Z scale with playback or live with this device then save onto memory chip export / import via command centre credits or USB jack upload to email & command centre internet website or blog. You may even film it with it’s camera or the sequence is generated within unit directly to the command centre. At the command centre It will display processed onto a video grid with a sub menu function editor with any backdrops etc. As seen in invention 11 in the blessed portfolio here today.

All that is needed to unlock the device unit is unwrap it up press the on button ‘red’ read out the short unlocking sentence within instructions in your natural voice it responds confirms by lighting up all its function with a beep horn buzzer fanfare speaks access granted it is then key locked to your voice & your voice key only.


More Invention upsides from MR. INNES again. More Licensing monies for writers of literature plus music from the command centre downloads. Plus something new to keep you occupied entertained.




Although this one is not completely air tight the others most certainly are. Make you lots of money.


The unit consists of a flip up palette / visual screen microphone for voice command speaker for output special jack input for instrument command. Memory card slot to computerize your writings into artwork music to artwork + do your art live via music and language. All 3 art mega functions work along side each other.


1st Function

Music to art generator.


This is the way it works.

Plug any musical instrument into the system via jack input to generate the artwork.

The music notes played projects onto a 7 X 7 grid each grid square being 7 by 7 square Colour Scale 7 colours of rainbow 7 music notes 7 Octaves. Using the standard music scale. When the notes are played they are processed onto the canvas in a line 21 notes per grid square / colouring the musical grid Colour Scale in 7 shades of each 7 colour octaves example on a piano left to right dark to light heavy & light. This process can also be reversed filling in the grid squares to produce the new musical patterns. by voice command / keying in.




2nd Function

Written Art to Art Generator. English Alphabet Palette.

Using a 8X7 grid square of 7 by 7 as displayed...

1. A B C D E F G

5. A B C D E F G

2. H I J K L M N

6. H I J K L M N }Times 7 across and 7 down 98 minimum sentences onto a maximum grid.3. O P Q R S T U

7. O P Q R S T U

4. V W X Y Z 1 2

8. V W X Y Z 3 4


You can add as many grids as you like after this.


The way things work. The language words played onto the grid 1 2 3 4 to language full stop. Next sentence 5 6 7 8 when a letter in a word is repeated it turns to the next darker shade of its colour plus the musical notes continue to the next octave scale from 1 to 8 that way to give plenty of pitch variance the sequence after two full stops moves to the next grid square left to right to seven then to the next line of the palette / music. This is achieved via typing onto the canvas with regular standard language layout keypad or auto via the data from your memory card. Schematics continued with each 56 grid co-ordinates played is the music tune on the corresponding grid scale in order of 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 plus in order of the programmed written layout order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

1 and 2 3 & 4 colour / music palette giving a signature mark of www.inventioncorporate.com ingenuity which is randomly placed programmed onto the canvas at the end of the written piece 1 is a red circle 2 is a blue square 3 is a green triangle 4 is a yellow circle. Plus each piece at the end is signature 1 2 3 4 onto the 8th by 7th grid the bottom right corner as eye.

Colours explained further each Grid of 7 Octaves the pallet octaves 1 to 7 on each grid square colour choice is of pallet variances of red yellow pink green purple orange and blue rainbow sounds / colours. The written language process formula onto the colour grid a 56 notes

Colour Scale / 7 colours of the rainbow 7 music notes octaves.


3rd Function.

10 by 10 grid size of a grid of 10X10 / 10,000 grid squares or choose a smaller grid at start.

The Palette Box allows you to speak colour command onto the grid reference. Via the microphone Voice to visuals for example that’s right a touch lighter of blue in that particular grid reference grid 1 56 57. Now command palette interface from grid 155 left to right stroke of the brush straight to grid reference 178 zoom in on that a little more to 179 see it right yes that’s how I wanted it. Choose next art command.


More about the machine.

Basic lists of unit function commands. That work as add-on's to all 3 of the New Art / Octaves

1. Back a step. Forward a step.

2. Call up Palette choose colour. 10,000 colour pallet choice.

3. Choose brush utensil / i.e. Shapes & lines thickness texture.

4. Templates / Backgrounds.

5. Lighting & shade.

6. A little bit of c minor here & over here d major onto grid position X & Y for example with the guitar jack in auto plus semi voice command.

7. Zoom in on that yes that’s right.

8. Give me a joined line between Y & Z.


Truly A Genius + Innovation Magic.





Wizard Watch.

A top design of electronics watch a wizard machine watch. With real time magic wow factor.



Main Functions 1.

The wizard watches on board computer has a standard viewing screen and has a satellite connection to tell the time of course. But it also has an amplified built in receiver and transmitting device for communication at close quarter sand at any distance encounters.


With many talking memory packs literature fine art music and magic special effects programmes and interactive games magic battles and quests. It is simple it is programmed with the English Language Dictionary and it then translates all Languages via its extensive English word data base technology via Morse.


It’s on board digital computer time beacon transmits message to other owners of such a smart wizard watch device via the main beacon in every time frame the same as any regular satellite watch for telling the exact time it actually carriers a piggy back signal pulse from the watch unit along to the satellite beacon in Morse then to example a friend in another countries beacon, it pin point’s with easy accuracy then links with granted access the watch via the serial numbers codes of watches that would have been exchanged before hand example a friend or even a lady friend for the communication it then sends transmits and receives the invisible low frequency connection precisely from where the individual was 10 seconds ago in their country at the exact grid reference as the watches keep good time and location 24 /7 at the exact grid reference stored from when they powered up and allowed access 1st time without displaying each others grid reference it keeps updating tracking where you are so there can be a easy connection for example they went from their house went to the shops or went into the garden it continues to update unless commanded not to so from the watch beacon to beacon watch alarms can be set for communication preferences. Every 10 seconds via the digital satellite beacon updates the watches link via watch to beacon to beacon to watch and keeps updating each others position with accurate timing and processes stores into the memory mainframe for life of the battery charge all of its functions are easily voice commanded with basic 4 red blue green yellow buttons it sends the signals the text speech and photographic and complex moving images via Morse to make up visuals onto its on board grid like a flick book of moving coloured images the voices text visuals and sounds are generated built into lines of Morse sent in Morse then the processing of the words via alphabet into its visual projection including when words are sent it transmits words with audio option photos or film colours its processor scans the images through the language dictionary makes it up plays it all in sequence like a image flick book onto receiving watch via going through the two country's time zone digital beacons. The power is in the processing and memory database of the watches on board computer. The watch face screens and design of course has even more function see ‘main function 2’ with the basic instructions displayed as you go also on the display is the sending plus receiving of your messages. The watches can also relay messages from watch to watch via the digital satellite beacons using speech input taking photos film from its camera microphone and speaker with pre-programmed literature or art and film memory chips that slot into its inter facer. Its programming allows all commands to be voice controlled. Also an auto retracting aerial with clip on booster comes with this tidy bit of kit.


Apparatus Continued.

Main Function 2.

Importantly the watch also has built in many other lighting visual effects including a powerful spot light strobe plus x3 very powerful multi colour spectrum laser light with smart miniature film light projection device and screen. ie. For reasons of the following for a heightened close quarters wizardry and entertainment experience. It projects images pre-programmed via its purchasable memory chips or by live programming of its easy to use hand device projected from its source to example onto your living space wall making a visuals screen template better with the lights down. Its many different multi coloured lighting and laser chips programmed by expert knowledge of what makes magic film type special effects for example conjuring & real sorcery shows from the watch it transmits the pre-programmed memory chip data in it’s programmed correct sequence also comes with a pull out and detachable super compact basic green light laser grid pin that hooks up onto wall with its own battery power mechanism commanded via speech into the watch main unit it switches on via the watches transmitter to the miniature circular grid pin it projects out the beam at 45 degree line angles from itself the transmitter receiver on board plays the programme on the watch this can also be used for wizardry games or even shoot-em up games etc. At the front of the miniature grid projection device is also a hi-tech motion sensing camera to film your action processes transmits back to the watch processes and relays it back to the grid transmitting receiving device it also comes with a small power pack adapter separate. The watch also can be recharged via the same adapter jack. For entertainment and real interaction between want to be wizards. Connecting via watch command a sequence of commands to allow 2 to 4 players to interact sorcery magic and light shows and games onto the grid. Viola. Shoot visual bolts of lightning from the watch and the watches programmed alter transmission effects on the grid for example also via watches voice commands to unit or use watch hand in correct direction and combinations. Conjure up The Devil a dragon or quest this my friend is as about as close as anyone can get to safely practising real magic with real time visual results pal. Also you have a function to do all that with main function 1 to their watch face screen in different country then they can also project the show as described in main function 2. With record and play back download functions. Or even interact across any distance... via the digital watch satellite beacon via its magic. It also has another external memory booster software chip.

Now that’s magic.





Processor Mouse +

Firstly it is a wireless mouse that allows you to copy paste anything onto a text document I invented that other one before you as well fellas. Here we go then a wireless mouse that allows you to scan anything onto a computer the mouse is a truly smarter processer mouse + it has a scanning camera at the bottom of it and a magnifying glass at the top to see what you need to plus importantly 4 additional on off function switches on the left top side of it. For example you see a word in the thesaurus click red button activates this mode drag mouse over selected words using the magnifying glass view finder then left click move mouse back onto mouse mat and copy paste as normal into document email etc. Ideal for writers who need word power with ease. Plus it has a built in microphone speak your words into it then paste into your document it also works as a standard calculator drawing geometry machine blue switch allows when activated right click to bring up an art template menu with sub menus that part of its software is built into the mouse it also has a database memory chip of an encyclopaedia within the mouse that can be copied pasted onto its basic art canvas onto your computer via the rest of its software disc then pasted onto for example your website blog etc. as it is generated to HTML. Also ask question clearly into its on board microphone then paste your answer that was blue switch mode. Within this software package as well as the is a music editing programme tap whistle hum a tune into your mouse then paste into the music timeline that tune in any instrument with mixing and record to mp3 et-cetera green switch mode. With yellow switch mode film + film it function = written word to film function and voice to film with the same schematics as invention 11 + 17 ‘of thine’ meaning it generates film from the words of the English Language Dictionary onto the software grid matrix via the mouse processor. Just copy record your words then paste into the basic film editing programme. As your Processor mouse + is a wireless device you can take it out with you to catch those ideas snap shots jingles then with ease just paste them onto your computer. Rechargeable Batteries included and docking device software disc.

Retail at £50. To be considered a super deluxe item at a budget price.





$cratch Sniff And Spray Catalogue Magazine.

Big catalogue of 100% and genuine precise smells. It is a weekly magazine subscription which focuses only on smells. Not only is each special paper page crammed with different smells to peel scratch and sniff but it also has a small built in sealed smelling compartment on the binder with a connector that you could connect to ultra thin 50cm plastic hollow tube with a spray unit at its tip it connects via screw valve to each individual smelling vial which has an air tight connector and smell is released with each individual button which runs on a circuit battery operated mechanism magazine is to be 100% genuine smells / scents plus consists of the following X Fifty 5ml compartments each having an air tight connector. Also there is important information about each smell with a single iconic photo.



Edition 1. Week 1.

Example of the content exact precise plus 100% genuine original smells of.



Example. Lamb and rice. Mushrooms. Curry.




Example. Cola or Orange juice.




Example. Vodka, beer or brandy. Moonshine.




Example. Smells you associate with woman ie. 'V... ' Or Makeup.




Example. Shaving foam, soap, sperm. Cigarettes.



Example. Morning dew. Different flowers. Wood. Sand and Sea. Animals.




Example. Oil. Coal. Tire Rubber. Different Fires.



Synthetic Materials / Man made.

Example. New trainers. Electronics.



Plus bonus in every issue such as.

1. What would it smell like if.

2. I mixed these.

3. If I burnt it.

4. The smell or 3 things combined.


The following weekly magazine consists of variations of these and much more.





A short extract from my latest movie film script. It is titled...

Returning Of King Arthur His Dangerous Henchmen Plus Revelation. AKA. The Wizard Of God.


Hot Extract.

The End.

But not quite yet introducing invention 31 penned by I for god upon high. Well a here it is many of us wear religious jewelleries yes innovated by the Alchemist today is invention 31 to infinity made available in silver and gold with a head phone jack tiny miniature speaker microphone and built in miniature memory chip holding the entirety of the literature of the Holy Bible its brain all slots into a small space in the back soldered on with gold or silver, a powerful small round watch type battery pops out of the left side plus removable memory on the right side and jack at the top. It certainly is the most important works of literature in the world. Good people like to be reminded of Gods love in wearing religious items of silver or gold now the Holy Bible is made available for the 1st time so you can wear all its knowledge around your neck and listen to all with the greatest of ease and comfort anytime keeping you spiritually aware, safe plus protected from demons it is voice activated commands are given by voice and you can ask for specific books chapters passages. Ask its on board computer a question about the bible. It also has built in theology answers within unit interface. Plus worship songs on removable memory chips should be purchased. There can be many different religious designs even with flashing red blue green yellow led lights.

Follows an important note from the author Invention Master. Note.

I have also invented an option of which I now own the rights to do the same with all religions and there profound texts within this protected Intellectual Property Concept and do not wish ever release to ever do so ok. For starters the contents of invention 31 is held within this works of written literature and is Copyright here today along with and the rules of www.inventioncorporate.com another business money making revelation that is now the end of the movie.


The End. Credits scroll up.




Invention 32.

Artist's Watch Device.

This is red blue green yellow watch a technological Marvel. Arts new best friend.

The Arts The Arts The Arts.

Art function. Using its on board computer system large memory capacity simply speak the word from the back of the palette voice box into the systems microphone. Then the smart artists friend the watch cross references the words speech into art using its dictionary encyclopaedia Thesaurus memory onto 100x100 grid reference within its main frame. God this is a good example... 1st command 'I'd like 10 abstract 3 dimensional abstract shapes black and white. You can tell say it anywhere on the grid. Watch this is the 2nd command large red and blue flowers that are found only in the amazon rainforest in the top right ¼ of the artists grid. Each command Is followed up by it speaks the progress of the work and also has advice pre-programmed prompters such as what Leonardo De Vinci or Picasso would of tried something similar to this or even that it can be turned on or off. Continuing this #1 example... I’d like the rest of the ¾s of the grid to show the milky way galaxy as it would be when in alignment with the earth and a black border of stars and comets. Oh also I’d like Jupiter Saturn and venues to be in it where ever you think is best on board computer also put in a heavenly hand pointing from the top left and bottom right. Save it into example oil paints, water colours pencils or crayons format. Well as easy as that aye don’t forget to sign your fantastic unique art.


Continuing explanation of the way it works.

Of course it has a 1 and a 1/2 inch squared coloured viewing face. It has a powerful memory chip, this is the truly splendid device holding the entire Encyclopaedia Dictionary plus Thesaurus it can also be used as a language translator via English. It is a Dictaphone function. Importantly as standard it is a Security Watch which transmits receives both ways to X4 miniature transmitting receiving miniature cameras each powered by a small battery. The Watch has a camera all of them have a microphone the main unit has a speaker of course they all connect to a miniature junction box that sits at home near to your pc / laptop et-cetera via programming software and cable. So you can easily instantly upload your art to your website blog desktop etc. Also for making voice and visual notes via voice command and basic keying in buttons it also comes as standard a clip on booster aerial for when abroad via transmitters and satellite if abroad on biz or holiday. It is capable of transmitting it transmits visuals audio art works back to receiver box which is plugged into computer via just a standard USB connection and hooks up directly to a printer for printing and uploading to computer or even the internet via a coded stream with your codes. Of course it has all basic watch functions too. It is a heavyweight item set in a light weight design. Easy.


That is marvellous mate.


Ends Inventory.




Invention 33 and 33 Beta.

Titled. Garden Hygiene Devices. Clever stick.


Invention 33.

A better deterrent for cats fowling a prowling gardens.

Well it is as easy as this a simple solution to a big old problem.

Description. A gardeners worst nightmare is a returning feline cat moggy fowling their prize of a garden the solution my friend is invention #33. It is quite humane. The unit serves the purpose of luring the cat to the catnip smell. It then sprays a fine spray across a 360 degree circumference all the smells cats find revolting and thus it will not come back again. The smells are a combination cocktail of non lethal mixture of citrus lemon garlic pepper mustard lavender herbs and rosemary. It sticks in the ground it is a clever stick.

Apparatus description. The cat deterrent pack consists of X9 ¼ litre bottles. Each has a miniature motion sensor of 5 metre radius. Each 9 pieces also has within it a memory bank chip as standard camera programmed with every cat species including moggy’s of all shapes and colour it identifies confirms that it is definitely a cat threat via its programming data base then omits the repellent across a 4 metre distance this is achieved by the 360 action of the camera which is controlled by a basic watch type spring mechanism of miniature cogs that turns clockwise the camera turns a whole turn to see spot its messy intruder threatened it then automatically processes the image instantly confirms it is a feline then moves the spraying nozzle via the same mechanism action it sprays the messy blight to do a runner off. The sprayer projects at a 10 o’clock angle the same 360 degree mechanism action after the spraying then turns around again wipes the excess with its built in disinfectant swab to clean the unit spray nozzle ready for the next garden intruder alert. Each X9 hi-tech cat repellent device is solar powered and has a backup rechargeable battery pack for night time. The strong cat nip is at the middle of the unit with a bib rim above it protecting it from the spray ok. ¼ litre refills of the repellent potion can also be purchased dead cheap plus to go on sale would be conveniently a set of 2, a set of 4 and a set of 6 varying on the size of one’s garden ya.





Invention 33 Beta.

The same basic apparatus is also modified to prevent dogs and wild dogs fowling gardens working this way the invisible whistle that humans cannot hear attracts the naughty doggy then a basic high pitch noise dog deterrent for training and misbehaviour like a squeal or rape alarm. Its programming works you see as the camera and software within it is of the dog variety it does not need the spray it runs a dozen different types of high pitch noise until the dog bolts further than a 25 metre radius which is also the distance of when the apparatus activates it also sends out a short pre-programmed voice commands such as get over here, here doggy and other words ending in ‘y’ or’ i.e.’ such as here daisy or there’s a good boy there’s a good girl and there’s a good dog it than omits the scare and the dog learns its lesson not to return back to your garden land. It is also solar powered like the cat device. It is a clever stick.

Ends Inventory 33 + 33 Beta.





Invention 34.

Mega Music Whistle.

It is the size of a basic whistle you suck or blow a whistle into it without even having to whistle and the selected instrument sound is played live.


This special whistle is an all music synthesizer. It is a hi-tech whistle with a built in microphone speaker with a memory chip processor that holds within it’s data base all musical instruments and their pitches it has a red blue green yellow button that light’s up L.E.D.’s of red blue green yellow for the instrument selection on top of the whistling device along its length. Smarter whistle instrument processes the music easily just by acknowledging there has been pressure blown into it or out of it by a basic pressure valve mechanism. It then processes this basic of information to its programmed on board computer the instrument processes the information this way the softer it has been blown in or out by ones breath the lower the pitch of the selected instrument the harder the higher the pitch for example you choose a most complex instrument like a the a piano as red button instrument let’s say you want to go from the bottom to the top of the scale keep finger on the button and continuously blow out whistle one way left to right then suck in whistle right to left. In the singular short suck in whistle for black keys whistle blow quick outwards for white keys. The pitch of all the synthesizer instruments is achieved by the softness plus hardness of the whistling through the pressure valve and is computed plus alternatively with more complex instruments such as a piano there is an exterior small built in switch it has moves forwards and backwards via the finger along the length of the musical device. Programme up to four instruments any one time allocate them to red blue green yellow synthesizer whistling sounds. It has a built in metronome and voice prompter for when to play in perfect timing the instrument for your song score. Build a whole song in 4 stages of play as it has a record function via a click or voice prompter stage 2, 3, 4, will instruct you the best place and pitch to play your next instrument with a click or voice command to the rules of music you have chosen from the screen menu which also has 4 small command buttons for marking out making your own music score and choosing help with making a song sounding like pop rock classic alternative reggae rap et-cetera.


The real on board compact musical processor works processors your whistle blowing whistling out or in lets say 1 time whistle out for 2 seconds it plays the chosen instrument 1 note for 2 seconds. Pre-programme your 4 instruments for the red blue green yellow example electric guitar red, snare drum blue, cymbal green and electric piano yellow. To switch your instrument drawing the session press the red button for electric guitar the colour of your selected instrument for the composition is always L.E.D. Lit so you can see what your doing also for example use a whole drum kit programmed as blue with the exterior switch. The unit has a head phone jack for speaker input as well as a USB for speaker plus computer connection. Also as it has a record function the unit comes as standard with memory chip slot. It has the ability to record and mix within the unit. It has a miniature back lit screen ½ the size of a watch face for the musical score and all the information of its programme including an easy X4 channel music mixer pal.


Ends Inventory.






Invention 35 / Alpha Beta Gamma And Delta.

X4 Ultimate new video games ideas.


Game Idea 1.

Part 1. Disc 1.

A God Worship Game.

From Sunday school prayers all the way through to becoming an experienced theologian a church elder, minister or to arch bishop level. Learn all that’s needed to become a priest. Real time. Just feel in the profile form at the beginning of the game answering basic questions such as walk of life questions, age, ambitions.

Goals of game and modes examples of game modes. Just worship mode today which involves Christian worship receiving advice and giving advice to spiritual and walk of life questions, the answers are programmed by the top...Top people who know these things in and out through such as answers old lady or experienced theologian would give you or other priest. Advice from Catholics or Church of England ministers about everything church. The God Worship Game advances you onto the next stage on a points system.

Example. Also tea prayers and blessings with a church elder scenario, bible study with friends, friends for dinner. To have lots of games within this excellent God game ya real time Christian interaction via broadband connection. You can sing in the choir on Wednesday Night choir practise, you may lift your voice sing to god in church by pressing the buttons you can choose your praises clap your hands raise them to your god interact plus listen to your priests sermon on Sunday.

In start game as goal to be a minister or a top theologian. All the questions within a regular ministerial exam would be included in your experience and you could play it on and off for months. Also choose to tour the world at big Christian events after moving up the ladder ace stages you become better at the game for example when you eventually become a minister you unlock secret stages to even more important events such as invite to important world meetings or tea with the Pope pal. As you progress at all stages you might want to choose to do missionary work plus more of Gods tests and tasks within the game pre programming, worship with your congregation via internet bridge gaps distances ok Church to Church. Special moves bonuses including bring the Holy spirit to your church to work miracles catch the Holy Ghost just like the blessed old girl does on every Sunday for the past 25 years. As an experienced player you could even perform an exorcism. You can pray at prayer group read the bible celebrate special occasions such as his death and resurrection at Easter celebrate Christ Jesus' birth at Christmas midnight mass etc. It is a video game where you learn all the theory to becoming a minister plus learn to a better man, woman of God a clever Theologian learn to be a wiser person. It may act as a serious way and a fun way to gain big practise for your church minister exams pre-programmed also with all the rules the bible. As long as it is Christian you can choose any type of church to worship in...


Part 2. Disc 2.

Books of the Bible are the stages. The graphics are as it was explained. Win the story of God again.





Game Idea 2.

3 in 1. A 3 disc box set.


1. Disc 1.

Learn video games programming via playing learn video games programming game. All final exam questions simulations included. Make games with it also.


2. Disc 2.

Make a movie video game. Learn everything needed to make it in the industry. From scripting directing special effects, camera man. Learn everything needed to easily pass an exam in all aspects of the industry it is a simulation all angles taken into the consideration. Which also allows you to make a film and export to disc memory chip.


3. Disc 3.

Electronics engineering video game. From soldering wires to assembly line management. This real life simulation game teaches the player the exact way to engineer electronics to the book dotting I's plus crossing T's. To help folks get an edge in electronics. Exam level. From cars to cameras from phones to televisions to computers. Learn it all.



Game Idea 3. 1 Disc.

The Building Game.

From plumbing electrics Carpentry Joinery masonry brickwork and even architecture. This video games simulation teaches instructs the user with all the knowledge to pass a theory plus the practical exam on the said subjects trades. It allows you to for example in joinery mode measure up cut wood use all tools that would be needed in a real life scenario as in the other modes. Simulate each job of the each profession with exact graphics detail angle etc. All the final exam questions will be covered. A way to get plenty of practise in when at home from the job with 10 different levels of difficulty for each trade countless building site scenarios / simulations jobs etc. Learn all the theory plus practise the practical side of the jobs.




Game Idea 4.1 Disc.

#1 Prison game. Be Good or Bad.

Choose your prison country gang appearance etc. Gang colours crime and time in here. For different levels of play and experiences.

You can even learn to become a model citizen in here which has its privileges like be paroled. Or you can be violent, be in a gang / learn all the criminal tricks get your commissary racket under way.

Random stages including The yard the, weight lifting room, canteen, visiting day. To death row the electric chair lethal injection if you are really bad and lose.

Be a real villain pal, beat everyone f*cking up. Plus etc... Stab other gang members on the yard with a sharpened plastic pencil / shank. Et-cetera smoke your smokes smoke someone else on the outside, even have a w*nk on in your cell mate, beat up an officer then gang rape a newbie examples drug dice the food as cook watch what happens to the other inmates. Kick off some violence at visiting time. Importantly watch yo back you could be in here for life etc. This is not escape from prison but you can try.


Ends Inventory.





Enclosed. This One Goes. Here.

Invention 33. Gamma.

Seasons Greetings Once Again Within Upon A Time Book.

The Christmas Device.


It is a novelty. It is a Christmas transmitting machine adapter VCR Scart lead device also plugs into TV. For the purpose of being Tree Decoration and for spending time with families at Christmas to be a tradition. A transmitting streaming circuit box with aerial, A 3 metre wire connects the main part of the unit. With 5 wire connection and scart connection. The powerful smart transmitting receiving box links the pathway code serial number of each linking Christmas unit. It is a decoration to decoration Christmas party via a scart lead input. It consists of 5 basic pieces apparatus and the father unit. It has a standard 3 pin plug power supply.

Further Description.

After turning device on using the on board video screen menu ‘Scart connected.’ A programme command prompt to stream code between machines can be keyed in. It is the units 4 digit serial Number thus achieving via this remote connection between devices shall be the visuals of each or all of the x4 decorations there angles of red blue green and yellow ‘the x-mas borballs’ / with each having a camera plus the main top of the tree star or fairy with it’s camera for ‘eye’ is connected via wires to main unit then via Scart lead to TV / VCR. The main unit machine is a transmitting streaming device also programmed with a basic number command menu of 1 to 10 of Christmas templates plus it connects 2 or more VCR’S / TV’s across any distance to this by sending your selected programmed stream via a transmitting to receiving pulse code with it’s built in microphone and basic camera transmits live images signals from one place to signals in another place ‘from one’ ‘Christmas unit’ ‘to another... ’ Text speech and visual images with templates / complex moving images are sent like a flick book of images 100 pages a second each made up of the Morse and code via 100 lines of code and Morse per page they are sent via the information transmitting data stream back and forth a pulse connecting the 2 transmitters to the machines processing them onto a grid at the other end then onto Television Screen via VCR and Scart. The images and audio from the 1 to 5 camera decoration are transmitted in a transmitting pulse between the devices. The camera relays to the unit the audio and image then it is processed onto the grid matrix within and computes all back into dense lines of Morse for a coded stream between the transmitters as easy as that.

Plus I’ll continue...
Each decoration is also holding a L.E.D. of red blue green yellow light that can combination be played within the Morse also along with built in Christmas Hymns et - cetera. The 100 pages of 100 lines of new code and Morse are sent securely between the units 1 / 100 pages times per second. Via sending this heavy transmitted now received coded stream at the other end of the unit to unit visuals audios that are made up of the processed data stream code within the systems programming. The Scart connected 2nd machine and all information stored onto it processes all info from the received data stream onto it’s 100 by 100 grid matrix processor a flick book of images are sent made up of the Morse and code including the chosen Christmas Templates computed, it computes references each line of all code lines from camera visuals audio microphone sounds, the transmitted moving pictures are all re-processed onto its processing grid / the moving coloured images, the sounds audio Morse and visual code lines get computed back via the receiving 2nd  transmitting machine makes streams and projects the true images onto the TV / VCR through Scart connection onto TV on a square grid / your screen in your home and their screen grid rotates clockwise in a cycle of ten for the ten templates choose one to ten views. This device works because it is a strong transmitted coded stream as it plugs into the mains and as it is sent in short bursts between units, the computing technology power is contained all within the Christmas box all that’s needed is a Scart connection on your Video / TV. Its memory included is programmed with everything Christian, associated with Christmas and the birth of God. Christmas Music / church hymns which light up in timing across machine and also transmit any distance. Pull up a menu and choose. This machine has a basic 0-9 keying in pad. For commands... Up down left right + play. Enjoy your Christmas with each other. It is a basic it is a necessity it is a serious box of decorations for anyone serious about Christmas. Which also can transmit worldwide via satellite and beacon masts. It can only be used at Christmas time when the Satellites are allowed to be connected for 24 hours ok.

Importantly this device can easily be adapted to work via a broadband connection okay. Ps. And I could of even invented it to be able to transmit project your thoughts to give them a Christmas fright similar to my yet invented my version of unreleased discovered Witchery machine from my Shamanism Witch Doctor and Magic Series in my ‘A More Exotic Alchemy Antimony And Chemistry Innovation... Bound into the WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Business Opportunities Compendium.

Retail perhaps at about a £25. 17. 22. Quid. Christmas Bargain.




Invention 38+ And 38+ Beta.


'Leader Sauces' The New Leader Of Quick And Easy Innovation Complete Meal Sauces New Meal Time Ideas.


None of these have been done yet.

www.inventioncorporate.com Invention 38 / Deluxe Real Food Sauce Sachets.


The following life style food sachets you will like they are original concept.


www.inventioncorporate.com deluxe single food flavouring condiments sachets and sachet box kits. World wide renown dishes in condiment sachets. Stick it over chips over rice on bread on a potato. To be sold singularly. Or as meal flavour deals. For when monies tight and you want something a bit tastier to eat.


The Leader Sauces Favourites Range.


1. Beef Burger Or Roast Beef Food Sauce Sachet. 'Not Burger Sauce.'

2. Sausage Flavour Sauce Sachet.

3. Chicken And Mushroom Pie Flavour Sauce Sachet.

4. Saveloy And Chips Flavour Sauce Sachet.

5. Chinese Spring Roll Sauce Sachet (With Zero No Bean Sprouts).

6. Brown Sauce and Cheese Sachet.

7. Onion Ring Flavour Sauce Sachet.

8. Scotch Egg Flavour Sauce Sachet.

9. Cornish Pasty Flavour Sauce Sachet.




Leader Sauces Introduces For Vegetarians.

1. Stir Fried Vegetables Sauce Sachet (Minus Bean Sprouts).

2. Mixed Salad Flavour Sauce Sachet.

3. Quorn Flavour Sauce Sachet.

4. Veggie Sausage Flavour Sauce Sachet.

5. Vegetable Samosa Flavour Sauce Sachet.

6. Swede Turnip Parsnip And Sweet Potato Sauce Sachet.




More Speciality Leader Sauces Food Sachets Including These delicious Varieties.

1. Roast Grouse And Stir Fry Vegetables (With Zero No Bean Sprouts) Food Sauce Sachet.

2. Roasted Pheasant Peas And Carrots Food Sauce Sachet.

3. Lobster and Cracked Peppered Butter Garlic Food Sauce Sachet.

4. Asparagus And Olive Oil Food Sauce Sachet.

5. Artichoke And Salad Dressing Food Sauce Sachet.



Leader Sauces.

Unlike other sauces Leader Sauces have all natural ingredients no bluff and innovation they're the real deal. Each Sauce Condiment Meal accompaniment Listed here contains for example real meat real vegetables spices etc. Nothing artificial just natural preservatives for longer shelf life. The following Chinese And Indian Sachet Sauce Condiments just like above and below meal cuisine deals are to be made available as single meal making sachets also as box sets X4 Sachets of each condiment flavour. The Leaders Sauces are exactly that they really make the dish something special and something to talk about. Example you have a plate of plain boiled rice you can now have 4 flavoursome dishes and your rice you want. These are just but a few examples.


1. Chicken Satay Sauce Condiment.

2. 'Deleted off the menu.'

3. Roast Duck Cantonese Style.

4. Special Chop Suey.



1. Onion Bhaji Sauce Condiment Sachet.

2. Chicken Tikka Sauce Condiment.

3. Tandoori mixed grill chicken Tikka Lamb Tikka And Sheik Kebab Salad And Name Flavour Condiment Sauce.

4. Garlic Nam Bread Sauce Sachet.

5. Tandoori King Prawn Biryani Sauce Sachet.

6. Poppadum Sauce Sachet.


For Even More Exotic Tastes.

1. Turkish Delight Curry And Onion Sauce Sachet Condiment.

2. Onion Banana Chocolate Coconut Curry Sauce Condiment.





Follows More Of The Leader Sauces Deluxe Sauce Sachet Kits. Each Meal can consist of 1 to 3 separate sauce sachets.




Bread And Butter Roll. Salads, Prawn cocktails.



Example. Beef Chilli Con Carnie. Roast Dinners. All the popular ones such as Chicken, or Beef with Potato Peas Carrots gravy roast dinner sauces example stick it over your rice make it taste nice.



Have your jacket potato taste just like a Chocolate Sundae your rice tasting like Strawberry Trifle. Examples of the finest condiment sauce sachets... Apple pie and Apple Crumble Sauce Flavour Sachets, Candy Floss Sauce Sachets, Toffee Apple Sauce Sachets. Nice On Rice.


The most complex and true flavours in a sachet or two. To be sold separately or in selection boxes. Ranging from 25 pence to 2.00 quid. www.inventioncorporate.com condiments make the dish.





And 38+ Beta.


And Now... Another www.inventioncorporate.com tasty food cook up recipe.


Punk Rocker Suit. A microwavable dish mate.

Ingredients 2 slices of bread, 2 table spoons of sugar, 1 litre of milk, 1 level tea spoon of mixed spice. 1 minute in the microwave. It’ll fill you out in no time plus is a classic convenience dish. Wonderful cuisine what 1 minute.




Ends Inventory to date 25/03/2011.





Invention 39+. Legal Smokes. Invention 3. Of My Shamanism Sorcery Witch Doctor Wizard And Smacking Magic Series.


Invention 39+ The Meaning Of Flower Power.

Wow wide web exclusive coming soon www.inventioncorporate.com smokes of dope. 'True Legal smokes Chief.'


More on that at another date. It was innovated by me it is, invented compiled bound into The Company's Opportunities Invention Compendium.


Ends Inventory to date 25/03/2011.





Invention 41+.

Deluxe And Rainbow Illusion Mirror Imaging Projection Unit.

Inspired to a certain extent via Isaac Newton's Optics and D' Vinci. Unread.


Well Dear Reader innovate,

This one of mine is a deluxe garden ornamental device for projecting a rainbow and for projecting live film / mirror imaging visuals within it. Powered Inspired also by the light side of the sun with all mechanical moving parts runs on a pressured cog and band system like clockwork windup generator. Also it appears today in the text inventory with a more modern back up solar powered battery generator as optional. New compact design a trendy garden must have a magnificent must have.


Apparatus design.

A. X6 Mirrors / Mirror ‘A’ 50 cm / the powering source and the mirror / imaging device angles the shot mirrors 1, 2, 3, and 4. With several different sun catcher image filming measure notches each corresponding with the height of the rain maker a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, All click into place on auto command also by manual lever. The 6th mirror also known as mirror ‘D’ extends out from the top of the rain maker 50cm away from the device directly at an angle to mirror ‘A’ importantly mirror ‘D’ is made of a thin sheet of highly polished metal for safety. The metal sheet is 25cm in diameter and round with a smooth edge.


B. Strong magnifying glass unit which clicks into place for prism / plus for magnified rainbows and magnified mirror imaging projection viewing, it moves up to several different heights auto with the rest of the unit into position.


C. Connected to the unit top right of the unit 50 cm out. The rain making device. Description a basic fine water shower spray head 25cm length 10 cm wide. Connected to a thin 5 mm watering tube that will allows the palette waters to circulate gently around the device whilst recycling most of the water supply / ‘the rain’ into a gully garden bird bath design. It is a secure hollow 1 metre rod and can extend telescopic out from within itself up to 5 metres in height taking the thin water pipe which is clipped loose to its side and attaches to a reel at the base where it connects on assembly. It mechanically adjusts the required length upwards and downwards via the computed clock working pulleys to its correct length for extending up and downwards motion. This can also be done manually via it’s turning handle.


A. B. and C can easily be adjusted in unison together by just clicking the correct mechanical arm 1 to 7. Important the whole unit is powered by a clockwork computer mechanism and the sundial time connection timing piece. Explained below.


D. The apparatus comes as standard with a glass prism that unlocks clicks up onto its stand via its side moving double trap door and raising platform it moves behind the units looking magnifying glass with it’s moveable shutter system in sequence via a safe lock key and with a switch to turn it and adjust the shutter width Mechanically.


E. The only modern parts of this apparatus is its built in solar panel and battery for big 1000 watt light spot light bulb for when there is no sun available to power the rainbow. The bulb can also be powered by the built in wind up mechanism energy generator.


F.As standard mechanical date and time sundial via wind up mechanism with regular watch face and hands. Allows the system to work follow the sun in the vault sky. It is connected to the working main frame like clock work.


G. Lots of black and white and coloured templates can be bought then slotted into its projector slot also in a line flick book type books run through this machine like film like ammo rounds going through on cogs via a turning handle action or on auto power from the solar power or main system wind up motion powering source. The projector slot is placed before the prism before the magnifying unit templates such as double triple treble rainbow book, 18+ silent gangster tales, and animal shapes for the kids, cars and bikes boats, planes and flying birds. Other well known stories animate.


Continuing The Invention Innovation, And The Way It Works.


X. To make the rainbow is the natural sunshine to be angled onto the angled mirror that faces south where the sun shines most also via flicking a switch auto the main mirrors ‘A’ mirror and ‘B’ mirror can move with the sunlight into the needed angles of 180 degrees via turning the whole unit at the base stand in a clockwork motion auto via the sundial clock mechanism compass sunshine sensor-ing system positioning the sun mirror acutely throughout the wonderful day via the watch time sundial piece which is connected to the main frame computer to the laws of a standard regular watch device mechanically via wheels and cogs not electronically plus also I repeat it has a wind up working battery action to power this machine.


I’ll continue.


Y. The Sunlight projects between ‘A’ and ‘B’ mirrors back and towards and through the light spray shower of water upwards at the correct angle a naturally made rainbow occurs. Example 42 degree angle within a drop of water for red and 45 for violet means the reflected light would have to be between a 10 and 11 O’clock watch face I believe for the different heights of the rain rod. This is made done automatically via the systems mechanical timing computer and clock for correct desired effect.


And Importantly. Regarding imaging.


Z. One needs to stand on the to the right of the garden apparatus for a natural film projection imaging within the rainbow and prism rainbow the white light stream and visuals of a smaller imaging mirror ‘1st’ mirror 1 in the imaging sequence is angled to the direction of the left of mirror ‘A’ / from the left main mirror to the 2nd mirror which is positioned by the mechanism with an extra shield screen on it’s right and partly upper side to block out the glare of the sun against mirror ‘A’. So this 2nd mirror in the sequence is reflecting capturing the 1st mirror visuals projects it through a lens with minification properties through the length of the metal cylinder which has a small mirror outside the other end mirror 3 but is still within the sealed dark unit it reflects up to the final mirror, mirror 4 aiming the mirror image #1 directly in front of the inner side of the magnifier completing the 4 mirror cycle back to right side the reflecting of it big again through the magnifying glass along with the harnessed power of the sunlight through the magnifier and the moving illusions are projected angled together through the magnifying glass and up through the water shower spray made rain and the live illusion of visuals and light is accomplished within the showers of rainbow and rain. It will work at night via the units powerful spot light via the thin light slot for light to enter into the prism projecting device to mirror ‘B’ and back even with the rain machine on. In the day time through the same viewing shutter slot clicked into place in for example in over cast weather the spot light prism effect will also give the same desired effect. The projection book templates for example the spotlight could be used on this system in real rain time for some distance I expect in light and dark also in regular rainbow weather it will be at its best mate. It has a mechanical on off switch via a switch pulley mechanism which blacks it all out via turning the magnifying glass to a 90 degree angle and a black out shutter slides down each outer mirror via wire pulley mechanism and the water cycle stops via mechanical cap. All the time it is off and the sun is shining it has a solar powering battery panel charger unit.


Couple of extras including some black and white and coloured template books, with a clydoscope device that also slots into place, giant blank slot in compact disc mirror, washing up liquid, mirror polish, a jimmy rag for cleaning mirror apparatus, plus spare 1000 watt spot light bulb and a handful of different lenses and mirrors .


The wind up power battery works this way when a function is commanded the power is needed, the system clicks into place. The wind up power is given through the switches on the command consol. The switch circuit mother board runs on a cog and tooth clicks and locks into place via a controlled latch via a pressure band engine that winds up via the handle and unwinds on latches at different speeds time intervals via the cogs for the power of different functions the parts move into place via the same dynamics. This battery or pressure can be made to last sometime as when a 10 metre elastic power band has unravelled the connected next one of 10 and the power band moves into place via a controlled cog and tooth motion and it winds up goes the opposite way when winding up fresh power. Little energy is needed for the device so the system works for quite sometime.






Invention 42+.
A Super Compact all in one world sports coaching And refereeing device.


Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.






Invention 43+.

Home And Industrial Painting Decorating Device. Invention ‘43+’.


A device that measures rooms of a home paints and wallpapers decorates it all in ½ a day expertly done what exquisite décor awfully brilliantly thought out.

It has the on board calculating measuring up shop computer main frame should decorate up to an industrial scale this programmable device paints, hangs wallpaper it can decorate up to 10,000 different designs using this simple voice interfacing red blue green yellow buttoned and language math keying in pad device.

Continued Example.

It has six wheels with a strong breaking system for extra health and safety it runs on a 12 hour rechargeable battery. It’s main arm mechanism ‘#1 red’ consists of the extendable pole and press supporting apparatus a pointing painting sponge edging device which if within the command pre-programming moves into position mechanically its special feature is its ability to hang exceptional quality artistic wallpaper whilst pasting hanging cutting from exact measurements the software contained within the devices brain is of course pre-programmed with the knowledge of the finest arts expertise. It has an extra arm joint on the left hand side of the mechanism ‘#2 blue’ to go around shelves mantle pieces around pipes over hard to reach places glossing door frames and more this arm has an automatic clockwork motion which swings ‘#2 blue arm’ around 180 degrees in a controlled motion on a electronic mechanical cog system following up the measure of each room painting of the skirting boards et-cetera per system measure the entire unit arm height is capable of extending besides and out from the ‘#1 red’ up to 4 metres via telescopic motion the strong art arm ‘#1 red’ and ‘#2 blue’ arms can both extend out horizontally to 1 whole meter in when hanging proper papers and painting as the system is correctly weighted.

I’ll continue.

With ease the given voice command into the systems microphone the instructions the chosen decorating schedule for each room hallway bathroom stairs kitchen dining room other rooms games room fitness room spare bedrooms etc. Blue button to be pressed when you have finished the unit will then relay it all back via its L.E.D. language screen and computer voice terminal the same screen has a small alphabetical keying in pad for commands also when your commands spoken back via device it is now programmed unit speaks ready. Green light flashes on and off all that is now needed is to make sure it is in position flush with all / any wall of the home office building or example church etc... Then to press the green button up next to the green light to start device the paint wallpaper, wallpaper paste for each room is decorated and the performance of the machine delivers precisely the exact desired effect when commanded with the start green button. The art decorating device makes a lap of the room or even desired the entire home to measure the space via his calculated but basic measuring laser grid measuring system matrix from its standard smart arm on ‘#3 green arm’ with auto pilot it rolls out on a electrical mechanical cog system from within the bottom of the main arm ‘#1 red arm’ it is a smart measuring arm which is connected by a cable to send the precise measurements information to the system mainframe then the smart measuring arm ‘arm 3 green’ extendable arm has a number of metal ball joints run on a clockwork system arm will measure it up and down and move across in 1 metre measurements moving from room to room so is flush with the wall each rooms measurement is stored within its on board memory the ceiling area is also calculated by the measurements of every wall in each room and is also sized up for a fitting and for example room 1 lounge to room 2 hallway to room 3 dining room to hallway to stairs. The device manages the stair and stair ceiling via the same system dynamics as regular room sizing up it also manages the stairs made possible from the design as for the way the wheels at the base of unit is to be built in 2 parts on a heavy duty hydraulic lift it separates a ½ cm from the front end the precision breaking system kicks in then device lifts up to the measure of the stair height then lifted front and back end rolls into position safely with the wheel turning clockwork mechanism breaks again for safety then performs the wall papering motion painting motion with weighted balance for that measure of stair as well as skirting boards the desired colour then the whole units weight is taken from a lowering of a heavy base contained within the system jacking on the front end lifting the entire unit securely up to the next step the back end lowers back down and the unit moves forward for the same motion to the top stair on it’s wheel. The same rules apply to the unit safely on the way downwards the stairs.


On the wall papering painting plus cutting instruments. Arm ‘#1 red’ and ‘#2 blue’ including the precision material application device and storage.


'#1 red arm main arm.’ Once we have commanded the green light as we know the unit will make a lap of the home when it is done we have an amber or yellow light it double checks with itself if system go light turns green it is in green mode okay. Then it starts to apply the chosen paper and paint onto the walls ceilings skirting boards at a maximum of 1 metre wide plus to the top measure height for each particular pre-programmed designed rooms. See also below.


Example 1. Wallpapering. The main arm ‘1# red’ lines up flush to each wall vertically the blank wall paper runs through a the machine through its ink painting printing part straight onto the main arm the main arm consists of its vertical thin and flexible metal sheet plus for extra height a second sheet slides mechanically up via cogs clock work mechanism clicks safely into place and back the opposite direction mechanism. So when paper is in place fixed correct it slides / they click unlock slide around on a circular channelling groove with guiding pulley system on its wheels and axels the system moves around in a circular motion on via its bare frame grooves from behind the paper to in front of it and gently presses onto the wall papers firmly via a pistons that click manoeuvre firmly into place equally spaced on the each side of ‘#1 red arm’ length the pistons then pressure to the wall for a 4 seconds period after the cut is achieved both ends in top to bottom timing. The next paper to be hung is already pre indexed in the system as is the whole process pre-measured printed cut precisely sized and so the art will match via the following process as the paper runs through the ink jet printer it measures off the 4cm surplus top and bottom edge it is gripped by a 4cm soft rubber grip part it is attached to metal slat mechanism at each end of its length of 1 metre. The paper is turned over ‘1’ ½ turn outwards from the wall after making the pass of 4cm making a measured crease for cut it achieves the designed position onto the wall as it makes the ‘1’ ½ turn at the bottom as the metal slat turns via the units electronically powered clock work mechanism system it turns over the 1 metre wide 1.75cm metal width 0.25cm depth the paper reaches still in position it turns the paper another ‘1 ½ turn for the cut as all paper measurements allow exactly 4cm overlay of paper top and bottom for this cutting trimming lifting raising up of the hanging wallpaper process metal slat is connected via a magnet system on each side of the extendable main arm ‘#1 red arm’ it is also mechanically detract able by 4 for the tighter measure it can do this with ease as its pre-programmed measurements via its computer brain commands and in timing with the art wallpaper print out slowly fixes up to the exact cut and match design as it has all been pre-measured and stored within the memory. Continuing the ink printed paper lifts runs up to the top of the extendable arm on the magnet clocking up to the top mark up on its clock work precision lever lifting system using 2 metal pulley's and 2 strong heavy duty cables. Once the paper is in position it cuts to fit at the top for the metal slat through a thin groove on a wire miniature razor blade built in all 4 mechanically detract able pieces top and bottom they move through the metal slat and the ink is already dry. It does not run as the glue used is a strong regular paper paste glue as this is a decorating computer system applying it better then humanly correctly it will be perfect consistency applied evenly thinly so no bubbles after the pressed art papers have been applied. When all the job is finished done lights flash 'red blue green yellow done' and a blip from its on board mini speaker.



Ink to paper application storage of materials within unit.

As it wallpapers the fine arts via programmed choice and memory ink they print out and fit match and measure all the commanded programme using it’s 10 litre red 10 litre blue 10 litre yellow tanks through each separate sponge just like a regular colour cartridge through ink valves very similar to a standard printer. It also has a attachable reusable washable separate tank for glossing white skirting and doors et cetera. Have your home painted out for example like the Sistine Chapel in ½ a day mate add city backdrops country landscapes clan tartans and crests even or utilising its memory card slot photos of family loved ones and friends printed painted to perfection any scale on your walls by just keying in speech recognition commanding the unit via the terminal consol. The paper is held within the machine also up to the equivalent of max 100 rolls of wall paper it is speciality light weight and thinner then regular wall papers it is finer art dear.




This is going to be an expensive device with a ten year guarantee for example a life style purchase a result plus to be made available to anyone who would wish to hire it.





Invention 44 Plus.
‘Magic Pin.’

Device for the blind.

To allow them to see better.


Main device is an audio and visual computing box with secure belt clip with camera microphone head phone jack a red blue green yellow buttons, with a video line + USB connection and jack input.


This computes all audio and visual sent from ‘the magic pin’ as a live audio description from flick book of images. A flick book of up to 100 pages a second each made up of the Morse and code via 10 lines of code and Morse are sent to this device that shall clip onto a belt securely via wire connection the information of audio and visuals from the ‘magic eye’ camera microphone data stream is sent up a regular data connection wire to the belt computing device which comprises of a processor of 5 insulated wire lines connecting for audio and 5 insulated wire lines for visuals. The x2 ‘5’ wires process the data stream of camera ‘the eyes’ and microphone ‘the ears’ from the clip pin ‘Magic Pin’ / camera microphone machine which can be placed anywhere on the person via the 1 metre cable. Continued description... Audio and visual is computed by the X2 ‘5’ wires into pulses of Morse data stream. This is achieved by the audio and visuals being processed onto a 2 grid system of 10X10 grid in sequence the grid is filled with a 1 to 100 flick book of images for 5 wire camera stream images in sequence as they stream live plus a 1 to 100 audio grid of noises and speech as they come through the systemthey are converted into a flick book of Morse language data stream into audio voice to allow blind persons to enjoy an ongoing sensory description of the day what is in view of the wide camera lenses with voice command zoom in and out function the camera is mounted on the magic pin with a safety pin fastener. It allows blind people to enjoy a more complete sensation of the wonderful day as it happens pal.

I’ll Continue.

Functions continued. Command the all seeing magic pin today focus me on colour and form until lunchtime then I like to be told a tale of description of motion today of course these parameters and more come as standard. Later on tonight we’ll try it to TV mode or computer monitor mode via plugging it in so for a dynamic accurate description. This special unit comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and charger.





Invention 45 Plus.

Sculptors dream art think up painting engine.

An all in one sculpting art printing contraption in carry case.

Art anything solid made in stone clay wood metal and plastics quick and with minimum of ease. This unit can make any artistic form up to 50 by 50cm size.



1. Viewing monitor with connection up down left right 1 to 10 keying in pad red blue green yellow buttons. ‘C System... ’ And Memory card expansion slot.

2. Built in Mother board memory data base of over 50,000 pictures patterns shapes forms... ‘C System’

3. Detachable basic digital camera for catching form colour 3 dimensional of any object at 4 shot angles. Wire connection.

4. X2 More Artist machines. A system B system.

5. X10 rolls of thin water proof elasticated sheet cloth 100cm each for system ‘B’.

6. Jack power pack and battery operated.

7. Special all ink jet cartridge tank system ‘B’.

8. X1 Electronic mechanism paint sprayer.

9. X2 Miniature knives running on magnetic grooved cutting grid ‘B’.

10. Magnets, metal pulleys.

11. Strong metal stone lathing machine device within ‘A’ System connected with the art programming of ‘A System Unit... Via wire.

12. X2 Heating fan system for unit ‘B’ for reasons of drying the paint.



Re: About ‘A’ Unit.

‘A Unit’ Choose from the connected data base of images up to 50,000+ forms. Consists of miniature X4 Horizontally moving and X4 Vertically moving multi size lathing device for art sculpture box part 1 stage 1 of the triple part set. The horizontal plus vertically machine operated miniature built in art filing lathes within this machine Sculpting System. This is a box shape artists contraption 60x60 cm and can produce complex works of art up to 50X50 cm in diameter. It works inside the box it constructs makes art forms with the materials of clay wood stone metal and plastics to the chosen pre-programmed art stored within it’s memory system or your photographed images taken by camera or any image from memory card. This sculpting machine has built in camera which photographs stores the information artistic form within the wire connection to ‘C Unit’ memory banks onto a viewing monitor mainframe computing brain system with wire connection ports + 3 pin AC power adapter supplied plus batteries compartment. It builds the form builds that art quickly and easily for you storing the image in its connected brain for the next stage of painting quickly the desired effect if needed. Device comes typically standard with built in safety table clamps X 2.



Now About ‘Unit ‘B.’ + The Working Of ‘C Unit Brain processing Device.’


‘B Device.’ Art painting system is another box shape contraption with which works from the inside each side is the same grid measure as the cyber memory data base 100x100 detail. 1st phase management = The object is scanned using a flash camera inside box shot or already stored image within mainframe. Photographing all 5 sides of the object withen the system its measure and form. All 5 side angles of it then moves down by magnet pulley system to for the 2nd rotation of shot same again for the 3rd than after the fourth it moves into position from the bottom and top using this same method the magnet motion is powered via a clockwork mechanism it is electronically machine powered as it moves around takes the shot then disappears into its little compartment in the final corner of the camera shot rotation this is achieved by the sliding magnet motion clicking flicking open the hatch protection door compartment by rolling clockwork motion over a cog then it is back at the starting point when reactivated it goes through the same mechanical process opening a hatch the other side. As each part of this process is completed the camera photo images are sent electronically to the brain connected device relaying the dimensions of the object inside the box it processes these then onto its computer processing 3D grid of 100x100 computing the pre selected chosen picture pattern or outer connected desired camera 2D image photo onto the grid then calculates the 3D dimensional parameters on a basis of the object to be printed was placed front wards facing forwards it then processes through its memory data base all five sides of this continued example a example ‘stone garden gnome’ computing it onto the same grid references sides for the object image each side computed further via its processor for 2nd phase management... Using its electronically powered clockwork operation the system on auto pilot rated cuts out all the design layers from within the cutting box which is 20cm depth 40cm across square with it’s miniature knives that are connected move into action up down left right plus diagonal across a metal grid on a magnet at the bottom of the cutting box moving and cutting the programmed colouring templates from the computing of the brain unit connected according to its  pre-programmed  parameters the positioning of the 2nd arm so the grid is in exact alignment with the brains cyber grid matrix processing for all these angles. Step by step of the process rolls out each part of the thin elasticated waterproof cloth template off the roll at the top of this cutting box in a production line system and each part is then sprayed by the 1 miniature robot arm spray painter connected to the special ink cartridge tank by the flow tube all within the system box. Each individual template rolls out mechanically on the units 2nd arm gripped by rubber pinchers just like a electronic crocodile clip motion. The grip of the 2nd arm robot onto the placement arm cartridge which is for wrapping each colour template design back from the cutting box at the top is situated just behind the gripper clip. The action is a winding down over the object horizontally on the wheel and groove operated clockwork system which rotates downwards around the outside of the inside of the box also on a magnet pulley-ing system and all the computing measurements placing of the template cloth is programmed plus cut to fit at this angle diagonally for all measure an exactly to the specific parameters of the work of art wanted. I’ll continue the elasticated template wrap around the object like a glove via the 2nd arm grip which moves in and out on a pressurized mechanical spring into box depth of 49cm the desired effect electronically to the bottom and holds in place for every coloured spray it then operates each template unwraps them off by mechanically going back up the spiral rolling up the cloth around onto the extension roller ‘the cartridge’ so not to damage the piece with excess paint spill when at the end of each individual template movement the 2nd arm at the top pushes off the cartridge into the waste cartridge compartment 10cm across + 20cm deep letter box via moving into place over the disposal unit a small piston action flicks it out into that box as the inside lip is bigger than the cartridge moves across into place and waits for paint application the bin slot is next to the cutting box which can be emptied from the outside drawer. Note. The paint is applied in a finest light mist spray at this time the paint applying spraying movement is a constant smooth application using the same wheel and magnetic groove spiral as the 2nd arm motion finishes and moves into its waiting bay via a locking magnet and metal pulley-ing in action off the rails. Then the painting arm shall move function ‘Arm 1’ into its place from its waiting bay using the same dynamics of left and right sliding magnet lock unlock and pulley. It then does the job the 1st arm painting arm moves up and is replaced by the 2nd arm placement arm then the process starts again after 1 minute as the built in 30 degree heating fan unlocks uncovers mechanically sliding up on a pulley and dries each paint application then shuts again using same system dynamics. This all happens on a technological conveyer system as the next colour template is ready to move into place so the cutting process starts again. The system will make a beeping noise when project is finished.


When the entire process is finished done you have desired artistic effect.


Ends Inventory 45.









Invention 46.

R. B. G. Y. Little Box Of Tricks. A Red Blue Green Yellow Ultimate Nick Knack Of Inventions.

This Box Of Useful Nick Knack Tricks.

This Is A small Home Transmitting Box With Portable Belt Clip. Consisting of The Transmitting Box Brain. A Packet of X10 Transmitting Stickers. A X4 Of Smart Pins In Colour Of Red Blue Green Yellow.


This is a true Red Blue Green Yellow Innovation Invention.




About The Stickers.

Stickers. A packet of X10 Transmitting stickers.

1. Each sticker has an individual barcode.

2. Each sticker has a tiny transmitter within it’s programming linked to it’s main device only.

3. All ten stickers are linked to the brain machine operation.

4. All ten stickers have a 100 metre connection radius.


About the operation function.

Before sticking the sticker onto something that could be easily misplaced by you scan it’s barcode with ‘Red’ Smart Pin Camera which is connected to main portable machine. It scans the code and connects the particular sticker for this example pin ‘7’ with it’s turn on activation command such as whistle a double clap or even the name of the object via it’s built in microphone. Processes it with it’s on board computing power. A connection test is run automatically with 4 beeps success every time you may then stick it onto any object which you might misplace. When the desired object is temporarily lost and needed to be found command the command or press ‘7’ on the small keying in pad for sticker ‘7’ activating the transmitting device on the sticker. The particular object is also shown on ‘B’ Green Pin visuals for memory and a blip. The smart stickers miniature transmitting receiver receives on activation transmits back to belt device which projects the beeping sound from the belt in speaker system a homing signal with red blue green yellow flashing location blip on it’s light up in the dark L.E.D. Green matrix grid showing with it’s built in compass the position when pointing you to north the beeping increases in speed just like miniature radar system within a hundred metre radius until your on top of the misplaced item hearing a constant beep. For the extra sight when eyes and memory is not enough.




About The Pins.


Red. Read anything allowed pin. The Cameras visual data stream is sent transmitted back to the main unit up to 100 metres radius broken down each 1 second broken down into a flick book of images via radio waves signal to the main unit in a pulse. The flick book of code and Morse images is computed laid out at the receiving main unit end back onto a 10 by 10 cyber grid each second of code is processed in sequence to make 1, 1 second page of image picture thus the flick book of Morse and code is processed constructed into moving visual images onto green monitor ‘green pin’ the cyber matrix system resets every second for new 1 second grid image. The ‘red pin’ the camera also has the electronic clockwork 360 degree pivoting head which is operated from remote voice command position reversing the transmitting data stream command via ‘the red button switch’. Use its voice command system for turning up the volume turn camera to 7 O’clock 1 O’ clock et cetera.


‘Red’ Pin can also read allowed anything that you point it at as explained above into an audio description via the speaker and convert it into text to save onto the 2 Giga bite expandable removable extra memory card.



‘Blue Pin’ L.E.D Light torch. Shines powerfully a red or a blue green or yellow light.



‘Green’ Pin. Small 1 inch visual monitor pin plugs into device via 50cm length wire connection for the operation connection to Red Pin.



Yellow. 'Yellow Pin' is a miniature monitor z radar homing system screen connected via 50cm wire in respect to the stickers. It’s scanning mechanism is explained above in ‘A’ to be used with ‘A’ The Transmitting stickers.





More On The Main Unit. Brain Unit.

The stickers and pins devices all link to the brain transmitting receiver box. They all connect safely to the main unit and each part clips connects and fits into compartments within the machine. The device is battery operated and can be charged with a standard battery life. 'Red pin' 'Blue Pin' 'Green Pin' 'Yellow Pin' all have an internal rechargeable battery power source and can work off the main unit. The box has as standard a built in microphone for command and speaker for ears. The machine device has a 1 to 0 keying in pad + red blue green yellow buttons which light up as that for ease of use in the dark. Plus a red switch. Head phone jack input of course a powering on / off clicker switch.



Ends Inventory 46.








WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Presents Another Iain Innes Shamanism Conjuring And Channelling Moment.

The Coin Of Original Innovation Invention '47+.'




My Ink Well And Pen Is Greater Than Yours. Holds 'All' The Known Knowledge + Plugs Into Any TV / VCR System.



This Device is 1 Apparatus machine with a couple of expertly placed wires.




Using a basic digital stylus wire connected pointing device connected to 'my' digital Ink Well 'The Knowledge' all the known knowledge information's of the universal cosmos and earth sciences an arts connected to the each unique X10 E paper clip board page pad papers this is Z hi-tech clipboard.




Mine is all knowledge needed held within the memory chip machine this 'Digital Ink Well.'



1) Of Course 1st Dictionary's All Languages of the world. Thesaurus. Translated all here today all ideals and philosophy's are indexed with the on board system computer like terminal encyclopaedia.

2) Holy Bible / Other Religious Works. The Way To Write Theology and taught.

3) Business / Sub Menus / I.E. Legal Marketing Accounting Programmes... All Advice ever needed X10 fold over.

4) Teach And Taught All Maths to advanced physics. With Many Sub Menu topics and skills...

5) Doctor Professor Philosopher Answers All Questions.

6) Sciences. Sub Menu All Branches Of Science And Occult Sciences.

7) Music. Using Page 7. Music Page. The information held within my unit allows you to teach and be taught any musical instrument I.E. Piano Drumming rhythm tempos and guitars church organ to name a few by pressing the basic wire connected styles onto the musical instrument diagrams. Learn to play in the style of the greats taking use of its audio teaching programming. + compose new music real advise from the programmed pros.

8) Arts Iconography Symbolism. Voice Prompters to do this in the style of Vincent Van Gogh Michelangelo grid reference here then there the colour from your Palette Option On Its Ink Well plus auto select. Also written and recordable descriptions given and written comments reviews given or your work if asked command from the pre-programmed mind set of experts from the Ink Well...

9) Creative Writing / Learning. Example.(A) The system advises the build up of the sentence layout a better sounding more advanced word of each document when choosing sub menu 1. Letter Writing. 2. Business. 3. Novel Writing Sub Menu... For Example plus all more... Horror, Crime, Love Story, Science Fiction, Factual and Masterpieces On Any Subject auto writes you a written review speak your subject matter an it will automate you a better piece worded on this ratio of 10 key words plus ask for in the style of Iain Innes or Shakespeare for example yes.

10) Other Creative Skills Brainstorming example Technical Drawing all information for Trade skills I.E. Building an house the way the greatest Architects. Plus including My System The Way To Successful Creativity Innovation Invention Philosophy on the system you see today at



Regarding the Ink Well.

It Is Rectangular and fixed to the E Pad X10 Memory Card Slots Main Frame Memory Card Slot with computer type brain processing system. With the X2 detachable wire connections it connects. Well then it is just Keying In Pad of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and Colour Palette scale of Red Blue Green Yellow. It Has A Basic lit L.E.D. right to left scrolling screen for viewing The 1 To 10 Lists / each 1 to 10 Sub Lists Of All Known Information also all is viewable onto the TV set device. Plus other function buttons coloured red blue green yellow function. The unit when in teaching mode teach via audio commands and TV display visuals from the small built in speaker plus of course through the volume control via television it also has a built in microphone on the Ink Well. It is battery operated.



Regarding The E Paper...

X10 E Sheets Of white transparent paper with each the different '1 to 10' subject board layout to input each subject parameters that correspond to each subject matter and sub menus + a front page cover interface for TV visual commands and back cover for your index. All X10 sheets of subject paper are flexible thin pressure sensitive pads a 10,000 by 10,0000 built in grid layout with the programmed schematics of each paper and on this same basis the data stream transmits to the E Paper Pad to the TV Visuals via wire connection. The subjects are correctly aligned and positioned in according to the Ink Well Mainframe computer matrix memory on the 10,000 by 10,000 grid system. This system has built in Voice Command plus handwriting to Digital Type. + Any Language Conversion obviously. You know your last position on the page as the back cover of the clip board in the middle within it's grid has 10,000+ miniature red L.E.D. lights on the bottom right of each grid reference that stay lit up from the last pressure point of the stylus and so on.



Of course for each subject there is a removable memory card to plug into any device with your data plus the whole unit has a back up removable 500 Giga Bite Memory.



The unit comes with a Scart Lead and Video In plus plugs into any TV VCR to view your My Pen Is Greater Than Yours Machine Information Schematics. The Data stream connects the Ink Well Machine data via the fibre optic information wire connection plus the wire connecting the pen to ink is a fibre optic data stream connection. When the unit machine is connected the pen works as the TV on screen remote.



Z-tha+ is the way it works you see.






Original Ends That One A Number 1 Better Inventory Machine.





Invention 48.
Spare Room Sex Bed. Censored.

As displayed in 18+ Only Ebook 50 Machine Alpha Beta The Prequel 2 And Sequel. Within Iain Innes' Company Compendium.


Email contact me at business@inventioncorporate.com for more schematics info.






Invention 49.

Invention 49 Alpha. Head Morphing Helmet.


Easy simple design plan schematics.

Battery powered and rechargeable with a 3 pin power plug connection. The unit consists of 9 led screens X2 octagonal front and back plus a screen to connect them at each point of the octagon bar at the bottom edge is the hole to put your head inside the unit is padded inside with everything needed to conform also to road safety standards crash tests. The front screen has X2 eye slits for vision plus a visor that lifts up as standard on the bike crash helmet version which also has a L.E.D. Screen connected with the visuals of the rest of the unit. The front also has a miniature small nose hole for breathing and thin mouth slit. This head unit comes with a water proof protective membrane across the entire surface. Built in microphone and speaker.


The Way It Works.

The wiring to connect the screens to its on board computer is between the hard padding and the outer screens. With its memory card slot you can purchase choose any amount of memory chips photos videos and audio mixed.


For Example.

Aliens and monsters, or perhaps buy various celebrity memory chip discs such as rock stars of the 70’s 80's or rock and roll stars of the 50’s. Living and dead reggae artists or 1920’s disc. Even landscape, Super hero's also children's toy characters nature or mythology...


The Way It Works Continued.

Each memory chip has a data base within it of real time faces which for example when riding with it on with 1 of the many riding chips realistically the face head chosen for the morphing helmet would project in timing on all 9 screens the JPG photo still images or MP4 moving video images for example the wind racing through your hair as you run or ride. The unit is also voice command for example change hair colour to mousy and command change to 4. Number 4 will be the visuals on all 9 screens. You can even put your own data on the memory chips such as photos videos you have shot taken. It supports nearly all other formats.


Although the unit looks a little bit cumbersome when not switched on when it is switched on looking fantastic.



Ends Inventory.









Invention 50 ALPHA / BETA.




Automatic 'Garden' Sweeper.


Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.










Automatic Garden Flower Bed Weeding Device.


Now Displayed Within The Companies BONUS PORTFOLIO.









... AKA. Invention 51+ BETA. GAMMA.

Universe Box.

Item Invention Description.

A Battery And Mains Powered Small Remote Controlled Cube Box With A Built In Speaker, Microphone And X6 Touch Screens For Visuals That Projects The Audio Plus Visuals Of All Earth And Universe Sounds And Visuals From It’s Built In Memory Data Base Such As.


Types Of Natural 'Sounds + Visuals' For The Universe Box Stored With the Memory Data Banks Examples Including...


1) Rain / Heavy Rain On Water / Rain On The Window...

2) Storms / Thunder And Lightning / With Or Without Rain / Twister Tornados Gale Force Winds Hurricane Storms At The Beach...

3) Running Water / Waterfall Small Or large / The Sea / River Noises...

4) Many Different Bird Calls In Their Habitat Around The World...

5) Sea Creatures / River Creatures / IE. Dolphins/ Whales / Fish Swimming Through Water / Crocodiles / Frogs / Other Nature Noises Associated With Water...

6) Mammals In All Habitats.

7) Visuals Of Space Such As / Our Solar System / Comets / Dying Stars / All Spatial Phenomena...

8) People And What They Do And Are About...

9) Plants Trees Flowers Insects And Bees...

10) Visuals And The Audio Of Anything In The Known Universal Cosmos That Is Documented.


Invention Schematics Continued.

The Universe Machine Can Also Open Out Flat And Clip Back Into Place. Each Side Consists Of A 10Cm Squared Screen With A Built In Speaker At The Back Also Has A Headphone Jack Input Which All 6 Screens Are Connected To. The Power For The Device Is 1 Jack In Detachable Connector Which Holds X1 D Size Battery Plug It In Or Use The Same Power Jack In For Standard DC AC Adapter. The Battery Pack Can Be Held Within Clipped Secure Or Outside When Closed Or Opened Up. The Memory chip And Processer Is Connected To The Back Of X1 Of The Screens. The Touch Screen Function Is To Only Turn The Wanted Cube Sides On Or Off, Volume Up Or Down Optional For The Smarter Remote Control Device Input For Powering On... Calling Up Menus On Screens 1 2 3 4 5 6 Of The Visuals And Audio That Is Wanted Needed. The Device And Its Remote Control Both Have A Built In Transmitter And Receiving Data Stream Sensor. The Units Memory Allows Written Information To Be Displayed To And From The Audio Visual Display Box Machine And The Remote Control Both Ways. It Allows For A Scrolling Written And Audio Description Of Any Audio And Visual Subject Matter Associated With The Box On Its Small Built In L.E.D. Screen... For Example You Can Capture Audio Plus Still And Moving Images With the Remote Controls Built In Video Camera And Microphone It Holds All Within Its Memory Plus Has An Expandable Memory Card Slot. To View The Captured Information Just Press Point Upload It To The Universe Machine. Plus Also Give The Box Verbal Command Inputs Such As Give Me Visuals Audio On Side 4 5 6 Associated With The Word Example 'Heaven.' It’s On board Library Computes The Command And Displays Onto The Said Screens. New Product. Definitely One That Is Thinking Outside Of Z Box.


That Is... Business Innovation. That Is 51+ BETA.









New Audio Earth Machine.

+ All World Noises. Key ring Machine. Bettered Portable Miniature Sound Machine.


This is not a remake of retro machine this is up to date...  ‘A Hi-Tech Innovation.’



1) 2cm x 2cm key ring device.

2) 64 Giga Bite Memory. As Standard Unit Comes With A detachable 64GB Micro SD Memory Card Holding ‘All The Sounds Of Our World not ½ a dozen 10 20.’ But Millions & Millions Of ‘Real Sounds’ Captured In MP3 Format Each Could Be Lasting 1 Second To 30 Seconds In Length.

3) Power On Device With The Wire Attached Powering Up Key.

4) Basic Voice Recognition Technology.

5) Head Phone Speaker Jack and tiny miniature built in speaker plus ‘microphone for voice command.’

6) Plus With Red Blue Green Yellow Button Functions.

7) The Powering Of The Unit Is Big Life Rechargeable Battery Via The 2nd Jack Input Digital Watch Type Battery.

8) Plus The New Audio Earth Machine Has As Standard A Voice Synthesized Time And Date Function.


Just follow the simple instructions unlock unit with your key and it is active speak any animal vegetable or mineral anything in the known galactic space, plus our known world and the audio is played.


The way this device computes works continue.

The miniature built in Dictionary data base audio synthesizer processor can be locked for up to a maximum of 4 different persons speech recognition.

The words / speech voice to sound is processed via read my words via the on board built microphone which is attached via miniature fibre optic information wire inside the unit to the rest of the basic computing processor which is a language list grid memory. This cyber all languages Dictionary Thesaurus computes this way today via the voice recognition system each letter of each word spoken beginning to end all letters of the alphabet by scanning down the list A through to Z of ex. The language The English Dictionary.

I’ll continue the example. Word ‘Lion.’ The basic Dictionary synthesizer computing device hears your accents the word Lion computes processes recognises the ‘ L’ then the’ LI’ through to ‘O’ via ‘Alphabet A to Z’ and to ‘N’ then having computed the language list word or words correctly the built in electrics of the device then opens the pathway to the memory card metal connection processes opens the memory bank sound bank then finds the synthesized audio for the word via scanning the list down alphabetically finding the spelling configuration of the word automatically alphabetically the MP3 audio data stream path is extracted from the noise bank connected 64 Giga Bite Memory Card of MP3 sounds and plays the audio via the built in miniature speaker headphone external speaker jack input.

The Red Blue Green Yellow Buttons Built Device Have The Following Functions.

Red. Power Down Pause Machine. Power Up Machine.

Blue. Volume Up Volume Down Speak Command Scale ‘0 To 10.’

Green. Meaning go again give me another sound from the same word.

Yellow. Record New Voice Recognition.


The Unit Can Only Be Completely Turned Off By Using The Wire Connected Key At A 180 Degree Clockwise Turn. The Audio Clock Command Centre Keeps The Correct Time All The Time Unless The Unit Is Completely Out Of Power Then You Must Reset It Via Voice Command Also To Call Up The Time As You Need To Ask Question When Key Powered On ‘What Is The Time Please.’

It Shall Come With Short Instruction Manual.

Better Innovation Shown Again With 'BONUS INNOVATION' 51 / GAMMA.





Invention 52+. My New Swing Turn With It Pal.

Cup Of Knowledge + 2 way talking.

To be purchased in pairs or sets as gifts.


New Schematics.

X2 thick porcelain or bone china cups with water proof membranes to protect the on board microphone miniature speaker, built in on board computing processor and buttons. Also click out and removable waterproof battery compartment ‘1X AAA Battery Size.’

The Way It Works Without An Internet Connection.

Each cup has up to 1 hundred metre radius as cups can link with each other with their built in beacons. The data stream is sent between cups as each has a built in transmitter receiver beacon and the transmitted coded data stream sent between cups is sent as silent Morse code to the receiving end the receiving cup voice output at the other end computes the Morse code into a computerized voice message with a 1 second delay. The built in transmitting receiving device is built within the cups safely covered by a water proof membrane at the top opposite side from the handle it is click detachable. This time here I only allow my device to compute any singular voice message at a time back ground noises will count as void error message. To activate voice transmission from cup to cup is to press the red button on the top of the handle. The cup machines removable and water proof microphone and speaker compartment is situated at the middle of the handle area but on the main part of the cup.




Plus The Way It Works With An Internet Connection At Any Distance.

Plus as standard a built in 2 way transmitting receiving beacon built within the waterproof brain compartment of the cup can compute send your voice message processing changing it into Morse code in turn transmitting it to the small USB connection Internet receiving beacon connection device connects the 2 voice cups over the internet using the new voice to Morse to voice via the internet at the receiving end the Morse transmission is transmitted to their connected Internet USB device an in turn to their cup and the cups on board processor computerizes the message of Morse code into speech syntheses cup to cup is the desired effect and both computerized voice messages of the Morse code from the original voice messages go back and forth.


An Application could also be used for mobile phones.


Terms And Conditions Continued.

Important any 2 desired cups link up to activate via a voice prompter when purchased the pair of cups many different designs have each others and any more in the sets unique 4 pin codes cast within them at the bottom next to the cup hallmark. When cups link any receiving cup is voice prompted a short message ‘Cup A’EX. Cup B# 0001... 2 way talking cup and to talk you have to just press the 1 Red Button.


Remember The Cup Of Knowledge + Two Way Talking Cup has an on board memory and is pre-programmed with all known data on all known drinks when you speak to your cup what drink you have within it replays back all information on that drink via speaker via pressing the command Red button when you are not talking to another cup. Each Cup Of Knowledge Has A Palette of drinking mind of information via its especial enough Red Button. Of course with the capabilities of an expandable memory you are looking at the best Holy Grail Invention yet MR.


Ends Inventory 52+.





All in one triple touch screen music, video and lighting production arm software synthesizer computer unit.
The invention of the facts explained today for all to see who visit witness and marvel at the

1) Design shape 180 degree semi circular device with X3 flat touch screens that wrap around the arm with comfortable under side padding. A music lighting film software synthesizer music film and lighting production computing device for ones adult size arm with adjustable velcro arm strap... Having a basic detract able retractable 50cm wire hard plastic stylus connection stylus. It has on board speaker system added extra microphone video in line USB plus audio jack inputs.


2) Powered by X3 AAA rechargeable batteries and jack input for charging the devices plus back up power supply. Each Unit comes as standard with 'X amount' of many different Software synthesizer emulator programmes.


3) The strap on arm all in one musical, light and video production computing synthesizer arm device is of 3 sections each with a hard drive processing brain unit connected to each other. It has X3 touch screens. For example for a right handed person you will need to purchase a right handed device which fits onto the left arm and on the front side nearest to the body 1st third section ‘A’ of this the e ultimate portable light, music and video production centre powers on visuals display shows the chosen any virtual keyboard synthesizer with all the switches and dials for the chosen memory software download uploaded software memory chip. Go through the menus and play the music with stylus.


4)The top upper side 'B' shows many different drum kits via the chosen on board memory software chip of the particular type of drum machine musical device for the continuing example chosen via the screen menu an acid sound music sound virtual synthesizer or a virtual big rock band type drum kit or any of the classic and new drum machines / the chosen piece of software memory chip kit. Go through the menus and play the desired instrument with the stylus.


5) The 3rd touch screen synthesizer on the outer side 'C' screen is for strings and wind instruments and the 3rd touch screen display monitors visual will show the desired memory chip chosen virtual instrument schematic. The different software versions show different types of guitar or wind instrument visuals with exact synthesized sounds. Many new software memory chips can be purchased from an online web site store you see as real time or as software downloads also from better high street shops... Many different software packages of strings, wind instruments drums and drum machines and alternative instruments... Different new and classic keyboards and soft synth software chips can be bought in any size and many different type packages.


6) The super portable lighting music and video production machine has room for X3 software chip slots situated at the top part of the machine inner upper arm and once you buy a software memory chip plus uploaded it onto the system hard drive device via the memory command console slot the desired especial musical computing arm memory data banks can be called upon again with ease within basic menus and sub menus of screens.


7) Plus this device as standard emits miniature strong L.E.D. Lighting and laser lighting effects around the outer rim and between the joins of the X3 touch screens with availability of clips and connections to connect buy more.


8) Also the device has an on board still camera video camera function so you can record your music and video with the built in on board memory computing system interface as standard. Plus this new machine has an expandable extra Micro SD 128 Mega Bite memory card slot.


9) Also as standard the music, video and lighting production synth computer machine arm has an onboard blue tooth type transmitter to its USB hub that connects fits into computer or laptop console and USB connection cable as well at the top of this top music e unit. Plus also Wi-Fi internet connection app built in to download new and classic software synthesizer modules via purchase downloads from the website or buy memory chips to slot into the device. Plus upload directly from the main arm unit function using the stylus touch screen computer e command synth.


10) Importantly with this device you can make and save your music and video files plus lighting production and with it’s information highway transfer jack input detachable multi-positioning camera which clicks out detract slides from inside the unit securely at the hand end and screws into connects between the outer side screen and middle screen secure... You can connect the camera back into the main machine via opening out the info command wire at the top of the arm end compartment were the especial 5 metre information camera cable can unwind and clip secure safely and strong in place. This camera device has a built in telescopic 75cm auto retract and auto detract positioning arm and ball joint at 50cm from the top of its height and works with a magnetic slide lock pully-ing system controlled via your touch screen on screen arm command console menu prompter and you might also position the camera command centre across the room on a table securely as there is also a tripod that opens out and screws on to the foot of the camera unit securely which detaches from inside the main unit extra schematics compartment storage space with other needed accessories such as software memory chips with space for extra adapters and batteries.


11) So you can position your video shot anywhere plus of course also as standard with its built in film editing function computer plus auto film generator software interface you can make and play your music with video film anywhere basically plus with any back drop in the world with the configurable moving movie templates such as different rock concert and landmark venues. Plus the lighting effects extra lighting add on lights each come with internal and external sound to light synthesis software info structure each different music synthesizer memory software chip purchased has additional features i.e. Connect the lighting to your live music playing plus collaborate and mix it within the film making programmable software schematics built in within the system features plus make extremely very realistic music videos live edit and programmable plus using pre-programmable parameters all this for 250.00 GBP pounds.
Ends Inventory My Invention 53.









Titled. The Machine.


Behold all known miracles space phenomena singularities recorded maps of our universe all our milky way galaxy our solar system. Travel the universe go back in time + live from the comfort of your home castle. Innovation newer personal experience a beyond galactic visual template entertainment learning device.


Connects plugs into the Video In scart Lead of a TV, DVD, VCR... Remote Control. Universal 3 pin power supply adapter. Device has an added memory card slot and built in Blue Tooth plus USB computer internet Wi-Fi 100 metre transmitting hub.


From in the dark the machine connects a complex tale of video light stream in any pointed direction onto a wall onto your ceiling or onto the floor all visuals from the data input template DVD, VCR Cassette and memory chips go forth through the darkness via the bright stream of all this my known knowledge universal channel device / new power box / the circle of life / The Machine / ace brain sphere plus displayed are the visuals also on the television via its connection power on.


This Visual VCR Cassette DVD + add on memory phenomena visual data chip all known universal information template visuals are electronically digitally channelled via the fibre optic connection lead to the new pro + galactic main processing box... The visuals of the purchased machine via VCR Cassette Tape, DVD and memory data chips are streamed for the device via its processing miniature basic but supercomputer innovation inner brain cyber matrix grid and all the exact colours and dimensions photographic and any time frame moving video images of are allowed recorded sun solar system galaxy and universe are processed through into basic templates and a regular strong light source video transmitting lighting system template is projected transmitted made of images onto the ceiling or the floor or the walls of a very special persons room living quarters and the TV set visuals of the data stream facts information pictures plus any pre-programmed written schematics desired information data via this wire connection... Plus also with a live internet connection free website login access code allowed visuals to all known pre-recorded and live space phenomena via earth and satellite telescope imagery is the light video projected channelled from the unit plus other viewing screen Television set. A very realistic effect is accomplished.


So I’ll Continue...

The machine’ built in memory capacity and discs VCR Cassette and memory chips come with a bare minimum standard of pre-programmed with universal space phenomena. See your solar system come to life. Go back into space time as much as it has been recorded with the devices remote control unit also using your DVD or VCR remote control you can navigate through the easy navigation on TV screen menus plus via the machines remote control visual light video projection menu.


More about the galactic universal device the information is transferred built into the basic cyber memory grid housed within what is the circle / or The Machine is a sphere shaped perfectly rounded unit basic video light template light projector on an upright triangular stand rest. As standard my space exploration device (1) Is built with a 5 metre information sending fibre optic style cable from the projection unit to the TV / VCR / DVD Player wire junction connected box being. 2) Having a 1 metre Video In Line to TV VCR plus a 1 metre Scart Lead Connection as standard And Wi-Fi plus Blue Tooth internet transmission device.


So behold and see the live universe as it happens from the comfort of your home. Go back in time on a cosmological trip of our known galactic universe via my machine pre-programmed / templates / photographs of all known space universe phenomena / visuals captured with added visual projections from device and TV screen set read outs / explanations and scientific data and physics formula. This is not only a new pretty entertainment system but a top teaching device... With beginner intermediate to super advanced boffin scientific psychics explanation by going through the easy guide menu.


Of course + add on VCR Cassettes DVD’s slot in memory chips can be purchased on subject matter such as literature and visuals works of the super force God the known scientific heavens and Bible stories plus if you must Greek God's teachings of constellations and their meanings significance and otherworldly God's even him Old Henry Ace Harry 'The Devil' and The Mayans other philosophy and ancient religions... Et-cetera stories can be told with all the emblematical visuals written facts shown symbolism of the all known paranormal plus supernatural with the vivid back drops of animated relevant facts all known space phenomena plus other important factual subject matter need to knows as Alchemy, or Shamanism all mapped out packed out with extra memory, projected from within the cyber environment grid real time and on screen factual machine device data banks.


Finally another money cow bonus. A monthly basic updated digest magazine subscription can also be bought each via subscription with a visuals data memory chip, DVD or VCR Tape each monthly subscription you get X5 extra photo shot stills / templates of recorded space phenomena i.e. Black hole there, a comet here, the milky way galaxy from above that simply slot into the eye of the device.


Innovation It Was A Mega Bonus Invention Inventory Number 54.






Invention 55...

WWW.INVENTIONCORPOATE.COM Combo Art Game. With command centre plug in remote control.



‘My Design One’ Consists of X3 Fold Up Canvas Light Grids.



As standard the set comes with a light canvas size 50X50cm 100X100cm 200X200cm folding in ½ and ½ again.



Each canvas size comes with the ability to...


1) Clip on grid board for L.E.D.'s

2) A clip on grid board for open front fibre optics.

3)Clip on grid board for L.E.Ds and fibre optics combined.

4) Plain light board with side lip for coloured see through detailed plastic jigsaw pieces.



About the 50X50cm 100X100cm 200X200cm fold up light boards.


They are just battery powered and mains operated boards with a hard see through plastic top with white light source built within it. There is a battery compartment plus power in jack and remote control jack in. They are slim only 2 ½ cm.


As standard each box package contents continued.


1) 5,000 red 5,000 yellow 5,000 pink 5,000 green 5,000 purple 5,000 orange 5,000 blue clip in coloured L.E.D.'s.


2) 1,400 X3 open front thin fibre optic wires of different lengths each of the 3 / 1,400 are connected to a white light source with built in colour wheel each colour is blocked off in sections of red yellow pink green purple orange blue and they connect from light source to the clip on grid by easily threading through the open space frame on the right hand side plus placing the desired one in place. Each calculated measure needed for the picture has exactly enough length to run into the fibre optic light unit as the rest. Each fibre optic palette piece needed is measured from the inner frame and each length size is clearly marked and see below.


3) X10 Jigsaw puzzle sets consisting of many multi coloured and highly detailed transparent 2mm thick plastic jigsaw pieces plus coloured template boards for each jigsaw picture many difficulty levels.


4) Remote control plugs into the second jack input. Each new light jigsaw or art picture challenge comes with a memory chip that plugs into the remote control transferring information via its built in miniature speaker and advises a step by step of each art puzzle for example the quickest way or try this combination of colours next time plus speaks art advice entertain mode this button will make it look good when it’s finished plus many other options. The remote control you see is pre-programmed connected and aligned with each new picture and its grid matrix. It also gives verbal command prompts such as puzzle now finished turn on power or turn off power reminder before you go to bed alarm.


More about the workings of this new apparatus and the way it works for example the 100X100cm Light board.


a) Just switch it on powered by batteries for kids mains for adults and you have a standard white light source on a solid surface. Clip on a desired template i.e. Puzzle L.E.D.'s fibre optics or a combination board.


b) The L.E.D. and fibre optic puzzles are just click on template art grids to place the bits pieces and the light source here acts as a guide for the coloured transparent picture templates that slots in just in between them with sequences of numbers which correspond to the memory chips in the remote control unit.


c) The L.E.D. slot on click grid is flexible and is just for connecting clicking in the correct colour alignment of coloured bulbs for the desired pictures... The L.E.D.'s are safe made of strong glass with a little click its in place art. To take a bulb out of a tight space the set up is supplied with a rubber tipped gripping tool or just pull out with fingers. Note The grid is made safe and automatically does not allow a power up of the L.E.D.'s until all needed pieces are in place via the remote control command unit will speak now stand clear press my green power on button it knows when to do this as the memory chip for that particular puzzle is within it and all design schematics it might even give command prompters from time to time such as lets take a break now and see how your doing stand back please power on in 10 seconds example turning off powering down L.E.D. main frame safe in 3 2 1.


d) The fibre optic puzzle grid also just clips on to the white light main unit the and the picture template slots in between them both for guide. Prompters from the remote controlled command centre say now your going to need a 10cm red placed slotted between grid reference 'X' to grid reference 'X' just place mould it into the thin plastic slots and grooves next a blue 50cm length to grid position 'X... ' Et-cetera. There is always enough of the right amount of lengths of clearly marked fibre optics as it all comes as standard plus as your picture is built in sequence the system allows for little space for overlap of wire plus the picture built has real depth and texture.


e) When a combination template is desired you just clip it on the light board because this is slightly more complex this kit only comes with 5 templates as standard.


Something different to do in the darker winter days. Hang your new art piece


Ends Inventory.








Invention #56.


New Art And Entertainment Audio Drawn Written Type Command Light Processing Device.


Speak key in write draw picture to light source projection.


Visual templates processed via Dictionary Encyclopaedia within a cyber processing environment using a 10X10 grid the visuals are projected through a multi changeable angle moving magnifying glass.


Explanation Of Invention.


The very especial lighting portable computer unit light emitter that can move 45 degrees around in any direction mechanically on ball joint with strong magnifying glass outer shell to make computed template visuals better larger.


The main command unit is the size of a small laptop that opens out the same the basic keying in pad is red blue green yellow buttons A through to Z plus a built in visual touch screen input and wire connected basic stylus. The light emitter is on the control panel at the far edge housed within the middle of the unit machine. Its open up top is just a cover that protects the console and lighting device and locks into place at 180 degrees round and extra stand opens out from it. So it is powered via X4 AA rechargeable batteries plus power pack adapter it is light weight and portable.


The processing memory holds all knowledge of the Encyclopaedia Dictionary and Thesaurus language. It projects a visual silhouette of the command typed written drawn spoken via any command prompts onto the visual touch pad palette keyboard and microphone system voice synthesis recognition.


This new innovation machine comes as standard with an extra blue tooth type remote control which has also has an art and written artistic touch screen menu palette plus microphone for voice command and alphabetical keying in pad + 1234567890 + red blue green yellow function buttons.


Continuing technical writing blue prints schematics...


The drawing writing typing and speaking words new light processor projects visuals using either the main console or remote control unit and computed via the main unit processing power the data stream is sent from the remote control via blue tooth and processed into light source via this main machine. The touch pad is a 10X10 grid processing matrix and all visuals are computed projected using the same grid dynamics. All typed and voice commands are scanned through its on board data base via a universal Dictionary and Encyclopaedia reference for example the words bigger snake is commanded the brain processes the words bigger snake into a silhouette of outlines form and shape from the visual data base memory processes computes and prints with great accuracy it into a strong transparent film flexible negative thin plastic slide with its small built in black ink printer prints the shot template silhouette shapes and words then rolls off slides with slight top gap to prevent ink smudge clamps locks down the light template sides into the desired visual into the viewing glass holding position place between the powerfully strong light L.E.D.’s and the outer magnifying glass. Note. Each shot flexible template size is a 2X2 allowing plus an extra give on all 4 sides of double that 4 cm for all direction 45 degree angle and any shot can be called up anytime and safely quickly without a film jam as it is streamlined nice and tight fitted device... Call up visuals by number key in pad the number of the shot example #5 is associated with the bigger snake command prompted as it is indexed within the system and projected out via the 10X10cm circular strong L.E.D. Light emitter and white light strobe which turns clockwise and anti clockwise into place for the chosen colour effect programme prompts... Extra ink plus photo slide rolls can be purchased to easily slot into the 2 side memory compartments.


Regarding the remote control plus main control unit touch screen.


Using the basic connected remote control stylus which slips out of the additional machine at top near the control sensor choose your palette of red blue green yellow via pushing those buttons write or draw onto the screen canvas your projections. As the canvas is touch screen it follows shows visuals of your stylus movements on this miniature light up screen monitor as you go also call up via the smart basic menu many visuals of system pre programmed pictures words equations and colour schemes sequences of what you want i.e. The order the command the amount of time colour and etc. The remote control sends a basic blue tooth short distance data stream to the main machine it has built in voice command microphone plus A to Z Alphabetical keying in buttons 1234567890 power on / off button + send upload button, play and pause plus the angle dial for the magnified all visuals lighting system.


1) It’s Innovation.

2) It’s Invention 56.








Invention #57.


Ultimate And Better Portable Painting By Numbers Design Transfer Machine For Canvas.


This device fits in your paint box or shoulder bag and comes as standard with a small digital camera that plugs into the 2 metre width fold out device.


The device folds out both sides from the middle hinges in 3 parts the 3 thirds clicking securely safe its on board computing power box is at the left hand side which allows it to turn any photo image chosen from the camera connections on board memory banks and processes prints makes a black and white transfer any size up to 2 metres which you print. Just choose your photo file, size of transfer print out size difficulty level then line up your transfer paper at the unit mouth press print and it will go through the device making you a black and white paint by numbers type canvas to tape to a. 5 metre 1 metre 2 metre canvas example.


The processing power brain units on board software computes all different colours of the photo to a number palette all different shades of colour et-cetera and assigns it a number. As it prints your canvas template it also computes and prints via the second miniature black and white printer also situated housed within the left side part of the united a computer print out miniature receipt type size number schematics of palette. You can chose difficulty levels for each new template from 1 to 20 depending on your skill... Also you can call up from the basic L.E.D. Menu screen at the left hand side a list of famous painting artist styles from which you could build your template printout. Along the width front of each printing mouth is a sharp serrated tooth to cut separate your paper also just securely tape your transfer onto a canvas and gently rub it on with the smooth hard instrument supplied. The X2 refillable ink wells for the printing of the data are located inside the main housed unit and the printing head goes left to right to left as a regular printer does also the is a paper positioning arm plus when open out extra open out 50cm tripods left and right side. This machine has an added small speaker system and extra memory chip slot for the memory cards your going to buy such as all great artists the art templates audio advice from critics and their experts whilst painting them and your own in the style of them plus call up audios of facts about them... Plus bumper big packs of new templates to be made available soon. The machine has a standard digital camera connection and comes with a small still digital camera. The machine is powered via the X4 AA Regular Batteries or Rechargeable Batteries.


Fold up machine take any where better paint by numbers highly portable mega art system.


No Internet connection. No computer needed.


Each package comes as standard with X2 Rolls of artist tape to connects your transfer onto the chosen canvas X2 '.5 Metre Rolls of Transfer Paper' and 'X2 1 Metre Roll' Plus 'X2 '2 Metre roll'


The super portable and affordable machine a must for aspiring artists.


The design power is written today.


Ends Inventory.







Invention #58.

New Fit In Jacket Pocket size Portable Electronic Makeup Designer And Application Studio Device.


This machine is in 2 easy wire connection parts and runs on X2 AAA Batteries.


Part 'A Of The Device' Description. Portable L.E.D. Screen makeup compact with built in camera that connects to 'Device B' The power and brain unit is a makeup processing computer printing transfer chamber.



Device 1. Your Visual Eye. A basic 10cm by 10cm L.E.D. Screen with small camera situated at the top for photographing the contours of the face and visual audio command prompters and for the viewing of the Device 2 computed visuals for the choosing and the applying of all styles colours of makeup. Clips onto top of the computing printing unit for power plus can also be powered standalone on 1 AAA Battery.



Device 2. Your new makeup brain computing device. When you connect the brain device to the mirror an eye it is in RED MODE you can call up basically any design and colour combinations of makeup applications for the eyes cheeks and lips the brain of the unit has a data base of all needed visual information on makeup styles and combinations when linked to your camera it photographs stores in the memory banks the shape of your design of any face in front of the camera in 3 shots line yourself up via the prompters seeing using your eyes on the make up monitor to a left turn then a right turn and a front photographic shot with the easy voice prompter and shutter sound effect. The computer-ing processor reads your exact face contours via processing your precise shape visuals within its cyber matrix grid each exact measurements. Press BLUE MODE button on the computing device console to print off a complex natural compound makeup transfer onto the basic fit printing transfer pads the face areas i.e. Eyes 1st then cheeks 2nd and application lipstick palette to compliment your choice of computer generated or choice choose via the easy drag and drop on screen menu via basic stylus device or your voice command into its built in microphone + has built in speaker all displayed on the makeup mirror viewing screen mirror menu every possible combination can be printed via choosing palette colours plus command prompts from the on board computer makeup advice do your makeup any way you wish ask advice get knowledge fit and in any order for example eyes. When you have decided your eye choice press GREEN MODE print button on the Device 2 makeup computer and the pre-programmed coloured pattern prints off in 2 parts the loaded upper and lower application paper onto a basic fit all shape eye mask above eye and below eye onto the special makeup transfer absorbent paper prints with incredible detail your deluxe and complex choice is made via running through its printing compartment onto the fold out printer bay. It has an ink well of natural makeup based ink and prints like a regular printer with and also a very light natural glue solution is within the ink mix for applying onto face with a gentle rub with a cotton bud provided the desired lasting effect is achieved after the positioning of the face mask... I'll continue with Z eyes example using the onscreen view screen visual mirror via camera and come as standard rubber tipped gripping tweezers to hold the 1cm outer flap on either side of the different pads and with a skill and steady hand is still needed gently place using the screen markers onto each eye left to right or right to left when in each exact position needed you will hear a beep apply. The light feel glue and ink solution will stay active for the application after printing for 1 whole minute 60 seconds and cleans off as regular makeup would.


For lip makeup application of course in your desired pre-programmed order you are mixed up fixed a little choice of chosen design colours from the separate lip stick fluid ink cartridge well all built into the device 2 which gives you another edge from this e special device just speak command colour and type matt gloss etc or stylus input... Pressing the YELLOW MODE button your vial of 1 mil lip colour fills up flows out via a thin plastic tube at the right side of the brain processing make up printing machine to make up your exact precision colour after the inbuilt miniature turning mixing arm mechanism sealed within its' miniature drum mixes the lip stick that has gone through a thin plastic tube via its top all built within the new compact device within this device. Plus after this process the X2 tubes and mixing drum rinses cleans using the same dynamics as the mixing process cleans the drum and tube via small compression valve pump mechanism the 25mil washing tank 1 ¼ empties and cleans the unwanted coloured water drains into a second 25mil chamber automatically in the following mechanical sequence... After the lipstick has filled the lipsticks outer vial a switching mechanism moves the outer tube across back inside the device to the waste chamber via a miniature pulley and cog system the metal end of the tube connects to the pulley-ing system magnet the clock work motion pulley the tube inside the machine is at the back right bottom end of the unit the clockwork motion cog and groove system grips moves and pulls the tube across to the back waste water ink compartment the water tight sealed lid click lifts up within the design on a calculated step and clockwork vertical cog groove movement opening on its motion the waste lid up and the waste lid back edge is a water tight hinge now there is an opening for the thin tube and the clock work motion has allowed a 1.5cm overlap for the tube into the waste compartment and runs the flush cycle within and taking 5 seconds then the mechanical process reverses back to the start on its system clockwork via switch and clockwork turn around powered by the battery running on the power and the units software pre-programmed software motherboard schematics. Plus the water tank is easy refillable from the back.


The main printing bay runs all across the front face with the attached pulley application makeup transfer printing pads from the X4 different compartments... 1. The upper eyes pads. 2. The lower eyes. Pads... Compartment 3 plus compartment 4 for the right and left face side cheeks fold out plus feed through on there inner rollers with just enough feed space to allow 1 of each in timing automatically within the chosen on board system programming from. The refillable inner back part chamber of the system device allows for top ups of all X4 make up loading bays.


You will be asked a few basic questions when powering up the device such as habits of your before makeup application such as left or right handed colour preferences et cetera. Language spoken password lock...


The device comes as standard with X10 different colours and lengths of false eye lashes powder puff brush X2. Washable lipstick brushes. 6X5 Packs of Blank Eye make up transfer sheets 6X5 of right cheek 6X5 of Left Cheek. Plus X2 standard size packs of good quality make up wipes. X1 Packet of 100 cotton buds. X1 spare eye and sides ink make up cartridge + X1 spare lipstick ink makeup cartridge. More ink cartridges and special face make up transfer pads can be bought.


Never before has there been such a top pro professional quality make up machine on the market until now the mega portable make up design and application studio takes kicks the time out of the make up application process and you girls get a real pro professional effect plus with more than 100,000 different combinations of application built within the units memory banks what a most amazing must have device for all females.









Invention 59.


Musical Alphabet Language Art Synthesizer New Found Innovation.

This alphabet arts synthesizer music production unit machine is 40cm in its length and 5cm wide well rounded it has basic playing input just blow into the mouth piece your chosen notes on any musical instrument scale main notation device is the English alphabet letters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and 12345678910 numbers. The corresponding alphabetical letter number scale A deepest tone Z highest than 1 to 10 higher. For the note to be played a 26 letter plus 10 extra number scale move the devices playing arm in and out of the unit clicking on each note on the scale i.e. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890 pulling out to make music just move the scale arm with thumb and fingers in and out and blow on each note wanted you know exactly where you are even in the dark as the scale and your note position is lit up displayed via the small red light fibre optic that shines through the device and through the marked out musical notes of the exterior play object movement play puller is lit by the light as it is hollow and is totally removable. The outer part of this player is connected to the synthesizer via slotting it in and runs on X2 plastic grooves with metal connection plates. The outer part note and scale player is powered by the metal plates going along both sides within the spoken of grooves main unit connection... The computing brain is just a miniature built in on board sound making software machine the played notes audio is produced by blowing into the mouth piece for the desired time and the basic pressure valve gateway presses inside and power activates the instrument sound pathway playing the scale of the selected computerized synthesized instrument through the connected on board miniature speaker system all notes and scale is achieved via playing the outer instrument piece forwards and backwards. Each note on the scale is hit when the inner main part of the system 75 separate 2.5cm plates in surface alignment with the groove channel each 2.5cm apart by plastic and each corresponding with the dynamics of the systems software synth process the musical connection by metal to metal touch circuit power each separate note can be achieved within the grooves as the inner half of the playing arm inside the unit and continuing the 'example alphabet and numbers scale' the '36' steps individually needed notes are achieved by the playing arms movement inside the groove channel and with its 2.5cm metal connection plate at the bottom inside end of the playing device makes the connection every each 1/2cm up and down along the 75 individual connection plates all built safely flush fitting smoothly into the main instruments slide groove mechanism but the programming allows here only the 1st 36 to count as the devices software activates the command that the alphabet scale arm is the correct playing parameter schematics and correctly reads the connection signature of the input device and the desired synthesized noise for the instrument arm scale is activated via an information pulse signal unique to that instrument i.e. A guitar is slotted into the main part of unit with a twist and lock securely into the smooth connection grooves and via its wire connected sensor pad it reads the type of instrument playing scale wanted and the corresponding inner pressure pad key is in position to the chosen desired alphabet / numbers for example the outer play arm 36 steps notes prompter its scale is displayed played as it goes in and out of unit all 36 steps 26 letters and 10 numbers... It has a little 2 way plastic hinged note measurer making a quiet clicking noise up and down measured per note each ½ cm situated inside just besides the right side groove. The synthesized instrument noise is only reproduced for the time its basic valve opening is blown into played. When putting the ends into the device the system automatically picks up what instrument scale is within for example the piano arm device has displayed all over it the visuals of piano with the notes all lit up red. The device is big enough plus is capable of playing up to 75 different notes. Of course the visuals of each instrument is printed on each outer play arm device with notes chords lit up with the said built in red lighting etc. A guitar play arm would show all notes on the fret board. All to be played by the alphabetical scale or via each instruments original playing format can be chosen from the basic 4 button menu. 2 of which is labelled simply 'RED alphabet' and 'BLUE instrument' the other 'GREEN art' and 'YELLOW power on / off switch. I'll continue... For button examples when the main alphabet musical playing arm is inside machine go through the list of music synths that scroll along the on board mini 2cm LCD screen by tapping the BLUE Button. + RED button for spoken voice activation vocal input and spell out words letters and numbers and musical notes notations corresponding with the external arms synthesizer module. GREEN button function see below.


This Runs on X2 AAA Batteries. Plus USB powered connection.


Each purchase will arrive as standard with extra instrument play arms that fit into the device. Such as described below 'GREEN BUTTON MODE...' The colour palette of musical scale input device.


The player innovates entirely.


GREEN BUTTON MODE. Of course your purchase will come as standard with the extra brain box processor jack in connection to your new machine and scart lead connector to a TV / VCR mega display streaming art music device. Also connect your device via USB connection for power and power display with basic software discs such as music paint puzzle in the style of the greats Picasso, Michelangelo... View and make your art and music video tapes and put them online or simply treasure them as real memories.


Your purchase paid will arrive boxed with the small 4X4cm L.C.D. Colour viewing screen monitor. Why. Because you can even turn your alphabetical music instrument to the visual arts. Play yourself musically the art piece. Example of the art generator play any letters and all musical scale instrumental your visuals scrolling at the bottom of your colour extra L.C.D monitor screen your chosen instrument and its note scale or my alphabetical music scale you can build a picture playing the colour scale using prompters on screen. The colour scale Art colour arm palette corresponds to the 26 letters of the English alphabet. A to Z Dark to Light. Paint with letters whilst the melody of in tune music plays at the same time played well by you. Also other examples include letter scale input piano or guitar scale to art. There are to be many different levels of difficulty the speed the notes and the letters numbers and colour chart. When musically playing the art function for example the screen prompter guides you through your canvas by mapping the colours into letters of the alphabet, piano or guitar. When musical art colour palette music attachment is selected each colour shade corresponds to a virtual jigsaw type piece on the cyber grid within the mainframe pre-programming generates the most fluid musical score via corresponding the colours into combinations of riming words which scroll displayed on screen make sense. Plus you can play them all those ways in all types of difficulty levels 1 to 20. Play music paint the picture building it up from scratch from your pre-chosen empty template anything you want to paint via the data bases memory banks. This unit you see plugs into video TV scart and USB plus the extra brain connection artists musical art works processing device has bonus memory capability slot for purchasing more literature to music arts templates plus even more to download from its website via debit credit card. I recommend that you do purchase extra art games new and spare music note scale players for the device. This again is pretty darn good.


Also as this device is primarily alphabetical to music machine it comes as standard with built in voice recognition to music do all the explained above via speak rapping or singing clearly the wanted words or even spell out the words via the on board microphone system plus the audio sound of the main unit comes from the on board 1 watt mini speaker it has a headphone speaker jack input and can run through the scart on your TV, VCR and computer. Plus my bonus software idea built within the extra computing box also allows English Alphabetical and most foreign written alphabet literature txt document files via using its micro SD memory slot or computer USB connection to be processed into works of musical master pieces. So get rhyming and swatting up your skills.


Skills of the literature arts.

Invention 59.

This is a value real for money device a better new innovation machine to retail at the lower end of the market pric£.








Invention 60.

Rap Lip.

AKA. Electric Rapping Lips. 1 2 3 4...

1. Part A of the unit is the elasticated head strap that connects you safely securely to the ultimate super portable speech synthesizer device that has the malleable plastic rubber moveable lips mouth piece with built in microphone it is all easy and the way it works is all within these following parameters most of the brain computing power of the unit the rapping machine is wired to linked on the head strap band computer processing box.

2. The on board memory processing voice computer-ing device has 500 voice synthesizer pre-sets built within the bigger lips module head strap computer and has a double water proof jack 1 for input to part B of the unit on the outer right side the controls 2 for headphones speaker plus it has a little 1 watt built in speaker.

3. The lips head strap computer unit can synthesize processing your voice via the built in lips microphone to computer box also with it's on board micro SD memory slot can read any chosen TXT File selected via using the standard small remote control which is jack connected to the head strap brain. To select the chosen voice parameters or file use the remote controls viewing L.C.D. Screen menu any of the 500 voice synthesizer pre-sets the remote control unit also has an extra memory within it of 64 GB of and a miniature drum computer with red blue green yellow silver gold and royalty free pre-sets... The remote has play buttons to engineer your beats for your raps music and more controls include bass treble and tops... Play fast forward rewind pause plus record. The remote control also has an extra 64 GB MP3 Audio File and TXT Document File Memory capacity.

4. As stated the new electronic lyrical lips have a headphone jack to connect to the remote control and the remote control has a headphone jack output plus USB computing connection.

Rap That Iain Innes www.inventioncorporate.com Says When It's A Rap Pal.

Ends Iain Innes' Inventory for today. 5th February 2013...








Business Opportunity Spin Innovation 61... A Big Business Innovation Opportunity.




New Business Opportunity Window. 3 Pin Electricity Plug Powered In home Sea Water Purifier + Delivery service New Improved Market Window.







1st The Facts.





1) I don’t know about you but the quality of drinking water I’m getting from my water company is pretty darn cr*p. I know I’m not alone.





2) + The price just keeps going up.




3) In England we have drought some years and the land bleeds. With the reservoirs all dried up water rationing. I don’t know about you but if you’ve got a garden it is going to die this year and probably next as there is not only a hose pipe ban but a £1,000 quid fine for anyone caught using the watering can.




What I suggest is that at last we pull the bl**dy finger out and convert to some type of sea water conversion system before it is too late. God knows what they’ve been doing with our water I do know but will not say at this date.




I propose and there will always be a market for it and it is being done elsewhere on our wondrous globe + I want us to act fast on this.







2nd The www.inventioncorporate.com The Business Opportunity 61.




A less expensive sea water purification service removing all salt and impurities. To be constructed simply like a big kettle to be purchased from regular hardware shops under a lawful License to use with a home delivery sea water pay on demand.




Example 24 hour delivery service anywhere on our little Island Great Britain. The delivery personal would deliver X2 X5 X10 any amount needed in water barrels or you can purchase a big water tank such like the ones in most peoples lofts or even if you live near a clean sea side place you could collect it yourself in your car what have you.




Basic design with perks.





As much 'cleaner water' mineral type water as 'you can drink any day.'




A basic 3 pin plug powered water filtration system with a 1,000 litre capacity. It really is bloody basic and it is a widely untapped commodity within the UK. It is less expensive than you think.





Using the basic Thermal Distillation method involving boiling saline water and collecting the purified vapour. Basically my design is a big kettle with big heating filament voila that collects the vapour and then purifies it further via the reverse osmosis method which is a semi-permeable membrane that traps the salt and other impurities on one side and allows water to be filtered through a microscopic strainer just like a regular tap water to mineral water filter .It is an all in one unit. With a hot and a cold tap red and blue. When the cheap salt sea water has easily gone through the purification process okay it flows into the main tank when hot water is needed at the press of a button the water shall flow into the hot water tank turning a dial setting the amount of litres need working in the same way for example as a basic coffee machine it can even be modified with one built in an all water device with a water cooler compartment too so when clean cold water is needed for drinking et cetera just run on the blue tap. You will be able to connect a regular hose pipe to run into your bath washing basin do it up yourself proper DIY or pay my company to do it.





Regarding waste water.

Fill up a bucket and flush toilet. We all have a toilet. For those lucky enough to have a ‘garden we like to water so are nice plants don’t die all we have to do is fit our other any length hose pipe using the special connector where the washing basin and kitchen sink empties which is usually found under ones sink and run it into a bucket or out through the drain itself via the hose pipe at a slanted down angle so the water can flow into the 500 litre drainage container or walk Z bucket out to the garden Barrel.




It really is simple enough see. There’s definitely room for this in everyone’s home and a market for it is there not.




The whole basic kit including X3 hose pipes X3 sink and tap connections 2 taps hot and cold of course the main big kettle vapour and filtration unit plus outside garden or unwanted waste water chamber.





So if you want to send your water company a termination letter you should invest also in a good compost bin or a chemical toilet retailing from £50. an up. I’m sure on the price of this complete sea water purification system starting at only £250 you’ll save at least £250. + and more every year on water rates bills alone with peace of mind that your helping the environment and having a much better quality water minus the chemical nasties. Note the delivery price for example X2 500 litre barrels of safe sea water would be very low at about £2. A 500 litre barrel considering you would pay that for 2 small bottles of mineral water. Delivery charges is to be £10. Within 10 mile radius for 1 to 5 barrels £20. for 10 to 20 / 500 litre barrels. £20. pounds to have your tank filled up to 1000 litres of sea water via filling tank. Remember you can collect the free sea water commodity yourself and save even more money.





Note every piece of kit comes with a Legally Bonded License Agreement for your property a contract plus X4 boldly coloured warning License Window Sticker... X 2. I help the environment with my sea water purification system. And X2... This is a sea water environmental protection zone.’





Ends My New Innovation Business Opportunity Window 61. A Widely un-tapped Market Within The UK.








Invention 62 Alpha And Beta Gamma +.


Invention 62 Alpha.

New Moving Fibre Optic Template Show off Patch Light Multi Cassette Tape Machine.


Example 1. The 3.5 cm size patch.

The fibre optic patch consists of a glass screen front and metal back with connects to clothing via safety pin or Velcro. Within each patch is housed a network grid of thinnest fibre optic cables. The grid consists of 7 points across plus 7 points down making a grid of 7X7. Each point is made up of 3X7 = 21 thinnest fibre optic wires capable of projecting 7 lots of different coloured lights of red yellow pink green purple orange blue out of the open end fibre optics that connect to a housed in white light source belt tape player unit via a housed 21 wire fibre optic connection.


The basic and complex coloured template images visuals are displayed up the fibre optics via the visuals played of the light tapes. Each tape template plays in the same mechanical process as a cassette tape player turning clockwise with stop play pause rewind fast forward buttons and each tape played into the unit is made up of 1 second frames... Each frame is 0.7 of a cm squared in size and is split into a 7X7 grid that allows visuals of the negatives to connect and project to its patch via the 21 housed fibre optic wires fixed lined up in front of the light emitter... And the light emitter clicks moves into place behind the film negs when in play pause mode and clicks out mechanically at fast forwards rewind and stop mode. These coloured film negatives are coloured red yellow pink green purple orange and blue in acute detail the white light source shines directly through them as the tape plays up the wire to the open end fibre optic patch creating sequences of lit up moving images.


Plug in charge up electricity on board 5 hour play life on a 1 hour charge plus unit has back up power battery compartment and uses x2 AA Batteries.


Each purchase pack Includes.

1. Your patch.

2. Your corresponding tape.

Buy new themed purchase packs for your light player such as punk or heavy metal shapes colours words flags






Invention 62 Beta.

Colour light LCD Screen Badges With Every Genre Topic Visual Memory Card Slot Expansion.


Powered by a watch size battery. All shapes and sizes from stars squares circles 1 cm to 5 cm big.


The smarter badge has a memory card slot for displaying the visuals the words signs and emblems of every visual subject matter.


Buy and change memory cards from iconic punk to gangsters and police visuals associated with the 1700 to 1800 hundreds buy religion memory cards football team memorabilia, flags licensed fashion names famous food and drink alcohol trademarks motorbikes famous cars etc.


Plus of course this device has an on off switch and an up and down scroll button.


1 Badge can now say 100,000 things.







Invention 62 Gamma +.

The clockwork motion wind up power solar light source outdoor daytime night time visual projector.


Slightly similar to my above 62 Alpha The coloured image template tapes visuals are achieved. When the projector device catches the sun rays via the angled mirror system and they shine down onto the top of this machine the devices mirroring system and the sun rays are powered... The projected light shines onto the moving visuals of the tape player tapes which now are slightly bigger and via the machines clockwork mechanism a sequence of now strong transparent highly detailed red yellow pink green purple orange blue 1cm square coloured glass film slides which turn clockwise and fold turn over around each other like a cassette reel... So the suns rays shine through the colour slides through the shutter magnifying glass onto any surface example the ground patio floor... But not only that when the sun shines onto this system it charges up the night time battery generator via basic solar panel... So the tape has power to play and its regular changeable 100 watt spot light bulb source held within the machine can be switched across and moved into position to project the visuals. Plus also in day time mode and night time mode this module has an extra wind up motion generator for working both coloured light tape template player plus light source.


All that is needed now for your new machine is a little sense of direction lining up the top to face the suns rays. Plus As standard the unit comes with a daytime shield umbrella stake and solid cast iron base so you can view your image projection tapes. The height of this special umbrella is 3 metres in height 2 metres across in width.


As you can probably imagine lots of tapes for this device can be made available.




Thanks. Ends WWW.INVENTIONCORPORATE.COM Innovatory 62 Alpha Beta Gamma +.








Invention 63+

1 2 3+ Key Innovations For Your Extra Safety. RE: The Keys...




Schematics for machine voice key.

This key is for added security extra safety peace of mind and is to keep nearly any device much safer. i.e. Doors of a house, car, motorbike, padlock or security chain safety deposit box...

After reading following the basic start up instructions powering on after inserting the heavy duty long life watch size battery and speaking your 4 pin security code the special key system locks to your voice synthesis recognition and your data is computed and stored within its basic micro data processing unit housed within. When you want to use your key to unlock your lock you must speak into the small built in microphone housed within the key machine your 4 pin code... It then unlocks clicks into place via the mechanical clockwork motion process the hidden extra double tooth which are housed within the strong hollow metal teeth piece... It clicks locks into place and the battery powered green L.E.D. flashes 4 times on off. Meaning go ready to open. When you have opened lock or finished just speak your pin into the key it clicks locks back into dead mode via reversing anti clockwise the mechanical process. Each key can be opened into working opening mode by X4 different peoples voice recognition speech synthesis but only on 1st time powering up as after the first 1 hour no more voices can be logged in stored it stays locked as the pre-programming parameters will not allow it and it does not have a factory settings reset. Importantly what makes this key so special and safer than a regular is that it has transmitting device built within it that corresponds to the receiving transmitting device within the lock or inside the lock for example car or doorway that will only allow the special key to open it using the input of 4 pin code or the lock will not open. So any other type of key i.e. Skeleton key will not turn it as its mechanical latch the bolt inside locking the lock will not move across. Of course the whole safety unit key machine battery and processing power is housed safely plus the water proof battery can be changed via unscrewing the water proof seal. Comes as standard with instruction manual and X2 spare watch size heavy duty batteries. Fits onto a standard set of keys key ring. It is made constructed to last a lifetime.






Schematics or finger print key recognition key.

Comes complete in X2 parts.

Part 1. The key. The key has a info wire jack plug socket connection input that connects to part 2. When unlocked the key expands clicks out the double secret teeth to complete the key to unlock its lock this is achieved via the connection to the thumb print recognition device. The key has a green L.E.D. light housed within its water proof metal casing is the small watch type rechargeable battery compartment sealed with a screw. It is constructed made heavy duty device. Importantly what makes this key so special and safer than a regular is that it has transmitting device built within it that corresponds to the receiving transmitting device within the lock or inside the for example car or doorway that will only allow the special key to open it using the input of thumb print or the lock will not open. So any other type of key i.e. Skeleton key will not turn it as its mechanical latch the bolt inside locking the lock will not move across.

Part 2. The Finger Print Recognition Device. Is a sensitive 3X3 cm pressure pad for reading your thumb print for reasons of activating unlocking your new special security keys double secret teeth to unlock the lock. It is powered by a small watch type battery and has a data wire jack connection to put into the keys jack connection slot the cable is X4 cm in length. It reads up to X4 different thumb signatures ok activated within 1st one hour of powering up. When your or any of the 4 correct thumb print signatures are pressed onto the concaved reading pad for thumb fit for 4 seconds when connected to the safety key machine you receive a flashing green L.E.D... On the key it flashes 4 times on off and sends the command pathway pin code given for all 4 thumb prints dynamics of the need for a pin code as explained above in detail to unlock the double secret teeth. The way the thumb print is read and is recorded... The image of the thumb print your thumb key signature is pressed onto the screen and is held for 4 seconds then is stored in the data banks via the inbuilt scanning software and the built in scanner device scans the screen visuals in 4 seconds ‘the thumb print’ and converts it into a photo file JPG in fine detail stores it for open key recognition. It has X2 buttons on off and read plus a built in miniature speaker for command prompts if needed i.e. At start up or battery running low bleep. Plus comes as standard with a key ring connection to your keys plus X2 spare batteries.




As twice above the same mechanical clockwork process opens out the X2 secret teeth this time the unlocking process is achieved via eye and face recognition. As displayed in Part 2 of 2 of this inventory the key has a data wire connection slot to the small key recognition pad. The face and eye recognition pad is a scanning camera built onto this 3X3 thin monitor with a miniature white L.E.D light source for help at night time and measuring the shot its built in miniature speaker beeps when the eyes are in the correct position markers a half arms length from face... And takes the shot with the built in photo flash light with a shutter noise. It of course then automatically processes within its data banks the photo taken of the face and in particular concentrates on the ‘eyes’ from its 1 to 4 library of eye area photo shots that are stored within its main frame by scanning them in the same light the light of the flash. When it has read the unlocking visual it sends the command prompt up the connected data wire to the key and unlocks the X2 secret teeth. Importantly what makes this key so special again and safer than a regular key is that it has transmitting device built within it that corresponds to the receiving transmitting device within the lock or inside the for example car or doorway that will only allow the special key to open it using the input of 4 pin code or the lock will not open. So any other type of key i.e. Skeleton key will not turn it as its mechanical latch the bolt inside locking the lock will not move out the way across. The machine here has x2 buttons power on off button and key open shot. It is also water proof and runs on a small watch type battery. The connection cable is X4 cm in length. Comes with key ring connection and X2 spare batteries.


Plus Importantly.

And of course all 3 together can be combined here today as the super mega safe strong key invention. And within the above design schematics as in displayed in #1 here a 4 pin code can be given to a special key invention minus a need for a speech synthesis recognition system.


These more clever keys come with the corresponding locks. So when installing a new lock for example your front door or safe deposit box consider these. Car manufactures also consider the invention herein displayed... Plus finally and importantly and in conclusion this system of mine is to be made available as padlocks with the same technology displayed and heavy duty bike chains and extra security motorcycle and car piloting locks.






Invention 64.

A Light Innovation Blueprint Follows.

Blueprint Schematics Of The Belt And Stud Machine.

Thank you. The safely constructed belt fashion stud machine device is powered by a miniature replaceable removable halogen bulb compartment. On the opposite side of the unit the right side is the power source X1 AA battery compartment. The belt consists of a grid of mirrors and prisms. The light source shines through the mechanical moving up and down black out pin hole measure of mm .3333333R radius via its clockwork mechanism and through the moving pin hole belt which is made of thin heat proof sheet metal the light shines through the enclosed unit 'the dark box' it connects through to the prisms which is a double prism face to face pointing outwards tip a pyramid punk type spike the concentrated beam of light shines brilliantly a rainbow type light many times at a lot of different angles. Clearly the light can be seen in the darkness night morning and day time. As standard the water proofed units are connected together each powered by X1 AA battery supply un-connect or connect as many as you like size. Each connected piece runs on its own light and power source. Connect as a belt or separate and connect to clothing items with its heavy new duty safety pin attachment. It also has an extra cut out safety mechanism after 1 hour to cool.


There is a lot of colour skill here the schematics on show literature although complete enough does not really do the Invention 64 justice.






Invention 65.

The Blueprint Schematics Of The Innovation Sunglasses Are As Follows.

1. The particulars of this specific www.inventioncorporate.com sunglasses design... 1 pair of built to last sunglasses has 10,000 different looks.

2. Powered by X2 Watch Size batteries housed within the right arm the new cool unit machine sunglasses outer frame including arms are built up of a grid of small L.E.D... Visual broadcasting screens which display show the visuals of the pre purchased removable memory chips playing. All memory chip display genres to go on sale example colours, shapes, art, earth and space phenomena, plus famous literature written text works, also your own data transferred via the USB computer link... The memory chip programmes / different genres are to be purchased in high street stores and online also as downloads transferring your data via the USB device inserting your regular micro SD memory chip into USB device and inserting uploading to your glasses. Power up or power down via button A on the right arm or by using the small infra red remote control with L.E.D... Screen to browse through menu lists. Each remote control has a unique pin and password that links works with only your purchased pair it runs on X1 AA Battery.

3. Now more about the design. The eye viewing lenses are standard UV ones and range from visor slits measuring 130mm across and 20mm up down or 40mm x20mm left and right rectangular shapes. The frames front measures 140mm length and is made up of 14, 10mm squared L.E.D... Screens at the top plus 60mm left and right lower front section to allow for the nose rest design... Each arm consists of X10 of these 10mm squared L.E.D...  Screens for the visuals of the system memory output. The chips fit into the top part of the right arm and the basic processing computing power is housed within it and that is also where the X2 watch type batteries power the device.

4. The frame is as chic as you would expect stylish dark black and strong holding the visual grid safely securely and has a hard rubber safety trim around the entire outside entirely around the device.

5. For example the memory visuals can play back still photos colours and fine form and moving visuals from its schematics processing cyber matrix onto the grid screens from left arm back across to right back arm screen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 front top 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and lower left through to right 1 2 3 4 5 6, 1 2 3 4 5 6 play together in sequence as the front through to the right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10... You can choose via the pin code remote control source to have all the screens scroll, tile random pause stop rewind fast forwards zoom out and in any of the memory chips played within the new machine plus comes as standard with its heavy duty safety neck attached strap.

This is a coolest sunglasses device that is built to last and out does any other sunglasses easily and make you look good enough and unique enough or what.

That's Inventory 65.



INVENTION 66. Alpha.

We all know by now the importance of taking vitamins and supplements plus other beneficial Natural Substances. Well the new device invention...

Visit my www.inventioncorporate.com Bonus Portfolio For More Info.





Invention 66. Beta.

Cooks Watch.

Invention 66.

Better New Super Portable Cooking Computing Station. Battery powered device that...

1. Is a wrist watch computing device that holds the recipes and commands of every known dish.
2. Audibly and visually teaches you how to prepare and cook every dish within the on board memory data banks with text and voice commands all within a on wrist flip up display screen and keying in pad.

Design Invention new innovation schematics continued.

It is a small on arm device approximate size is a 50mm by 50mm. The machines basic L.C.D... Screen flips up for viewing all known recipe procedures. The cooks wrist watch device also has the built in miniature speaker for the on board processing computer recipe commands and all cooking prompters needed… This devices built in microphone receiver also allows your audible commands such as play back step 1 2 3 4 and give me text. When view screen is up the key in pad is visible and consists of a menu button key also scroll up down left right keys for navigating through the menus… Plus all alphabetical and number input keys as a mobile phone text function device is achieved. Navigate through recipes with built in cooking conversion tables. Input new data via keying in your alphabetical cooking notes text type writing your own recipes also this can be done verbally and saved onto the innovation machines 128 Giga Bite internal memory. As standard the watch device of course times and alarm calls plus prompters when needed for each step for each cooking recipe. The arm device also holds the knowledge within its memory banks of the history and customs of each dish recipe. A nice bit of new kit and can be used as a talking point at the table when asked commanded it plays back the correct info ask your guests to ask it a questions when at the dinner dining table when it is in red mode. The device has X4 Modes red mode as explained blue mode preparation cook mode and green mode finished cooking said recipe alarm call mode then idol. It has as standard has a standard digital hands and numbers front case regular alarms and all watch functions.

My new protected invention concept Intellectual Property the new cook machine wrist watch device is importantly primarily a super portable cooking station of knowledge this is not a multi media device but designed for ease of use portability and comfort.

This machine although is new hi-tech it is to be positioned at the low end of the price product market in everyone’s price range.







Invention 67.

A basic visual fashion statement machine design schematics.

The www.inventioncorporate.com coin of the fashion wrist band and neck band device.

Each basic screen wrist band and neck band purchases comes with the following innovation invention.

X2 better unique fashion machines for showing off viewing pre-purchased memory bank chips of all and very many every genre photo and video files as unique all basic machine apparatus.


1. Blue Print Schematics Of The Main Unit Device.

Wrist Machine Screen Dimensions X8... 50mm 50mm Squared Viewing Screens.

Neck Machine Screen Dimensions X8... 50mm Height And 100mm Width Viewing Screens...

The screens of dimensions above are connected by strong elasticated fabric and brain frame wires. With lap over end velcro connection to secure the new innovation fashion statement only visual smart projection machine. When connected around the desired body position the screens make shape octagon and screens connect up close tight at edges opposite angles slot together not to show any fabric bar the only thin join where screen 1 meets screen 8 and connects safely securely with the velcro under flap join fastener also under screen 8 the water tight positioned computing brain processor of the unit can be accessed plus connects to the battery compartment situated under screen 7 position along with power in jack input for charging it is accessible via unlocking the inner back waterproof velcro compartment of screen 7 powered by a small yet longer life on board battery. Plus the pre-purchased Micro SD card memory slot is situated within The housed design of screen 8 connected to and next to the comp. brain from underneath the units surface the memory card and electronics computing power of screen #8 can be accessed via lifting up unlocking the velcro and water proofed compartment all padded and slim lined with the rest of the under padding all the electronics elements bar the outer show screens is housed within the waterproof flap compartments middle inside. Also on join 4 across the top edge surface ‘the front’ is housed the water proof cased remote control infrared command receiver. The wiring between screens and the computing parts are all connected and housed within a water tight water proof flexible plastic membrane running through the centre of the new statement machine coin. All X8 main unit screens play the same image and can also expand via the remote controlled command unit and basic on board computing power of the machines cyber matrix projection / the 1 image screen larger to all 8 screen and zoom in or out via connected remote the infrared control included choose at random any time intervals mixes and collages.


2. Blue Print Schematics Of The Miniature Infrared Remote Control Command Interface.

The small yet clever 100mm X 50mm remote has buttons of red blue green... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 up down left right arrows fast forwards rewind play pause for keying in commands to main machine Its 4X4cm screen allows you to view the visuals of the main machine as described in the Blue Prints above. 1st note each remote control unit only works for its corresponding matching device as each remote and each main unit has a unique access pathway pin code that allows commands for its device only and needs to be input-ted just once when powering up for the 1st time. 2nd before powering up main machine slot the new memory chip Micro SD into this control remote command unit and command red button which stores memory onto the 128 Giga Bite Internal Hard Drive Memory Capacity... Then insert this visual only memory file into the main brain compartment slot in the machine above schematics. To operate main unit press green button pointing this infrared remote control command transmitter to the infrared receiver built on the main visual show machine. It will power on. Pressing the remotes blue button mode now go through the controls memory data base using 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 up and down plus left and right buttons to navigate and choose the desired visual only data file of pre-purchased photo / film packs stored within the remote controls memory banks seeing them visually on the handy remote screen. Pressing green remote button pointing to main machines sensor will change visuals to exactly what is chosen on infrared remotes screen new image file will change channel. The better electronic special remote control only works at close distance 10 metres max and it has a red blue green light on it and makes a bleep noise at completion of correct infrared remote to machine directives.


To go on sale further deluxe photo and video files such as... Precious metals and minerals cars bikes fashion names designers brands also punk rock goth ska themed colours other company brands such as food and drink, or nature and weather phenomena, fine art, antique and retro and any of your own photo video files on Micro SD card.


Ends Another Of My I.P. Money Maker Intellectual Properties.






Invention 68.

Invention 68. A.

Big Invention Business Money Maker Innovation 68.

New Coin Operated Multi Media Making Machine. Bigger Money Maker For All Dispenser Unit. For Public Use In Places Such As Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Library’s And Airports.

The Better Business opportunity blue print schematics.

Red 1.The Media Innovation Machine... Allows you to print bigger and A1 Poster Prints, Maps, All Information needed About Everything... Ebooks old and new magazines news papers... Plus via navigating through the built in menu touch screen portal command unit you can call up anything held within the huge memory bank data base such as fine art, music MP3's, and movie film files as far back as they go and old or new computer games pre-load them onto a memory USB or Micro SD card. Choose what you want pay via the coin and paper cash slot and then dispensed is your any media purchase.

Blue 2. But also it has the capability to generate your chosen media onto professionally printed CD’s DVD’s Blue Ray...It can press all your music you choose to pay for onto vinyl records and can make audio cassette tapes, films to VCR and the machine works dispenses it all with the right and correct printed inlay case / or sleeve art work and most et-cetera... If ordering for a continued today example an A1 paper of finest art print it does this also and all within the machine system dynamics as above it packages it after printing drying rolls it up into a cylindrical tube and seals it mechanically.

Green 3. You can also put your media USB or memory card into it and press your own literature and photo’s, also music, film, ebooks etc... Via paying and the owner of the said works gets another royalty under a legally bound license and you can put it onto VCR or audio cassette, press a record print a book.

Yellow 4. The unit machine comes with 4 to 10 different touch screen stations and prints you a receipt of purchase and ticket number for in line queue to what is ordered. You pay before you are issued this and have made your choices at your station coin slot. / note cashier point op. When your number is digitally called by the computer via it’s built in speaker system all your media selections are ready in 1 minute. Key in the unique number code as displayed on your purchase receipt then your purchase is ready to collect from the automatic dispenser point. The whole process of formatting and dispensing your products is pretty quick less than 5 minutes from confirmed payment choice.

This all works mechanically via the computer brain and automatic media publishing systems. Every 24 hours the machine is to be topped up with discs, tapes ink and paper and oiled by the man. Another bonus Job Vacancy on a shift basis is for a Employed Security Hand Muscle Man. Who Is and also acts as the new media machine dispenser Expert Hand who also is trained to answer any questions about operating my invention device. Also purchased as gifts, or for one’s own use pre-loaded money keys can be bought and topped up at example pay point outlets or online via Credit / Debit Card... Which there is another port at each terminal. 1 hour maximum time limit per person per day.

This is a heavy duty machine cemented to the ground with chains.

Easy. It is a big secure box of pay as you go media muscle. Plus will easily make lots more money for those that have and like so much enough already.

Red blue green yellow that's business innovation.





Invention 68. B...

Automatic Kebab Coin Operated Machine.

Well what sauce would you like on your chicken kebab a mate.

Same sort of invention dynamics here the box and brain computing is just slightly smaller this is a coin operated kebab machine. It is a new food dispensing concept of the www.inventioncorporate.com that has a coin and note and card paying piece... This machine has a touch screen menue to choose between any better regular kebab house food. All automated inside is the computer cook it is open 24 hours a day and serves only the freshed food. Twice a day it is restocked with fresh meat, fresh salad, and fresh sauce and other nice food things such as canned soda. Pay and within 1 to 1, 1/2 minutes all your selected kebab house food freshly cut off the cooking skewers and is served packaged correctly with extra serviettes best hygienically. With a till receipt invoice and with a computerized familiar voice thank you visit please nice auto kebab house again with an above lit up chef's hat smiley face light.


Of course this is adapted further here within innovation today and technique applied to my auto cook chef machine Schematic Blue Print Plans more machine coin OP's here for invention separate hot fresh cooked fine cuisine food device machines for every country's speciality dishes. This writing is all protected by law and bound today within Text Electronic Blue Print Inventory Schematics Portfolio 3. And all Devices Protected Invention Concepts of 68. B.. Are to be regularly maintained by competent professional service engineers. Note you know what your getting everything is served fresh and tasty just the way you like it from... The Think Out Of The Box Master Iain Innes.






AKA. A Double In Business AD. Plus The Inventions 78 B. C. +ees

Titled. You’re Living With The Top T-Shirt.

A Fashion Blueprint Schematics Win Follows.

1. Www.inventioncorporate.com Presents Invention 78 B... A Better T-Shirt. The Top T-Shirt Is A Regular T- Shirt With A Velcro Every All Image Fastener. The Machine Washable All Colour T-Shirt Design Comes With A 300 x 300mm Attachable Memory Image Preview Screen. The Screen Previews Images In Alignment With The On board Pre-Programmed Memory Capacity Computer Wrist Remote Controlling Unit And Processes And Holds All Known Photographed Visuals Of Everything Living In Our Known Earth And Cosmos Universe Plus Streaming Captured Moving Film Media Files Of Every Living Recorded Visual Phenomena Such As Big Things Such As Tornadoes Earth Quakes Nice Things Such As Stars And Lady Birds And Butterflies And Bees... Dolphins Big Cats Plus Big Lightning And Storms Et-Cetera... Plus All Other Miracles Of Creation Be They Large Medium And Small Things Completely Across The Board Scale Such As Microscopic Creatures Everything That Is Living On File. The Memory Image Projection Device Has A Wire Connection Remote Control With Button Press Command That Simply Fits Onto The Wrist As A Wrist Watch Would Do It Has A Clock As well Its Wire Command Connection Clips Safely To The Top Of The Sleeve And Shoulder Blade Area Via The Added Velcro Fasteners. The Watch Remote Has A Basic Visual Screen Menu 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Buttons Scroll Through The Lists Of Visual Menus Using The Up Down Left Right Pause And On Off. The Visual On The Watch Remote Is The Visual On The Connected Screen The T-Shirts Visual Computing Power Is In The Wrist Unit. The Audio Speaker Is Housed Within The Wrist And Can Be Muted Volume Up Down In Alignment With The Screen Visuals. Example The Unit Can Play The Visuals And Audio Sounds Of Any Weather System. You Can Also Pre-Programme Your Unit For Up to 12 Hours Play. The Screen Is Powered By The Wrist Command Built In Rechargeable Battery Unit Mains Charge. Plus Has A Backup x2AAA Battery Compartment Housing. It really Can Display Much More Than Any Other Clothing Device As It Has A Locked 128 Giga Bite Memory And Is Adaptable Expandable Here Today Invention For A Memory Micro SD In Slot Of Your Own Content Files As well As Professionally Formatted Configured Audio Visual Combination Packs For Sale.

When You Got One... You Can Say You’ve Lived.


Plus The Invention 78 C. Keep an eye on Fashion Innovation Is here Within Text Innovate Literature.

Titled. Been There Really Got The T-Shirt.

2. The Better Innovation Here Invention Is A Single T-Shirt For A Film. For Music Albums An Event Such As Festival Concert Or Subject Matter Such As All College University Subjects Such As Business Or Biology Botany... Further Examples Spirituality All Religions Et- Cetera. The T-Shirt Comes With The Similar Design As Shown In Invention 78 B... But This Time The Command Interface Viewing Screen Has The Computing Brain Housed Within And Has A Little More Depth On The Machine Device. The 300X300mm Detachable Visual Promotion Screen Projection Screen The Screen Has A Basic Button Command Centre On The Top Edge Of The Device And Connects Via Velcro To The T-Shirt Each T-Shirt Is Designed Matches The Screen Visual Audio. The Seen Screen T-Shirt Visuals Are In Alignment With All Audio Sounds Associated With The Purchased Genre Example. The Summer 2013... Music Festival X, Y Or Z Would Play The Pre-Recorded Visuals Of The Event And Line Up Of The Music Is All Navigable Via The Basic Scroll Forward Backwards Audio Up Down On Off Buttons. Each T-Shirt Is Designed Specifically For The Screen And The Screens Locked Memory Only Plays 1 Event Or Genre Such As The Explained Earlier Before Festival Concert Type Shirt Design Other Design Examples Include But Are Not Limited To Religious Audio Visual T-Shirts example Christianity Songs Hymns In Right Alignment With The Photos And Moving Images... Example Further Music Album T-Shirt Has The Music Videos Of The Artist And Other Still And Moving Images Coinciding With The Flamboyantly Designed Matching Designed T-Shirt. Note Again Each Matching T-Shirt Audio Visual Processing Power Is Locked To Its Singular Genre. Such As Favourite Cinema Film Example Ninja Or Kung-Fu Genre The Buddha And The Sites Etc. Licensing Ups Even More Money To Be Made For All Again... For Sport Teams... More Iconography Written Texts Visuals And Audio Of Much More Many Subjects...Et-Cetera. Of Course The T-Shirts Power Is A Rechargeable Battery Cell Charge Over Night Using Mains Electricity With Also Capability Of A Small Solar Panel Built Onto The Edge Trim Of the Screen Plus Of Course As Standard Comes With A x2 AAA Battery Compartment.


Ends The Newest Business Inventory Subject Schematic Blueprints Today At The 12 July 2013.






AKA. Invention 78 ++


Innovation The Online All Art Gallery... Art Production Line Buying Selling And Tourist Attraction Video Game Website.

The New Business Innovation Blueprint Schematics.

Now 'you can upload your photo file of your art work your finest pieces be that Paintings Drawings Sculptures Antiques and other rare objects events and musical sounds of the world in photo, video film and music files to the arts invention online Gallery.

To rent an online Gallery room to sell your own visual arts music literature and films.

You can display them in around the globe in every country or just your own for a reasonable fee. And whilst here online at the new art gallery locations why not take advantage of the best the country has to offer such as well known landmarks statues places and other works of art on a virtual tour.

So within each countries gallery is also a virtual Art Producing Room Workshop now you can access via the site rent the best art software including sculpting 3D image manipulating software, image and music and video production software that the world has to offer. You will not only be able to rent any countries Gallery space but also at a fair price have your art design 'X' amount of pieces of for example a 3D Sculpture you just made using the on board image sculpting software into clay stone metal plastic or even a bronze now you can have a vase you just innovate made on the virtual clay wheel or the stone or bronze you have just chipped away at with your online hammer or made rendered using the 3D manipulation software.... Made in real time produced anything you make online at the Innovation Art Workshop even photo image you manipulate can be made real as in steel and shipped to your door... You may also display them in my Innovation online Gallery display plus sell them in the online virtual image shop as actual objects of art.

Also in each Countries N£w Art Innovation Gallery Online there is a literature section display when clicked on the desired interested pieces the sites built in sales assistant programmed expert reads extract from the piece i.e. A Synopsis or part of the film script which parameters are set by the seller of the said works in theirs of chosen voice or perhaps sir would be interested in something else prompter by the same author or something else at the same genre. With the owners pre-requested permission you can even buy request 'X' amount of any piece and choose the colour scheme and preferred font and type size digitally specially signed editions with unique Authors personal message to you in electronic and printed in paper form and shipped.

Plus within this unique all in one online gallery style environment of The Virtual Arts music artists, bands so forth can upload their own content i.e. There basic video then choose from the list of menus such as back drops and props type of crowd the mood and atmosphere. You will now be able to easily video edit render the top video event themselves / and render their band into a concert environment at a stadium pub back drop, busking scene or dance night club plus many other template allocations using the best renting the best video editing and music editing software around for a fraction of the cost. If they feel it is up to high standard they can rent a virtual big time concert event any where in the world tour. Where there is a small online ticket fee to see the particular event and the event organiser of shall we say 'Rock band A' offers a viewing sample review to every customer before committing to buy then they can also download it to play back anytime all up coming events get automatic listing in the all world innovation Gallery billboard notice board and a listing to the best search engines. With standard Title... Main Body... Keywords... And Embed HTML Function into their video listing.

Also for an Agreed Premium Fee World Subscription Pass to... Innovation The Online Art Gallery Art Production Line Buying And Tourist Attraction Video Game Website. Will give you access to view the finest Art Galleries all around the world within my virtual environment and zoom into the world of fine art accessible to all.

The Arts Invention.


And Also Known As. Invention 79 Beta.

Note. Invention 79 Alpha will be available to view soon within the new rapping literature art works piece as a new download at the www.inventioncorporate.com it will be XXX Rated Intellectual Property Text Schematic.

79. Beta

Range of L.E.D. Light And Visual Image Blankets.

Now Your Blanket Duvet Cover Can Have A Million Different Looks.

Available in Single Double King size Super King size…


The mains powered and back up battery blanket has a memory card input visual computing box for purchasing all the many visual genres. Turn your bed sheet into a picturesque colourful beautiful art piece by memory cards along the lines of patterns and shapes desert island, solar system and universe… All well known designs and designers can get in on this famous brands even antique websites internet  and for kids cartoon characters fluffy toys etc. For the elderly war time visuals or upload photos of loved ones on blank media cards… Also disco light party time memory cards… Nature animals sky forest sea fishes swimming etc… Weather phenomena such as storms lightning tornadoes… Even literature, or famous landmarks, newspapers, nude. Punks, cars, and bikes.


Each bedding unit comes with a parental locking code.


With an extra small speaker output audio built into the wire connected remote control device and extra headphone jack output.


More about the computing brain unit.

You will also be able to connect a camera mobile phone or alphabet input typing keyboard and TV, VCR scart lead via the junction connection box even your laptop via USB function do your internet in bed. This all comes as standard. 

More on the design schematics...

Each memory card slots into the brain box and via wire connection the blanket device is connected. For the example a double blanket is made up of a connected grid area 200X140cm it is built up of 20x20cm screens which allow a connected visual projection of the data stream of the memory card being played within the box device the standard computing brain is connected at the footer of the sheet via the wire. Each blanket machine comes as standard with a surge protected cut out switch built into the power adapter and also the unit can run on X4 AA Batteries and has a backup on board built in power supply situated near the wire input. The wire input also has a clip that secures the power pack lead safely. Each 20X20cm screen grid is connected on all 4 sides to the corresponding screen bar the outer screens which are connected in 3 places and each of the four corners in 2 places. They  link to the each other via a strong flexible plastic connector allowing a slight movement between screens and the data stream visuals and power grid wiring is housed within a strong plastic protected mesh secured to the back of the screen grid across the entire width and length of the sheet it is also fixed safe in place by the outer 1mm thick strong plastic water proofed membrane further across the surface around the entire front and back of the piece. The outer visual side of the blanket front and back is 100% waterproof the 1mm thick plastic membrane covering the visual sheet is connected to the bottom half the comfort half of the blanket or duvet cover via sessions of buttons and velcro it is detachable machine washable... The innovation blanket device is as comfortable and snug as a regular blanket fleece type material made of satin, silk or treble thick padded cotton. It is designed lightweight and comfortable.

All separate genre memory cards come pre-loaded with moving and still image data files also audio files to match.

The hi-tech digital blanket comes as standard with a built in timer shut down plus alarm clock system when it is time to get up wake up the blanket unit switches on the desired visual and audio programmes. The digital blanket has extra alarm only water proofed compartment near the top end which has a built in speaker it runs on the machines power system as standard. Plus shows the correct time in digital and standard clock hands.

Invention New Innovation Money Maker. 


Ends The Invention Machine Up To Date Thursday 22nd August 2013.


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